Will High-Waisted Jeans Go Out Of Style in The Future?

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I have always thought high-rise jeans offer a retrofit but given that they have been around since the 1970s they are definitely classic.

I haven’t been lucky enough to own one because of skepticism about how it would fit and how I would look on them. High-rise jeans are available in many different designs including the slim type, flare $ boot cut, straight loose, and belly bottoms.

So which among the above designs will best fit my body type and how can I pair it to achieve the perfect trendy looks. Let us, therefore, explore the dynamics of this 21st-century must-haves.

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History of high-waisted jeans

will high waisted jeans go out of style

Taking a trip down history lane we discovered that the high-rise jeans have been around since the 1970s, they made their way to the 1980s and were also worn in the 90s.

In the mid-90s high-rise jeans were produced in many forms, some were made in the form of mommy jeans and others with wide or slender bottoms.

They were also produced in many different shades, some were dark blue others light blue,  or a combination of both. Enter 2010 and the high-waisted jeans seem to have improved, as they become more appealing when worn by both thick and slender-bodied women.

The jeans were paired with button-down shirts and blouses consequently making them a must-have for almost all trendy ladies.


Will High-Waisted Jeans Go Out Of Style?

will high waisted jeans go out of style

High-waisted jeans will never go out of style, simply because they can be worn with nearly every kind of top and complement it perfectly. You could wear your high-waisted jeans with a knitted sweater, but bodysuits are the best if you want to flatter your hourglass figure.

The button-down shirts also complement the high-waisted jeans but be sure to tuck them in for a more appealing look. Crop tops are the ultimate as they are trendy and the combo can be worn by individuals of all ages who have a small waist.

If you love wearing blouses don’t feel left out, plain or colored blouses work well with high-waisted jeans but you need to ensure that they don’t go past the waistband of your denim jeans.

Bandeaus also work well with the high-waisted jeans that cover up much of the flesh leaving the bandeaus to a much smaller portion. Halter tops are also flattering when paired with high-rise jeans they enable the perfect slim silhouette on the upper part leading to a curvaceous and attractive bottom.  


Are High Waisted Jeans Back In Style?

will high waisted jeans go out of style

Yes, the high-waisted jeans are back in style and ladies are pairing them up with either crop tops or feminine blouses. The design of the high-waisted jeans has also changed a bit as some of them are made with a rugged look above the knee or around the knee area, and others are stained but with an overall dark or light hue.

The high-waisted jeans also come in various designs there are those that have a belly bottom that stylishly sweeps the floor, we also have those that offer a slim fit better known as the skinny jeans and the high-waisted ankle skinny jeans.


Are high-waisted jeans in style 2024?

High-waisted jeans have definitely made their way into 2024, the high-rise jeans closely replicates the 90’s denim jeans and you will therefore find them in high waist loose fit jeans which pairs well with a bodysuit top.

There is also the high waist relaxed jeans that almost looks official when worn and is best complemented with a fitting top or a bodysuit.

There is also the Ribcage high waist ankle straight leg jeans that pairs perfectly with sneakers and a feminine blouse neatly tucked in. High-waisted Jeans can also be worn with small fitting jackets or blazers and high-heeled sandals.

will high waisted jeans go out of style

Pros and cons of wearing high-waisted jeans

Pros of wearing high-waisted jeans

  • If you love to attention then the high-waisted jeans will give you just that because they tend to make the hips to stand out, the reason why you must pair it with a small or tucked-in top.  
  • High-waisted jeans are also convenient when it comes to hiding the belly, thus if you have a big belly and want to wear a figure-flattering outfit then the high rise jeans it is.
  • Unlike dresses and skirts, high waist jeans tend to make your butt look bigger by raising them. The effect is best brought out by the skinny high waist jeans. And that is why both skinny and plump women look good in the high rise denim jeans.
  • High-waisted jeans also help camouflage the hip dips, as they sit high above the waist conveniently getting rid of the bulging that would remain conspicuous in low-rise jeans.
  • If you want your legs to look longer when going to a function, high-waisted jeans are the perfect option, you can then pair them up with heels.
  • High-rise jeans offer a good fit when worn by individuals who have a long-rise body type, and are extremely comfortable and fashionable.

will high waisted jeans go out of style

Cons of wearing the High Jeans

  • High-waisted jeans impact an individual’s health negatively, when worn they tend to put pressure on the abdomen consequently causing heartburn.
  • Individuals with short waists might look shorter with the high waist jeans which is quite unflattering.
  • High-rise jeans have also been found to accentuate the size of the mid-section.
  • The jeans also make the belly to bulge and at times the wearer might experience pressure in the mid-section because of the jeans being too tight.


Tips for wearing high-waisted jeans

  • High waist jeans look good with tucked-in tops or short tops that only reach at the waistline.
  • To get the flattering look, ensure that the bigger tops that you wear with your high waist jeans are tucked in.
  • High-rise jeans are best paired with high-heeled shoes or sneakers.
  • Ensure to wear the correct size of the high waist jeans.
  • You can also pair it up with a long jacket and a bodysuit top.

will high waisted jeans go out of style


The secret to purchasing the perfect high waist jeans is knowing your rise measurement. Individuals with a short rise will look great in medium-rise jeans.

Whereas, individuals who have a long rise will look great in high-rise jeans. Ladies who have a shorter torso look good in the lower rises, and the high rises.

For the high-waisted jeans to flatter your body type they must fit perfectly and have to be paired with the right kind of shoes such as slip-ons, booties, heeled sandals, heels, or sneakers.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!