Why Make Friendship Bracelets?( 5 Reasons Exlained)

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Do you need some extra motivation to start making friendship bracelets? Besides creating something fun and meaningful, are there added benefits that come with the art of crafting friendship bracelets?

This article explores the ideas behind and the benefits of making friendship bracelets, meaning that you can finally find additional reasons to start making friendship bracelets. So, let’s jump right to it!


Why make friendship bracelets?

1.Making friendship bracelets is quite soothing to your mind

One of the biggest reasons why you may want to start making friendship bracelets is that this art/ craft is one of the best ways for you to soothe your mind. This means that if you have been looking for things to do to be a little more mindful, you may want to try crafts like creating unique friendship bracelets.

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 You may have tried Headspace in the past in an attempt to quiet your mind and to be more mindful and present, but if it is not working and you are not into traditional meditation, making friendship bracelets might be a more effective solution for you. The reason for this is that just like traditional focusing, which calls for a high level of focus but still harder, making friendship bracelets force you to be more intently focused in ways that traditional meditation will not, and in the process, it allows your mind to fully zen out.

The reason for this is that making a friendship bracelet is a repetitive process, and when it comes to calming the mind, repetitive processes are essential in making you focus all your attention the way meditation would. So, if you have been trying to meditate but you keep failing at it because it’s just too hard to focus, you may want to try making a friendship bracelet.

Like knitting, making friendship bracelets allows you to focus deeply, and if you are stressed out or struggling with anxiety, this level of focus would be great for you.


2.Great stressbuster

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 To keep your mind calm and to be safe, you’ll need to focus on the next-level attentiveness. This is important in clearing your heart in a way that nothing else would – not white noise or any other forms of robotic voices tell you to breathe in and out and to just focus on your breath. When making bracelets, your mind is completely clear, and you don’t even realize it, which means that if you are struggling to keep your thoughts calm, you will find that this happens inadvertently when making friendship bracelets.

Bear in mind that mindful medication allows you to be present through breathing and being non-judgmental so that your thoughts just pass through your mind. It is about being in the moment, and the art of making friendship bracelets allows you to be mindful.

And if you are looking for a way to let go of those hard feelings and thoughts, focusing on your breathing while making the bracelet is ideal.


3.It increases happiness

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 One of the things you could do to increase your happiness levels is to do something for others. It might not be the kind of thing you desire to do every day when you don’t have the means, but that little act of kindness will make them love you.

Since the friendship bracelet is a great demonstration of your love for your friend, it passes the love, and this increases your levels of happiness tenfold.

Note that this is one of the benefits of mindfulness, and the others include reduced levels of stress and anxiety, improvement in your levels of focus, as well as a reduced level of impulsiveness and reactions when feeling strong emotions.

Mindful attention through the crafting of friendship bracelets is, therefore, a great option for you if you are looking for an effective alternative to meditation.


4.Great appreciation of history

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 These macramé friendship bracelets are woven in different patterns that are created by knots. Exchanging friendship bracelets is a great way of expressing your long-lasting love and companionship.

Essentially, the friendship bracelets are quite meaningful, and they are a symbol of happiness and respect, not just companionship.


5.Different colors of the friendship bracelet mean different things

This is the other thing that makes the friendship bracelets even more meaningful.

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  • Rose gold friendship bracelets are a symbol of and an expression of harmony and also kindness.
  • Coral or red on friendship bracelets symbolize luck and are believed to bring fortune.
  • Black is believed to symbolize positive energy that radiates throughout your friendship and this color of the bracelet is a reflection of the positive energy you share with each other.
  • Blue bracelets are a sign of courage, and it’s meant to remind friends of their bold love for each other, and the blue cord solidifies your shared bond.
  • Green in friendship bracelets is a sign of truth because your friendship would crumble without being truthful to each other.
  • Mink is a symbol of success in friendships; whole silver symbolizes strength.

So, whether you have a single-colored friendship bracelet or one in all these or most of these colors, the bracelets are very meaningful. Making one will always remind you what really matters in life – friends and family, and just people that make life better and worth celebrating.

Finally, friendship bracelets are easy to make. Of course, these bracelets will not be the easiest to make the first time around, and you will get the knots wrong, but once you master it, you will be happy with how easy it actually turns out to be.



Besides celebrating love and friendship, making friendship bracelets is great for your mind, and it will keep you at ease if you have been struggling to keep your mind at ease.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!