My name is Tiger

Im a fashion jewelry wholesaler and Manufacturer. 

Cofounder of SOQ jewelry. (Famous Jewelry Manufacturer in China)

Tiger is also the founder of Selected Jewelry, a jewelry brand for non-tarnish jewelry!

I have been in the fashion jewelry industry for more than 10 years.

Our team and I have worked with all types of jewelry stores, from large nationwide retailers, such as Walmart, JCPenny, and Poundland(Here is a case study that we do business with Poundland: How to Make 40000 rings and Sold 20000 in one Week) to small businesses and independent jewelers all around the world.

We have passed many professional factories audits, such as BSCI, here you can see our BSCI report. 

We also passed the Sedex report and Jcpenney report, you guys can see the report here.

LOL, check our factory here.

Our factory
Sample room

We also making fashion jewelry for Walmart. Sometimes, we also help other businesses to buy some fashion accessories in China.

I and my team have helped many businesses to grow, and now, I think I have to help more customers like you to save money on fashion and fashion jewelry.

As you can see, we do business with Tanya Creations, Genaro inc, fashion accents and new york bay sales. 

Genaro inc
Tanya creations
Fashion accents

I keep learning from them every day!

My job has provided me with a great chance to work with jewelry, jeweler, metals, and gemstones for the last 10 years. I really enjoyed.

Being in positions from salesman to management, training to educating, I have really loved it. I have priceless experience ad lessons to share with you guys.

I know that most people have no idea what really goes on behind the jewelry counters. My team and I am here to help you guys.

The main purpose of the blog: To be a comprehensive source of interesting and useful information for jewelry and fashion lovers.

We’ll do my best to provide honest and sincere information about fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. We also will show you what look for, how to buy fashion jewelry, engagement rings and the most important part, how to save your money at the same time.

Our goal is to open your eyes so you do not get scammed or ripped off. So, you know what to buy and why.

We update our blog regularly with advice about how to choose, wear, and take care of gemstones, rings, necklaces, and any other jewelry forms and materials you might think of.

We will go all out to provide the best information that we can. We research every fact to mare sure it right, but things change fast in the industry  (like GIA’s grading system), advancements in technology happen…

So if you ever run across a discrepancy that you feel needs addressed or updated, let us know. We will update again.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please, feel free to contact me.

Thanks again. Enjoy our blog. If you want us to write about a given topic or a certain product, let us know as well.

All in all, we know the ins and outs of manufacturing fashion jewelry and some high-end jewelry. We will share with you guys some insider information and help you to save money!

Or you guys can check our sample room here. We made more than 3000 designs every year.

We make a lot of hair accessories. Hairpins, hair bows and hairband. We will also teach you how to save money on buying this stuff.

Guys, find more useful posts on our home page.