4 Reasons Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand?

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Wearing a jade bracelet comes with other benefits besides its elegance and overall feel of sophistication. The jade bracelet is associated with feelings of calm, and it makes the wearer feel calm, at peace, and harmonious.

It also carries spiritual benefits; specifically, it is a good luck charm that wards off evil spirits and improves your mental and physical health. This bracelet is also great for your heart function and blood circulation.

But to enjoy all these benefits, you need to wear your jade bangle bracelet in the right hand – which is it, left or right?


Which wrist should you wear a jade bangle?

People have different opinions about this, but the culture you observe and your belief system would be an excellent guide for you.

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

1. According to ancient Chinese culture, jade bangle bracelets like crystals are worn on the left hand to purify the incoming gas.

And as an essential cultural element worn by women and children to show the love shared and for sustenance, communication, and connection between mother and child, it is worn on the left hand.


2. Buddhists also believe that the bangle is worn on the left hand, thanks to the ‘left in, right out’ theory. This theory holds that the left hand is the clean hand.

In contrast, the right hand is the dirty hand – perhaps because most human beings use their right hand to engage in things, including pollution, killing, arson, and many other things considered taboo in Buddhism.

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

So, the right hand is the evil, dirty hand that releases the dirty and evil energy from time to time. The left, non-dominant hand, on the other hand, is the clean hand as it doesn’t kill life.

The left hand absorbs clean, positive energy. So, the jade bracelet goes on the left hand, where it absorbs clean energy and the pure spirit, plus the positive powers in the world, purifying the body and soul.

And as expected, persons whose left hand is their dominant hand would wear the bracelet on the right.


3. The third belief that supports the idea of wearing the jade bracelet on the left hand is a theory from traditional Chinese medicine.

It has to do with the 12 meridians in the human body and the fact that in the July pericardial meridian, the hand reaching the chest’s Tianchi acupoint from the left hand’s middle fingertip passes through Neiguan and Daling.

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

The left-hand massages these acupoints. It is also believed that jade has a calming and stabilizing effect on the blood pressure of both the flesh and the meridians, so it’s ideal for wearing the bracelet on the left hand.

On the left, jade massages the flesh and the meridian, balancing the heart rate and calming the mind, body, and soul.  


4. Finally, the state of the human body and living habits make the left hand perfect for wearing the jade bracelet.

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

Since this is more of a permanent bracelet, wearing it on the left hand or the non-dominant hand protects the bracelet from breaking, and it will not get in the way.


Can I wear a jade bangle on my right hand?

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

Although it’s recommended to wear the jade bracelet on the left hand, you may have to wear it on the right hand if the left hand is your dominant hand.


What is the significance of wearing a jade bracelet?

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

Protection: Jade bracelets are a big deal in several cultures and societies worldwide, but mostly importantly in Chinese culture. This is because wearing a jade bracelet is considered the best way for you to protect yourself against evil energy and bad luck. Jade is said to have the power to absorb blessings and luck, keeping the wearer safe and protected from harm and evil.


Feng Shui: In Feng shui, jade bracelets improve the wearer’s health, nourishing and enhancing their overall health while shielding them from negative energy and evil spirits. In some instances, the jade bracelet breaks suddenly, and it is believed that when this happens, it is because it has absorbed so much negative energy, and you need to replace it with a new one as soon as you can.

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

But it doesn’t always break, and like all other feng shui stones, you’d have to cleanse and re-energize your jade bracelet. To do this, you should run it under cold water for cleansing. Don’t expose it to harsh detergents or soaps because these will damage the jade.


Beauty and Fashion: It is also a significant beauty and fashion statement that portrays elegance and sophistication. There is also the belief that the jade bracelet is an all-purpose lucky charm that you must always wear.

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

Health Benefits: Jade bracelets are also effective in health preservation. Since it’s worn on the left hand, it will calm, stabilize, and balance your heart rate, nerves, and mind, bringing you an overall sense of calm and well-being. It also enhances the safety of the wearer and brings them happiness.


Why wear a jade bangle on the left hand?

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

Jade goes to your left hand because of different reasons, such as:

Convenience and lifestyle – most people are right-handed, meaning that the right hand does everything, and having jewelry on the right wrist would just get in the way. So, it makes sense for the bracelet to be worn on the left.


Chinese medicine – as mentioned above, this has something to do with meridians, acupoints, and the orientation of the human body and these interactions with jade. Jade’s calming effects, perhaps its ability to lower vibrations, means that it will lower or regulate heartbeat, subsequently making you feel calmer, happier, and more relaxed. Also, jade is naturally very cold to the touch, so, on the left hand, it gives off calming effects almost instantly.

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

Buddhist beliefs and Chinese culture – the left hand is associated with good, and the right hand is associated with evil. So, wearing a jade bracelet on the left-hand means that you are yearning for a good life, and the bracelet could help you attain the life of your dreams and to attract good.



If you didn’t know which hand to wear your jade bracelet, now you do!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!