Why Small Engagement Rings Are Better?(11 Reasons Explained)

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Every once in a while, we are stunned by the humongous engagement rings, for example, JLo’s, and we talk about such rings for months, if not years. People still make reference to Kate Middleton’s ring and even Megan Markle’s, and it’s all for the same reason – the size of the ring.

This means that in as much as some of these rings may bear some historical significance, we are always pulled in by the ring sizes. Despite this obsession with size, it seems that more of us ‘normal’ folk are drawn to the smaller engagement rings, especially today.

Fewer people are choosing the bigger engagement rings than they did in the past. And with some of these smaller rings going for almost as much as the bigger rings, the drift towards the smaller engagement rings is making shockwaves across the fashion and jewelry scenes.

In this article, therefore, we look at all the reasons why it would be wise for you to choose a smaller engagement ring.


Are small engagement rings bad?

 Why Small Engagement Rings Are Better

No, not at all. And going by the numbers from recent studies, it appears that the smaller rings (wedding or engagement) are an indicator of a higher rate of success in not just engagements but also marriages – this is in comparison to the huge rocks we may see on occasion. Researchers in this study found that men who would spend an estimate of between $2,000 and $4,000 were as much as 1.3 times more likely to get divorced than the men who spent less or between $500 and $2,000.

Industry trends also show that the smaller engagement rings aren’t bad at all, and they are the in-thing – something you may want to try too. The reason for this is that there is an increase in demand for the smaller engagement rings among millennials and the younger generations.

Even when looking for the best diamond engagement rings, millennials would rather 1-carat diamonds. And it’s not just about the size – the quality of the rings is the most important factor, which means more focus on high brilliance stones, and generally more of diamonds that are fire.

This has also led to the new trend of stackable rings, unique metals for the bands, and, as mentioned above, smaller stones.


11 Reasons why small engagement rings are better

So, why are more people opting for smaller engagement rings than they did in the past?

Why Small Engagement Rings Are Better

1.It’s got something to do with the quality of the rings.

The cost of the diamonds may play a part in this shift towards the smaller engagement rings, but it is surprisingly not the biggest reason for the shift. Most people opting for the smaller rings choose this because of the ring’s quality.

Now, more than ever, an increasing number of people are focusing on the ring’s quality, which means that these individuals would even spend more on the smaller ring if the quality of that ring makes sense to them.

For such an individual, the size of the ring doesn’t really matter; what matters is the quality of the ring – the diamond and the metal’s band. For such individuals, the important questions that they often try to answer include whether the ring/ diamond is tasteful, radiant, durable, well-made and if it’s true to the wearer.

This also means less of the flawed rings and more of the perfect stones, even if the stone is as small as a grain of rice.

In other words, it goes back to the 4 Cs – the cut, carat, color, and the stone’s clarity. The carat weight aside, the quality of the ring is determined by its brilliance and also the fire that the stone carries – these are the things that determine the sparkle of the stone, and they tie to the cut of the stone. Regardless of the stone’s carat weight, it must be well-cut to pass the brilliance/ fire test.


In all honesty, the supersized engagement rings are impractical. At the end of the day, the engagement ring you choose should be the one that you are comfortable in all the time, which means looking at the smaller rings because they are more versatile and practical.

These factors determine the staying power of the ring – the smaller engagement rings are a lot more wearable, and you get to keep the ring on comfortably, whether attending meetings, going for school drop-offs, and you could also keep the ring on at the farmers’ market or to date night. The bigger, delicate pieces deter easy transitioning into activities, which is why many people are avoiding them.

Also, all working women rocking these beautiful engagement rings will agree with you that they don’t feel comfortable with the rings with larger stones.


3.Halo diamond setting style is no longer stylish.

Why Small Engagement Rings Are Better

The halo diamond setting is one of the main reasons for the big size of engagement rings. This setting would make smaller stones appear much larger than they actually are. However, this style is slowly dying, and you really won’t catch many people wearing engagement rings with this stone setting.

With the decline in demand for this aesthetic and more demand for smaller rings, the jewelry scene is seeing an increase in rings with less framing for the stones, a design feature that leaves you with a smaller ring, albeit inadvertently.

It’s also worth noting that the paving and the older diamond settings would only dampen or hide the simplicity and the beauty of the stones.


4.Subtlety Wins

Even for individuals with a preference for bigger stones like emeralds, it’s apparent that these individuals are largely opting for smaller rings or designs that make the rings appear smaller.

For example, an emerald stone with a diamond –cut would be set vertically in the traditional setting, but a horizontal setting gives a ring a smaller, more simplistic look.

This change in the orientation of the stone also makes the ring stand out more, as the ring is more wearable and simple while maintaining its delicate allure.


5.Band-only preference

The other thing pushing the move towards more of the smaller engagement rings has to do with the fact that you can actually wear a band-free ring for your engagement ring.

The engagement ring doesn’t have to be a diamond or any other gemstone-stacked ring.


6.Small and Pretty


The engagement rings don’t have to be big to be pretty, and if you are interested in some of the most elegant engagement rings, you’ll fall in love with the smaller rings a lot easier.

Why Small Engagement Rings Are Better

7.The bigger ring isn’t always worth it!

You could come at us for this, but adulting is real, and being the grownups we badly wanted to be and being able to meet our big goals and for all our dreams to come true, we need to prioritize.

This means that a bigger stone isn’t all that important when you are looking to buy your home or stack up on your emergency fund and also your sinking funds plus retirement account.

There is so much to do with your money, and the smaller ring that costs less goes a long way in helping you reach your goals faster.


8. Other reasons why that small engagement ring would be an excellent pick for you are as follows:

  1. The larger ring doesn’t offer any guarantees of a lasting engagement/ marriage.
  2. Smaller rings allow you to keep a low profile.
  3. The details on the smaller rings are more meaningful
  4. You have petite hands



If you needed reasons to wear a smaller engagement ring, we hope that we’ve convinced you. And whatever choice you make, never apologize for it.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!