Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap?(Manufacturer’s Answer)

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You’ve probably heard about Paparazzi jewelry and the bad rep that the brand has received in the past few years. And just like the rest of the readers here, you’d want to know what the brand is all about, what makes their jewelry and accessories very cheap, and if the brand is to be trusted.

Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap

In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Paparazzi jewelry, the reasons why their jewelry is very cheap, and whether you should buy their product or not. So, let’s get started.

But before we answer the many questions about Paparazzi jewelry, let’s take a look at some basics about Paparazzi jewelry.


What is Paparazzi jewelry?

Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap

Paparazzi Jewelry, also known as Paparazzi accessories, is a jewelry brand that was established in 2010. It’s based in Hurricane, Utah. Paparazzi Jewelry was founded by sisters Chani and Misty, who enjoyed selling their customized jewelry, and whose passion evolved into this one-of-a-kind business.

Unlike most of the jewelry brands you know of, Paparazzi Jewelry runs as an MLM, a Multi-Level-Marketing company. It is also known for its wide range of unique jewelry and accessories, which are easily the most affordable on the market.

They create fashion jewelry and accessories, but unlike other sellers, their products are so cheap, they could be giving them out for free.

Now, if you love fashion jewelry sold by Paparazzi Jewelry and are interesting in selling or promoting their products (and interests) or if you wish to work as their consultant, you’d earn $2.25 for every sale of their $5 products; which is a rather decent commission of 45% in profit.

What makes Paparazzi Jewelry’s products special, however, has to be the fact that the jewelry and accessories sold by the company are skin-safe, as they are free of lead nickel; two of the elements that cause skin irritation in cheap jewelry. This is obviously, one of the biggest selling points of the brand.  


Is Paparazzi Jewelry legit?

Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap

Yes. Although Paparazzi Jewelry runs things differently from other fashion, jewelry, and accessories companies, it is an honest company that earns its money fairly by selling legit and actual products.

Therefore, it would be safe to say that Paparazzi Jewelry is legit. As you can see, Paparazzi Jewelry sells jewelry on Amazon. Click the picture to see the Price.


Is paparazzi jewelry a pyramid scheme?

Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap

While the company sells actual products, its MLM structure raises eyebrows to all concerned.

However, it would appear that Paparazzi Jewelry sets itself apart from all other MLM’s in that there are no false claims regarding their products, and the recruitment process seems different from the ones run by other MLMs.

You don’t have to be a member to buy jewelry sold by Paparazzi Jewelry’s products, which means that the company isn’t running an illegal pyramid scheme.

According to the FTC, an illegal pyramid scheme and pyramid schemes, in general, come in varied forms that you’d only realize that you were in a pyramid scheme when it’s too late.

Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap

Essentially in a pyramid scheme set, the company would promise its consumers and investors large profits primarily based on one’s ability to recruit others to join their program and not based on the profits made from any form of investment or even an actual sale of goods to the general public.

In some cases, a pyramid scheme would purport to sell products but instead use the product to hide the fact that they are a pyramid scheme,

The pyramid schemes would also go to the extent of forcing their new recruits to unrealistic stock volumes of inventory through something called inventory loading; and, in other cases, through an actual lack of retail sales. These are the signs of an illegal pyramid scheme.

A look at Paparazzi Jewelry shows that the company encourages records of retail sales, with consultants required to meet a specific personal volume or PV Goal every month.

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This isn’t very easy, but also, things tend to get dicey where their distributors struggle with the retail sales, and they end up buying their own products just to meet or prop up their PV goals.

Other than this, the products sold by the company are real, and their descriptions aren’t false.

With these considerations in mind, Paparazzi Jewelry is not an illegal pyramid scheme. It, however, walks on a very fine line, and it must run its operations within a very strict set of rules and guidelines.

Some may also argue that this company borders the pyramid side of things because the company is unable to personally monitor all their consultants or distributors, which might be an issue.

Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap

But since Paparazzi Jewelry focuses on the sale of legitimate products and isn’t much focused on the recruitment of new consultants, it’s safe to say that you can trust the products sold by the company.

You don’t have to be a member of the company or a consultant to buy their jewelry or accessories.

A look at how the Paparazzi Jewelry MLM Works

Working for Paparazzi Jewelry as a consultant means that you’d be selling jewelry and accessories to your customers and earning commissions from the sales – this is direct selling.

But when the business’ MLM structure is brought into the picture, the business model requires that you recruit as many team members as possible in your downline, and they also have to recruit more consultants to their downline.

So, whether this is legal or illegal, Paparazzi Jewelry MLM is still one big pyramid scheme.


Is Paparazzi Jewelry toxic?

Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap

In other words, is the jewelry sold by Paparazzi Jewelry free of Cadmium? Well, you will be happy to know that the jewelry sold by this company is safe and free of Cadmium, among other toxins.

While costume and fashion jewelry tend to carry high levels of toxins, as well as carcinogens, Paparazzi Jewelry is cadmium-free, lead, and nickel-free.


Is Paparazzi Jewelry made in china?

Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap
Paparazzi Jewelry made in China

Yes. Their jewelry is made of nickel-free and lead-free materials, and all their accessories and jewelry are made in facilities in China. These facilities adhere to the highest standards of quality, and they are regulated for labor and quality.


Why is paparazzi jewelry so cheap?

Why Is Paparazzi Jewelry So Cheap

  • The products actually look good, and they are all fashionable.
  • Aggressive marketing
  • The jewelry is made in China, and this lowers the cost of production.



Paparazzi Jewelry has received some bad rep over the years, and though they sell cheap, good quality jewelry and accessories, the fact that the company is run on an MLM structure, whether legal or illegal, makes them rather questionable, and you may have to think twice about joining in as a consultant.

But since you don’t have to be a consultant to buy their products, you’ll be happy to know that you will be able to enjoy the best of cheap fashion jewelry thanks to the company.

So, unless you are looking at the recruitment side of things and the fact that you have to make sales to reach your monthly PV goals, then buying their jewelry won’t be the worst idea.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!