A Quick Guide on How To Wrap Jewelry In Tissue Paper

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We can all agree that jewelry is one of the best things you could gift to that person you love or care for, but we can also agree that the idea of keeping jewelry in a jewelry box doesn’t always suit everyone; it’s just so cliché; hence the need for better alternatives.

Well, in this article, we’ll share insights into what you should know about wrapping the jewelry in tissue paper and how to wrap the jewelry. So, let’s get into it!


How to wrap jewelry in tissue paper

how to wrap jewelry in tissue paper

To wrap your jewelry in a piece of tissue paper, you need a pair of scissors, glue, tissue papers in different colors, as well as embellishments like the vintage trimming, ribbon, tags, and any other small piece of decoration to add to the package.

You may also throw in some fake silk flowers and also opt to cut and then use either one or two stems of flowers from a bouquet. You also need clear tape or some washi tape. Now that you have everything you need, follow these steps:

how to wrap jewelry in tissue paper

  • Take about 3 pieces of tissue paper, then cut them into halves.
  • Use the scalloped edges to make the top part, and then fold it three or four times.
  • Next, fold the bottom section of the tissue paper upwards, at about 1/2 inches, then tape the top part. As you tape the vertical edges of the tissue paper, the tissue will form a cute package. But be careful not to tape the package all the way up.
  • Now, wrap your jewelry in tissue paper and then place the jewelry in the tissue paper package. Keep in mind that if you wish to add some floral elements, you can use anything from fake silk flowers to fake vintage millinery flowers. You could add in any other decoration if you wish to, but this is optional. And when done, you will have a beautiful piece of jewelry wrapped in tissue paper. And no one will really ever question your gift presentation skills.


Making a tissue paper bow

how to wrap jewelry in tissue paper

This method requires that you cut a strip of tissue paper and then make it as wide and also as narrow as possible. You can use a piece of tissue that is about a third the width of the box, then use the full tissue paper’s length.

Next, fan-fold the tissue paper such that the design or patterned part of the tissue faces up while the creased folds at the bottom. Then create a hole that is about a quarter an inch from the bottom (at the center).

Now, cut a piece of ribbon going around the package and add a few additional inches enough to form a knot; then thread the ribbon so that it runs around the package and the bow of tissue paper.

Now, with the bow at the top, wrap the ribbon around the boxed package and then tie a knot. Finally, spread out the bow and fluff it out before tucking a card under the ribbon. Just like that, you will have a perfectly made tissue paper ribbon for your jewelry.


Alternative method

how to wrap jewelry in tissue paper

  • Package jewelry in personalized drawstring bags

Instead of tissue paper, especially when it comes to more durable and solid jewelry storage options, you could use a drawstring bag to store the jewelry in.

There are many chic options that you could choose for the earrings and other forms of jewelry, but the customization of these drawstring bags adds a nice chic feel, and the bags will last a long time.

The bags are also reusable, and they come in different sizes and colors that will match your brand colors seamlessly. The best part is that you could buy these bags in bulk from Etsy.

In terms of materials, the drawstring pouch bags are often made of cotton canvas, satin, or velvet; and they will all have your brand logos printed on them.

You could also choose to opt for the jewelry pouch bags in the same color as the pouch or in contrasting colors, as long as they blend with each other.

how to wrap jewelry in tissue paper

  • Personalized chic envelope bags

There are vast options of jewelry pouches and envelopes that are ideal for holding and keeping jewelry in, but the small and chic microfiber envelope bags with snap beads would be the best ones for you.

They are designed just like envelopes, and they are available in different colors and sizes and also made of different materials. The best part is that they are eco-friendly and degradable but still made of high-quality microfiber materials.

You may like these envelope bags for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Others have sealable closures for ease of use. And regardless of the design you choose, you will be happy to know that these envelope bags can be personalized easily with your logo.



There you have it – if you were looking for a cute way to package jewelry, you could opt for tissue paper, drawstring pouches, or pouch envelopes.

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