Why Is My Diamond Turning Yellow?(Detailed Reasons&Solutions)

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Why Is My Diamond Turning Yellow?This might come as a surprise, but that brilliant white diamond might turn color after some time.

Now, before you go ham on your jeweler, let’s get some facts straight – for example, certified diamonds might appear yellow after some time even if they were white when they were purchased because of exposure to some chemicals.

In some cases, this exposure happens before the diamond is purchased, and you may buy a diamond that is certified brilliant white, but because of its predisposition, it might turn color after some time.

 In some cases, it’s hard to go back and blame the jeweler, especially if the jeweler got certification after their diamonds were checked by the diamond owners who even got the second opinion of experts, just to be sure.

This brings forth the question, why would the certified diamonds turn yellow?


Why is my diamond turning yellow?

Why Is My Diamond Turning Yellow

There are different reasons for the color changes, and they are listed below.


1.Existing trace elements

Generally, diamonds don’t turn yellow, and the apparent color change comes about if the diamond had some trace elements or crystal trails that turn the diamond yellow.

Note that there are colored diamonds, and these are the result of pre-existing trace elements in the original crystal material.

Often, the elements were present during the pressurization and the formation of the diamonds.

The naturally yellow or true yellow diamonds are also called the cannery yellow diamonds, and these diamonds are quite valuable.

However, the diamonds with a yellowish or even a brownish hue are less valuable, and this is one of the reasons why you would be taking issue with the diamond that is now turning yellow.

So, while you might have purchased an apparently brilliant white diamond, the diamond purchased might have been an impure diamond with some slight color that wasn’t quite visible at the time of purchase.

Keep in mind that when you are buying a diamond ring from the jewelry store, the jeweler will have you look at the diamond under the best possible lighting condition.

In such cases, it is only an expert who would be able to see the yellow tinge. After purchase, and once you go out with the diamond, you will expose the diamond to different (more natural light), and the diamond may appear more yellowish than it looked.

Now the color grade for that yellow-tinged diamond might vary, but some of the diamonds with the yellow tinge would even be graded in the J color grade.

To be 100% sure that you are not buying a yellowish diamond ring that only looks and white under the store’s light, you must understand your diamonds.

This means knowing the color grade, besides the cuts and the level of clarity.


2.Blame the light

One of the reasons why your diamond looks yellow could be the light that the diamond is exposed to.

Different environmental conditions have varying effects on the appearance of the diamonds, and in such cases, a diamond could look yellow, not because it is yellow, but because of the light qualities, it is exposed to.

The yellow or the warmer color for the diamond might also show up if the light it’s exposed to features some yellow, orange, or other warm tones.

 But that is not all; there are cases where the ring setting affects the color of the diamond. So, you might want to look at the ring under the clearest light conditions.


3.Chemical Reactions

As mentioned above, there are cases where the diamonds actually turn yellow.

Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time, but some things will speed up the rate of chemical reactions and the consequential color changes.

Some of the biggest culprits are hygiene and beauty products, or even the chemicals you could be exposed to at home or place of work.

Generally, there are many products, chemicals, and processes in your external environment that cause the yellowing of diamonds.

The good news is that the original color of the diamond could be restored by reputable jewelers.


4.Bad News – The Diamond Was a Fake

Of course, there is always the possibility that you purchased a fake diamond.

So, before you buy a diamond, make sure it is tested or examined by at least one expert.

You really don’t want to waste your savings on a fake.


Why does my diamond look yellow in a certain light?

The main reason why this happens is that different kinds of lights have different effects on the object the light is illuminated on.

It has to do with different light spectrums, and warmer color tones will have a yellowish effect on the diamond because that is the color that the diamond reflects.

The same principle applies to makeup mirrors, and your face will look different with makeup on depending on the kind of light you are exposed to.

It has to do with the general type of lighting. Note, however, that the diamond shouldn’t look dark yellow.


How to make a diamond look less yellow?

  • Keep your diamond away from your beauty and hygiene products, or other harsh chemicals because these conditions cause chemical reactions which result in color changes. For instance, you could choose to wear the ring after applying makeup and lotion and to remove it when around a potentially harsh environment.
  • One of the safest things to do is to choose a different metal setting. For example, opt for white gold and platinum metals instead of the rose and yellow golds.
  • This is a mechanical process that will reverse or remove the yellow tinge in your diamond, and you won’t have to worry about the yellow tinge anymore. But this process can only be done by reputable jewelers who will first evaluate the diamond to determine the cause or the color change, and how they will irradiate the diamond.



There are many reasons why a diamond can turn yellow, and you shouldn’t just assume that the diamond is a fake.

The lighting could be the reason for the color changes, but there are cases where the diamond’s crystal materials contain trace elements responsible for the yellow tinge.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!