Why is The Swarovski Logo A Swan? – Quick History

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Swarovski is a luxury brand that offers elegant watches, charming jewelry, and dazzling crystals. The brand is renowned for its mastery of crystal cutting and precision.

The company was founded by Daniel Swarovski who is a master in crystal cutting in 1895. Its headquarters are situated in Austria. It deals in high-quality crystals and gemstones as well as finished products like jewelry and watches.

Swarovski has grown over time and has subsidiaries such as Swarovski Optik which deals in optical devices and Tyrolit which deals in abrasives.

Swarovski company has chosen a Swan as their logo and in this article, we are going to see why and what the swan represents.


Swarovski swan logo on jewelry

why is swarovski logo a swan

The Swarovski Swan logo can be found on jewelry created by Swarovski designers. It’s a symbol of elegance, quality, creativity, and authenticity.

The swan logo can be found in some of the most sought-after gemstones in the Swarovski collection. The swan logo is still in use today and it has become the signature of Swarovski jewelry pieces.


What does the Swarovski swan logo mean?

why is swarovski logo a swan

In symbolism, the swan bird symbolizes goodness, happy life, loyalty, and happiness. Swans have also been symbols of pride, purity, chastity, and beauty.

When two swans face each other, their necks form a heart and this has also made the birds be used as symbols of love.

Swarovski knew this and chose the swan to be their logo as it reflected their values.


Why is the Swarovski logo a swan?

As we have seen above, the swan has some very outspoken symbolistic meaning. Swarovski, one of the world’s biggest jewelers knew this and wanted a logo that reflected their values and that was elegant and simple.

why is swarovski logo a swan

The Swarovski logo was a swan and a wordmark beneath it. It was light grey to reflect the elegance and sophistication of Swarovski’s designs. The logo reflected purity and transparency in the Swarovski glass.

The logo was silver with a blue background in the packaging which showed simple elegance and classic finesse. The swan became the visual identity of the company’s heritage and high-quality products as well as excellence in design.

Today the Swarovski logo has been redesigned into a crystalline swan with a ready to take off pose inside a candy-like octagon shape. The swan has been given a streamlined look with a raised head.

The swan now faces the customer to indicate that the company cares more about the customer. Its crystalline look is eye-catching and very inviting and it symbolizes the purity and clarity that Swarovski has been known for.

why is swarovski logo a swan

The pose of the swan indicates the direction that the Swarovski company intends to take that is up which indicates that we are to expect more precisely cut gems.

It shows that the company is becoming more sophisticated to face the changing trends in the fashion world while still keeping the signature clarity, ingenuity, and class.

The candy-like octagon encases the swan indicating that the Swarovski company has locked its core values in-house and will keep delivering more quality and flawless products in the coming years.

The new logo is very inviting especially when placed on shop doors and as centerpieces in shops. It gives tranquility and a relaxed expensive ambiance to the room.


When did Swarovski first use the swan logo?

why is swarovski logo a swan

The Swarovski company didn’t use the swan logo until 1988. The logo was an indication that the company was evolving with time and changing its dynamics.

The logo was well accepted and became the signature of all jewelry they made. Some of the earliest jewelry having the old swan logo has become collectibles and a very sought after.


The history of the Swarovski logo

At the inception of this legendary company, the logo that they used was the Edelweiss flower that symbolized Austria and its snowy mountains as well as the quality and clarity of the company’s gems. This logo lasted over 100 years up to 1988.

This is the year the swan logo was created and it gained popularity so much that it is still in use today though it has been redesigned. The famous swan logo had a grey swan emblem and a wordmark under it.

why is swarovski logo a swan

The wordmark was in all capital letters and a transitional serif font which was ITC Novarese Medium. This font was developed by an Italian type designer named Aldo Novarese.

Years later, the management under the 4th generation of Daniel Swarovski was experiencing hardships and they decided to full rebrand their company and stores all over the world.

Giovanna Engelbert was chosen as the head of creative design and was to oversee the full creative direction of the company including crystals, jewelry, designer collaborations, stemware, lighting, sunglasses, chandeliers, long binoculars, make-up, and perfume.

To realize the change that the company needed, Giovanni had the idea to rebrand the company and secure its market share in the future. She came up with the Swarovski wonder lab and this is where the new swan logo was designed.

The wonder labs were to create brick and mortar style shops which were to be known as wonder shops. The wonder shops were to be branded with cutting-edge designs that spoke elegance and appeal to customers. This made the swan be redesigned as a crystal silhouette and was first seen in these shops.

The new logo gave that sophisticated look and inside the wonder store the customers could feel important and a part of the great Swarovski’s history. The visual aspect of the swan bird continues to grace all products of the company to date.



Swarovski company is the biggest crystal manufacturer in the world and has sustained a good name when it comes to quality and luxury. The choice of the logo has given the company a good standing with its customers.

The swan logo is majestic and speaks purity, clarity, and sophistication. The rebranding and redesign of the logo are one of the soundest creative moves the company has made recently.

Swarovski continues to offer quality and genuine products and the signature stamp is the swan logo.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!