Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me? – Quick Answer in 2024

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The high-waist skinny denim may be great at hiding the muffin top and the gap on your back, and they may bring out your curves well, but they can be very uncomfortable.

Therefore, if you are searching for comfort in jeans, boyfriend jeans would be the ideal denim pants for you. In other words, boyfriend jeans are all about comfort, and they are easily some of the most comfortable pants you could wear.

They are loose and cuffed and infused with just the perfect touch of masculinity, a look that works perfectly, whether you are going for the all-dressed up or the ultra-laidback look.

Therefore, for most people, wearing and styling your boyfriend jeans is effortless, although it can be challenging to style them for some people.

So, we’ll share more about styling tips for the boyfriend jeans later in this article. Keep reading to learn more about wearing boyfriend jeans.


Will boyfriend jeans look good on me?

Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me

Boyfriend jeans are all about comfort, and they look great on pretty much everyone.

These pants have a more relaxed fit that leaves you with jeans that are quite roomy around the hips and the thighs, fitting comfortably around the waist, hips, and thighs perfectly. In other words, these pants could quickly turn into your favorite pants, just like your sweats and leggings.  

That said, how these pants look on you will depend on how you style these pants. Your body shape is also essential, and it determines how good you look in boyfriend jeans.

Essentially, boyfriend jeans look great for individuals with classic inverted-triangle shapes – think broad shoulders, smaller thighs, and smaller hips, hence a roomy fit to balance out and streamline your whole silhouette. Specifically, they will add bulk to your lower body, making you look more elegant.

Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me

Boyfriend jeans would also look good on you if you are plus size. You’d only have to wear the high-waisted skinny jeans in the stretch denim with pockets, hugging your curves well in all the right places. So, avoid the rigid denim that doesn’t stretch or contour and go for the comfortable and stretchy boyfriend jeans.

 Boyfriend jeans would also look great if you are trying to round out your booty and cannot afford the Brazilian butt lifts. Therefore, the best boyfriend jeans would be the short and the medium-rise boyfriend pants.


Do boyfriend jeans make you look thinner?

Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me

The boyfriend jeans may have a slimming effect, but this only happens with some styles of the boyfriend jeans.

Generally, you should wear the straight-leg boyfriend jeans with the slim cuffs ending above your ankles for a slimming effect – this is the case because exposing, or rather, highlighting the thinnest parts of the legs will help to make you look slimmer.

Boyfriend jeans could also have a nice slimming effect if they are dark wash jeans, especially for the pants whose fabric has a decent level of stretch.

If you have thick thighs, you may want to skip the boyfriend jeans because these pants would widen your body. You should also stick with the jeans that have cleaner styles because these are so much more sophisticated.


What is the point of boyfriend jeans?

Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me

The boyfriend jeans are quite popular, and why you may want to consider investing in at least one pair because these denim pants offer the best level of comfort.

They are also quite versatile, and you can wear boyfriend jeans in more than one way. And the fact that they are fitted around the hips and so are more generous around your bum, along with the relaxed cut around the legs, all mean that the boyfriend jeans may be the very best kind of pants for you to wear.

Boyfriend pants are designed to help show off your style, with many options like distressed, stretched boyfriend jeans, classic boyfriend jeans, good girlfriend jeans, distressed grey boyfriend jeans, two-tone high-waist and straight-leg, and distressed high-rise black pants.

With the white straight-leg distressed boyfriend jeans or compression high-rise boyfriend pants, you have multiple stylish options, and these work well for you, regardless of your body shape.


Rules for wearing boyfriend jeans

Here are the rules, or rather, the dos and don’ts for wearing boyfriend jeans.

  • Do – Roll up your boyfriend jeans

Since the boyfriend jeans have a loose fit, they quickly sloppily morph into the body. But you could tidy up your look by rolling up the pants loosely at a cropped length.

Make sure that the pants sit some inches above the ankle. However, this isn’t a hard or fast rule, and you need to make sure that the length you settle on feels just right, based on the choice of shoes and your height.

Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me

  • Do – Go for boyfriend pants with the tapered leg cut

If you want to look good in boyfriend jeans, you need to always pay attention to the hang of the pants on your legs after rolling them. Make sure that you see the even taper of the pants by going for a slightly tight ankle.

Keep in mind that if your jeans hang down straight or wider on the ankles, they will create an unflattering and a blocked look.

If this happens, you should find a different pair of jeans. The tapered leg and narrowing of the pants around the ankles will not just make you look thinner but also elevate your look entirely.

Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me

  • Do – Belts and tucked-in tops

Since boyfriend jeans fit straight and loose, just like joggers, a belt plus a tucked-in top is essential as it will ensure that you still have a waist, enhancing the quality of the outfit. The belt and the tucked-in top will ensure that you look put together.


  • Do – Have fun with your shoes

You can wear boyfriend pants with pretty much any shoes. You cannot pick the wrong shoes for your boyfriend’s jeans, and so anything goes, whether you want to wear sandals, pumps, flats, sneakers, or ankle boots. The only exceptions would be tall boots and UGGs.

Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me

  • Do – Experiment with Denim Washes

You don’t have to be a model or a celebrity to look great in boyfriend jeans, but you could look as good as a model if you go for the pants with an ultra-light wash and some level of distress.

So, consider mixing up the dark and the medium-wash jeans. You could also think of wearing white or colored boyfriend jeans, even in the colder months.

Don’t forget that you could also look great in ripped boyfriend jeans – just know that the excessively torn-up pants might not be the most practical ones, and they don’t work on everyone.

Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me

  • Don’t show off too much skin

As tempting as it may be, you should avoid boyfriend jeans that show off too much skin. We are talking about the boyfriend jeans that are too ripped that it becomes unclear what is holding the pants together. Also, don’t wear jeans with ultra-tight and tiny tops.

Will Boyfriend Jeans Look Good On Me

  • Don’t wear boyfriend jeans with flannels.

The boyfriend jeans and flannels combo looks silly, and you just won’t be able to pull it off.


  • Don’t wear actual boyfriend jeans.

You may want to pull off this look quickly, but you should not dive into your man’s wardrobe and wear his Levi’s; they won’t look as good.



Boyfriend jeans will make you look great if you follow the rules above.

You get to choose many styles, and if you follow the rules, boyfriend pants will look great on you.

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