Will Tiffany Set A Loose Diamond?(Quick Answer in 2024)

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Ready to propose and are contemplating whether you should purchase a loose diamond or a mounted one? Or, do you want to customize your own diamond ring and are wondering whether Tiffany set loose diamonds?

Generally, there are several decisions that may come into play when you are purchasing let’s say an engagement ring, that have the potential to affect its aesthetic fabric and overall cost of the diamond ring.

When looking for stunning ring options, preset diamond rings aren’t necessarily the only options that are available in most jewelry stores. You have the option to purchase a loose diamond and set it at your preferred jeweler store. In as much so, not all jewelers offer this privilege.

Will Tiffany Set A Loose Diamond

In this write-up, we will delve deeper into a detailed explanation as to whether Tiffany sets non-Tiffany loose diamonds, explore whether Tiffany replaces lost diamonds and finally, we will look at whether Cartier can set a loose diamond.

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Will Tiffany Setting with a Non-Tiffany Diamond?

Unfortunately, Tiffany & Co. will not do this for sure! In the event that you may have purchased your perfect diamond or may have been given a stunning antique diamond as a souvenir and are wishing for a Tiffany & Co. setting, you may never get the chance.

Thing is, Tiffany will never at any point set any loose diamond that was not purchased from them directly.

Will Tiffany Set A Loose Diamond

As we all know, Tiffany has the most favorable reputation as the number one jeweler in America for their luxurious, high-end and fine craftsmanship.

Their diamonds are thoughtfully selected and crafted, from the specific mines they come from to their polishing design, cutting and final setting.

If you have realized, each and every Tiffany e-ring that exists, has its individual registration number that has been engraved with a unique certificate for its diamond quality. That said, Tiffany has set a very high standard for the rings that they design and produce.

For this reason, Tiffany is completely against the concept of choosing a lose diamond then giving you a chance to pick-up your ring setting from them.

Since they are quite exclusive in their ring selections, we can establish that they wouldn’t want to set a loose diamond that doesn’t necessarily meet their quality requisites.

In addition, I’m not sure they would want to be liable for any damages incurred to diamonds that didn’t belong to them in the first place.


Will Tiffany Replace a Lost Diamond?

Will Tiffany Set A Loose Diamond

Yes. Tiffany will replace a lost diamond in any piece of jewelry, whether bangles, rings or neckpieces. However, certain terms and conditions will apply.

If you want a lost diamond replaced, you would need to provide them with proof of purchase simply because they exclusively work on items that you have directly purchased from their retail stores.

To add on that, you should be prepared to incur more costs for replacements as you will be charged for the lost diamond but the repair fee will be waived. In the event that it is a small diamond, it may not cost you so much but a large diamond has the potential to break your bank!

For this reason, you are advised to insure your jewelry so that they can assess the overall costs of replacing your diamond which makes the replacement process even easier for Tiffany & Co.

All in all, whatever issues you may be having with your jewelry pieces, you should always reach out to Tiffany’s customer service for assistance if not advice.


Will Cartier Set a Loose Diamond?

Will Tiffany Set A Loose Diamond

I bet you are asking whether Cartier will set non-Cartier diamonds in their 1895 Solitaire setting. Unfortunately not. Cartier will not set a common diamond ring in their Cartier setting.

Based on a few records, Cartier has only had an exceptional case once when it came to setting a non-Cartier stone into one of their already existing jewels, that is, for ‘Leongard’ a gentleman from Brussels.

Perhaps you may want to explore Cartier’s ‘Set for you’ program that is simply the build your own ring option that Cartier created to accommodate anyone who wants to customize their rings.

With a choice of setting that is in line with your individual preference from their collection, the sales staff assist you with the selection of a high-end diamond from their loose diamond inventory so that you can get one custom made.

Will Tiffany Set A Loose Diamond


Loose diamonds have their perks but ensure to carry out extensive research on their setting before settling for one.

When purchasing a loose diamond, always ensure that you are given a certificate issued by the Gemological Institute of America to affirm its authenticity.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!