14 Creative Ways to Wrap Jewelry As a Gift-Super Easy

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Brand-specific and the cliché jewelry box gift wrapping options might seem easy and the standard jewelry wrapping options available, but if you are looking for more fun and creative gift wrapping ideas, you will be happy to know that there are great and stylish options that you could choose from, and most of these recommendations do not involve the traditional jewelry boxes.

These options are also great if you are thinking of pulling a nice, creative surprise.

And since we all agree that everyone loves gifts, we’ll show you how to make the gifts extra special with surprising and thoughtful wrapping options.


Creative Ways to Wrap Jewelry  

1. Adorning it on a stuffed animal or a live furry friend

 Creative Ways To Wrap Jewelry As A Gift

Want to see the biggest smile on your loved one’s face?

Present them with the gift by wrapping it on a stuffed animal you should that person would love, or even have the live animal wear that piece of jewelry, especially if the piece of jewelry is a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a bracelet.

For gift surprises with a live furry friend involved, you need to make sure that the jewelry is tucked safely to prevent the animal from ingesting the jewelry.


2. Hidden Surprise in a box of the girl’s (or guy’s) favorite chocolates

 Creative Ways To Wrap Jewelry As A Gift

This is a great surprise option if you are looking for a nice way of presenting jewelry to that person you love, especially if you don’t want the jewelry surprise to be too obvious.

You could have the jewelry wrapped in a jewelry box or tied to a ribbon.

Besides the chocolate box, you could also try wrapping the jewelry around a flower vase along with the delivered bouquet of flowers or the plant.


3. Wrap the gift inside a custom nut

This might sound a little (well, a lot) corny, but it is the very best and the easiest way for you to gift that special person in your life.

It works perfectly for small pieces of jewelry. All you need to do is to find a cute wooden or an actual walnut and then scoop out the contents of the nut.

Then put in a small piece of felt material and nestle it in the jewelry.

Once the jewelry is in the walnut, close it up the wrap the walnut using a small ribbon for the most creative way and for the perfect presentation of the gift.


4. Christmas Tree Camouflage

 Creative Ways To Wrap Jewelry As A Gift

Looking for jewelry wrapping and presentation ideas for a Christmas gift? The Christmas tree camouflage option might be the best option for you, especially if you are looking for a great out-of-the-box idea.

This wrapping option allows for a little hunting, but it’s the best way to present the surprise to that special person.

You only need to locate and make use of the sturdy branches of the Christmas tree and make sure that the jewelry hangs from the right height on the Christmas tree. This works for necklaces, bracelets, as well as engagement rings.

You could also hang the ring from one of the ornaments on the Christmas tree and also share hints on where to find it. You need to make sure that the ornament you put in the ring or any other piece of jewelry is easy to find when the time comes; otherwise, it will be a complete waste of time if you end up misplacing it.


5. Wrap jewelry in a cute envelope then incorporate it in a Scavenger hunt

 Creative Ways To Wrap Jewelry As A Gift

The scavenger hunt is the other fun and creative way of wrapping and presenting jewelry to a special person in your life. The best part about the scavenger hunt is that it will turn a simple gift-giving option or occasion into one of the most memorable activities.

All you need to do is to find a special location for the scavenger hunt to ensure that you make a bigger impact.

That said, scavenger hunts are involved and require quite a bit of prep work. However, you could make the scavenger hunt easier by making sure that the stopping points or locations are positions that are easy to find and are meaningful to you and the person you are planning to present the jewelry to.

Also, keep the scavenger hunt small scale, especially if you want to make the whole thing a bit more intimate. Just have fun with clues and make them reasonable and the riddles easy to crack.


6. Try the misleading packaging option –multiple wrapping/ jewelry boxes

Since jewelry boxes are easy to make out, you could make the whole jewelry presentation thing a lot more fun by going for a misleading packaging option because this would make the presentation more fun while creating more suspense for the recipient.

Take into account the personality of the recipient, though. So, if the recipient is someone with a great sense of humor, you may want to wrap the gift inside a larger box, preferably a box of a mundane item like a box for a pair of shoes or even a toaster box.

You could also stack several boxes inside the bigger box – this will make their initial reactions and their reactions to every other false box they open even more priceless. And as the excitement builds up, the presentation of the gift will be even more fun.

You could also use a larger and plain gift box that is bigger than the jewelry box then wrap the bigger box. Again, this will create a great deal of excitement, making it fun and the presentation even more memorable.


7. Clear glass ornament

 Creative Ways To Wrap Jewelry As A Gift

As mentioned above, you could use the holiday spirit and gifts to present gifts to a loved one, especially during the holidays. This is a simple gift wrapping option and you could add piece if ribbon or wrapping paper to make it more interesting.  

So, if you are planning or already shopping for Christmas presents and you are looking for a fun way of gifting your loved ones gifts like bracelets or necklaces, this would be ideal. You only need to place the piece of jewelry in a clear glass ornament – you can always find great options from the craft store.

Once you open the glass ornament by slipping off the hanger top, slide in the jewelry. The only catch is that the opening on the ornament is usually very small, which means that you can only use this option for small and thin pieces of jewelry. You could also throw in a little piece of a fake snowflake or even confetti at the bottom of the ornament for some color.

Next, you need to hang the ornament on the Christmas tree then ask the recipient of the gift to locate the ornament. You only need to make sure that the ornament is a reminder of the special day or the special gift.

You could also choose to put the jewelry in the Christmas stocking with the recipient’s name and store it inside the Christmas cracker. You may also want to put the jewelry like the earrings in a tree-shaped ornament from the card stock, then press the earrings through the tree as you would the sparkling ornaments.


8. Wrap the jewelry in a decorative jar

The other creative option for wrapping the jewelry would be nestling the piece of jewelry in an opaque, decorative lidded jar.

This would be a great way of giving that special person a nice piece of jewelry and a decorative vase at the same time.

You’d have to string the piece of jewelry in the vase, then put the lid on, and put the ribbon around the jar so that when the recipient of the jewelry opens the lid, they pull out the attached jewelry.

The best part about this option is that the vase also doubles as a gift, and they will think about you every time they look at the jar.


9. Handbag

 Creative Ways To Wrap Jewelry As A Gift

Why give her one gift when you can give her two – the bag and the piece of jewelry?

We can all agree that adding an extra purse or bag to the gift wrapping and presentation would be the best way for you to present the gift.

First, buy a new purse or handbag for your significant other, and then put the jewelry box in one of the pockets in the bag.

Ask her to check the pockets and the elegant features of the purse so that she stumbles on the jewelry. If the jewelry is color or design/ metal coordinated with the jewelry, you are sure to earn extra bonus points.


10. Place the jewelry on a platter.

You’ve probably seen it in the movies, and now, you get to try it out and make the perfect gift presentation option.

However, it is risky and unhygienic to have the jewelry in food or drink, so we recommend wrapping or keeping the piece of jewelry in the original jewelry box, either on the plate or on the platter.

You could also have a special message written on the tray outside using melted chocolate or icing.

And you could use the platter as is or covered in a dome cover to build up the right level of excitement or anticipation.


Other wrapping ideas include:

  1. Fabricinstead of using a thin piece of paper
  2. Wrap the jewelry in a take-out box, the ones sold in the craft store for gift-wrapping and to safely keep the jewelry safe.
  3. Make a hand-decorated jewelry box in a stylish color palette. You could use stickers, stamps, or a decorative washi tape, with a special message doodled on top with a special message or little images. You can use colored markers.
  4. Wrap the jewelry in calendar pages, especially if you prefer thick and heavy



These are the best creative gift wrapping and presentation ideas. You will be happy to know that these ideas will wow the gift recipient.

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