Why Jewellery on Aliexpress is So Cheap?(Expert Answer)

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Over the recent years, there’s been a remarkable growth in the e-commerce platforms around the world. Among the e-commerce giants, is AliExpress an online retail service, located in China.

A wide range of products is available in this marketplace, including jewellery. You have probably thought of purchasing jewellery on this website but the cheap prices left you skeptical.  

If you’re wondering why they’re so cheap, continue reading to find out why and learn everything you need to know about jewellery on this site.

About AliExpress Website

The AliExpress website is an international online platform owned by the Alibaba Group that offers products to international online buyers.

It was started in China in 2010 and is comprised of businesses in China and other locations. The website enables these businesses to sell to customers globally.

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There are thousands of producers on the website who sell all kinds of items directly to consumers worldwide. Common products sold on this website include clothing, electronics, accessories, articles for beauty and health, sporting gear and jewellery.

AliExpress is just like other e-commerce platforms with the exception that most sellers are Chinese, they sell solely outside China and it is only a marketplace for other sellers.

This website has been prosperous in countries like Russia, the US, Brazil and Spain. It has been translated into all common languages globally like English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French and Russian.

On the website, products are grouped into various major categories to help customers navigate the platform with ease. This site is considered a dependable platform to purchase goods that are cheaper than domestically produced goods.


Jewellery on AliExpress

As mentioned earlier, a wide range of products can be found on this website, including jewellery. It provides pieces for men, women and children.

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On the website, jewellery is found in the jewellery and watches category. Under this category, there are subdivisions to help narrow down and quicken a customer’s search.

These subdivisions are; fine jewellery, wedding & engagement jewellery, beads & DIY jewellery, customized jewellery and trendy jewellery.

Although the site forbids fake jewellery, customers should be aware of these products because they exist. You can find both high-quality and low-quality pieces on this website.

A customer can also purchase jewellery in bulk from the website. The high-end, luxury brands do not sell on AliExpress, so if you’re looking to buy fine jewellery from such brands, this site is not for you.


Why jewellery on AliExpress is so cheap

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Jewellery sold on AliExpress is relatively cheap compared to the jewellery sold on other platforms or in common retail stores.

There are several reasons for this occurrence and some of the common reasons are:

1. You’re purchasing your jewellery directly from the manufacturer.The elimination of brokers and middlemen and acquiring your pieces from the source lowers the prices drastically. The existence of brokers is one of the factors that cause an increase in the price of a commodity.

2. Low cost of production of jewellery.In China, the cost of production of goods is relatively low compared to other countries.

3. Availability of cheaper materials.Most of the jewellery on the site is made from non-precious metals that are readily available and cheaper compared to precious metals.

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4. Cheaper shipping costs.The majority of AliExpress traders are China-based and they source their products directly from Chinese producers. This allows them to offer low-cost shipping to their customers. China Post, a corporation that offers shipping services in China is subsidized by the government. This enables the Chinese sellers to sell their jewellery at a lower price since they don’t incur shipping costs.

5. There are thousands of sellers on the platform, thus prices offered are competitive.The manufacturing sector in China is very competitive and jewellery dealers are trying to expand their businesses. Therefore the sellers use cheaper prices to attempt to attract the attention of customers.

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6. Use of coupons.The use of coupons on the website has contributed to the cheaper prices availed to customers.


Tips for buying jewellery on AliExpress

Buying from AliExpress can be a daunting process. From researching the piece of jewellery you like, finding a store to purchase from, purchasing, to finally settling your shipping details, all this can be nerve-wracking.

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To simplify your job, the following are some of the tips you can use when buying jewellery from the website;

1. Make sure to buy from official jewellery sellers.Find out the kind of feedback the seller has received in the past on the same piece of jewellery you want. Pay attention to the number of years the seller has been operating on the site, whether they have a Top-rated seller badge (A badge awarded to sellers for excellent services), the number of products sold and the feedback.

2. Make sure to go through the item description of the jewellery you’re interested in.Be careful not to purchase a piece of jewellery by just looking at the photos posted. Read through the item description because there’s always extra information about the product and important information that the seller has left for a customer. Information like return policies, shipping, product specifications and features and frequently asked questions are usually in the item description section.

3. Be sure to communicate with the jeweler first before making the purchase. AliExpress provides a messaging system within the website to enable you to communicate with the seller. Make good use of it. Ask the seller any questions you have concerning the jewellery, shipping, quality, shipping insurance (if offered) and delivery.

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4. If purchasing an expensive or delicate piece of jewellery, avoid free shipping.Free shipping is typically done via the National Post service which takes longer to deliver thus increasing the risk of your jewellery getting lost or arriving broken. The site may offer free shipping. It is advisable to use it when shipping low-priced jewellery and use other trusted, decent shipping companies for the more expensive jewellery.

5. Before purchasing a piece of jewellery from the website, make sure to research the customs or import duty fees of that piece first. Then, add that fee to the price of the jewellery, together with the delivery fee (if any) and determine whether the jewellery is still cheaper on AliExpress.  

6. It also helps to check whether the seller offers a Seller Guarantee, especially for the expensive jewellery pieces.A Seller Guarantee entitles you to a full refund if the product you receive is fake.

7. Always hold back on opening a dispute before receiving your product. AliExpress gives you one chance to dispute a transaction if you’re dissatisfied with the product, you’ve received or if it doesn’t arrive within the said delivery date.  Give the seller a little bit more time if your delivery has been delayed to avoid wasting this chance.



Shopping on AliExpress or any other online retail platform can be risky and disappointing sometimes, as the quality of the product you will receive is never guaranteed.

Doing your research diligently before making any purchase from the website will increase your chances of having a pleasant shopping experience.

For a higher price, you’ll most likely receive a better quality piece of jewellery and for a lower price, you’ll probably receive a low-quality piece of jewellery.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!