Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand?

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Most of us have interacted with people who wear gemstones, or we do it ourselves. You will find that people wear gemstones in different hands, and it can be confusing on which is the correct hand to wear your gemstone.

Wearing gemstones on the correct hand and even fingers is vital to get the desired outcomes. The full implementation of gemstone therapy relies significantly on wearing them on the appropriate hand and fingers.

This is because the hand you wear your gemstone can increase or reduce the power of the gemstones. Therefore, it is crucial to have the correct knowledge concerning this topic.


Why wear gemstone in the left hand

1. If you are searching for energies linked to your subconscious mind

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

Additionally, the right hand stands for the conscious mind. On the other side, the left hand stands for the subconscious mind. Therefore, wearing gemstones on your left hand produces energies that relate to your subconscious mind.

Wearing gemstones on your right hand produces energies belonging to the inner world. Therefore, you can wear your gemstones on the left hand if the energies related to the subconscious mind are what you are searching for.

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

However, since time immemorial, the left hand has been viewed as the destiny hand. Conversely, the right hand is taken to be the karmic hand.

You are advised not wear gemstones alone on the left hand because you cannot alter your destiny. In order to take full advantage of the gemstones you own, the recommendation is to wear them on the right hand since it is the karmic hand. Unlike destiny, it is possible to alter your karma.


2. If you are a woman In Hinduism

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

Hinduism perfectly explains the hand on which you should wear gemstones. In Hinduism, Ardhanarishvara is a half male and half female deity.

Hindus believe that the deity’s male part is Shiva and the female part is his consort, Goddess Shakti or Parvati. As a full being, the androgynous deity represents the synthesis of feminine and masculine energies.

Additionally, the deity illustrates how Shakti (the female principle of God) is inseparable from Shiva (the male principle of God). In iconography, Ardhanarishvara is illustrated as 50 percent male and 50 percent female.

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

Ardhanarishvara’s masculine part is on the right side, while the feminine part is on the left side. The ability to visualize Ardhanarishvara’s two halves as one being leads to complete self-actualization.

Thus, in Hinduism, all shastras-holy texts agree that men should wear gemstones on their right hand. On the other hand, ladies should wear gemstones on their left hand.

The thumb rule has proven to produce good results. Thus, women are advised to wear gemstones on the left hand according to the sacred texts.

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

However, at the time the shastras were written, women worked as domestic managers. Currently, the number of women working alongside their male counterparts in offices is on the rising.

Right-handed career women are advised to wear gemstones on their right hand to maximize their effects on their karma. The rule should only change if they are advised otherwise by an astrologer after a thorough review of their birth chart.


3. If you are a left-handed man

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

However, there are some exceptions to the thumb rule. For instance, left-handed men should wear gemstones on their left hand.


4. Ladies who want their marriages to prosper

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

Ladies who want their relationships to prosper should wear gemstones on their left hand.

Importantly, the optimization of gemstone therapy is also actualized by wearing gemstones on the correct fingers. When a gemstone is connected to a specific finger, the energy it transmits can reduce or grow.

Based on conventional Vedic science, the five elements of nature include space, water, air, earth, and fire. These components are believed to form everything that we see around us and are also the foundation of the human body.  

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

For this reason, each element is related to a given finger in the human body. The thumb symbolizes the fire component, the index finger signifies the air element, the middle finger symbolizes the space element, the ring finger is related to the earth component, and the little finger is the water component. With this representation, it means you should wear your gemstone on the correct finger for maximum therapy.

Since the index finger represents the air component, it has much to do with our life objectives and goals, our passion, pride, and self-esteem, and how we strive to satisfy our ego.

The index finger is also associated with the energy and qualities of planet Jupiter, including spirituality, leadership, courage, authority, confidence, wisdom, and power.

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

Thus, if you want to attract all these qualities and energies, you should wear your gemstone on your index finger, and you will gain good fortune, accomplish success, and find growth opportunities.

Representing the space element, the middle finger depicts one’s personality, sense of responsibility, and personal world. The middle finger is related to Saturn and its energies, and wearing a gemstone on this finger can help you attain balance in life by being in tune with your inner self and promote your sense of responsibility.

The ring finger that conveys the energies of the earth component signifies art, creativity, love, emotions, optimism, and peace. The ring finger on your left hand is believed to be connected to the heart, and it is the perfect choice for celebrating marital bonds.

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

Since the earth’s energies are also linked to the vibrant energy of the sun, the ring finger also carries intelligence and leadership traits.

Symbolizing the water element, the little finger is associated with an individual’s frame of mind and social life that one exhibits to the rest of the world. The little finger inspires the energies of different spheres from writing, public speaking, and attitude to trade.

The small finger is related to the planet Mercury, which boosts the positive attributes of this planet by helping with health, professionalism, and communication.

Some people believe that you should not wear a ring on your thumb. On the contrary, it is okay to wear gemstones on the thumb as it conveys the energies of the fire component and symbolizes will power.

Why Wear Gemstone Jewelry In the Left Hand

The thumb also relates to Mars and Venus, and wearing gemstones on this finger brings significant life changes.

Additionally, the planets are vividly marked on your palm. Each planet has a specific and exact position on your palm. You should wear gemstones on the correct finger to get the best possible results.

The table below shows you the right finger to wear different gemstones as per the recommendation of sacred texts.

GemstoneRuling Planet Finger
Natural pearlMoonRing/Little
Red coralMarsRing
Yellow sapphireJupiterIndex/Ring (in some cases)
Diamond/White sapphireVenusRing/Middle (in some cases)
Blue sapphireSaturnMiddle
HessoniteRahuMiddle/Little (in some cases)
Cat’s eyeKetuMiddle/Ring (in some cases)



Many people wear gemstones not only for their beauty, elegance, and sustainable fashion but also because they have unique natural benefits.

Knowing the appropriate hand to wear your gemstone for optimal gemstone therapy is important.

As explained, there are different reasons to wear your gemstone jewelry on the left hand, which you should consider when wearing one.

Additionally, wearing a given gemstone on a specific finger is crucial, and you should also know the correct finger to wear your gemstone.   

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!