Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive? – Jeweler’s Answer

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If you are looking for Affordable, high-quality, semi-fine jewelry options from a brand that will not break the bank, Kendra Scott will be on your list of the top-recommended brands.

This is because the brand offers a wide range of high-quality jewelry, including a variety of fancy pieces, not to mention some of the most unique pieces of jewelry on the market.

So, for most people, Kendra Scott would be the ideal jewelry brand to shop from. But then, should you?

While the brand offers great jewelry options, their jewelry offerings can be very pricey and out of reach for most people.

And this article seeks to give reasons why this is the case and if Kendra Scott’s jewelry is worth buying.


Is Kendra Scott’s jewelry real?

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

Kendra Scott is a leading American jewelry brand known for its large variety of high-quality, elegant, durable, and unique jewelry designs.

The brand is based in Austin, Texas, which is where the jewelry is manufactured.

In addition to being a local American jewelry brand, the other impressive thing that makes Kendra Scott’s jewelry stand out is that Kendra Scott makes good quality jewelry options that include fine pieces made of solid gold and sterling silver. Others are made of rhodium.

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

They also feature options set with semi-precious gemstones. And so, Kendra Scott not only offers the best quality fine jewelry but also an impressive array of semi-fine jewelry.

Kendra Scott’s jewelry also offers the best way of highlighting natural stones, such as semi-precious stones, through the use of geometric shapes and filigree detailing.

And thanks to the brand’s strong foundation in designing signature pieces, even as they bring out newer and fresh collections to match trends and ensure the use of modern materials, Kendra Scott is a highly regarded jewelry brand.


How much is Kendra Scott’s jewelry worth?

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

The value of Kendra Scott’s jewelry varies depending on the materials the jewelry is made of and other design features.

Overall, the prices range from under $40 to more than $3000 for the fine jewelry varieties. The website has classified the jewelry into fine and semi or demi-fine jewelry options, which means that they offer something for everyone.

If you have shopped from other fine jewelry brands, however, you will agree with us that the pricing of jewelry by Kendra Scott is relatively fair, and the pieces sold are worth the prices tagged.  


Why is Kendra Scott’s jewelry so expensive?

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

Although Kendra Scott is regarded as a much more affordable jewelry brand (in comparison with other fine jewelry brands), their jewelry is still deemed as being very expensive for most people.

But this doesn’t stop people from shopping from Kendra Scott. Below are some of the reasons why their jewelry is costly.


1.High-quality, innovatively designed pieces of jewelry

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

This is the primary reason for the high prices associated with Kendra Scott jewelry. They use the finest quality materials in the form of precious stones like gold and gemstones like diamonds and pearls for the finest quality pieces.

The black and white diamonds and the pearls are mostly set in 14k solid yellow, white, and rose gold, and the result is the finest quality but also more expensive jewelry options.

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

These materials are expensive, which is transferred to the final prices of the jewelry. The quality of materials used for these jewelry options results in valuable jewelry options that make the best of family heirlooms.

The semi-fine jewelry is equally well-made with good quality sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry set with natural stones. Since gold vermeils contain more gold than gold-plated pieces of jewelry, they cost more, hence the high price tag.


2. Customization options

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

Besides the use of high-quality materials that form long-lasting and valuable jewelry, Kendra Scott charges more for their jewelry because they also offer a customization option for their jewelry, whether you want a custom necklace, earrings, ring, or bracelet.

This service is part of their Color Bar™ experience, which allows you to request jewelry made of specific gemstones and metals in a specific color to match your personality. Very few brands offer this customization service, and for this, Kendra Scott charges more.


3. They use only the best metals

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

Kendra Scott’s fine jewelry collections are made of 14k solid gold in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, while their fashion jewelry or demi-fine jewelry varieties are made of brass that is plated with rhodium and gunmetal.

They also use gold vermeils in yellow gold and 14k gold. With this in mind, even the semi-fine or fashion jewelry options are all very well designed, and they last longer than other types of semi-fine jewelry.

Note that the gold vermeil pieces are made of 925 sterling silver, which is coated in a thick layer of 18k gold, resulting in heavier, more durable, and largely wear-resistant pieces.

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

Kendra Scott’s also recently introduced a jewelry line made of bright silver metal, a mixture of silver, copper, and rhodium. Thanks to this blend of metals, the jewelry has a much lighter appearance compared to the typical jewelry made of sterling silver.

These pieces also boast a more edgy look, and customers also get to choose their moody and darker options made of gunmetal. Note that gunmetal is a metal cast in brass then layered with a good amount of gunmetal, a mixture of copper, zinc, and tin.


4. Gemstones Used

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

Other than diamonds, Kendra Scott uses stones like turquoise, rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, citrine, chalcedony, smoky quartz, hematite, moonstone, malachite, obsidian, and labradorite.

These are all authentic, mined stones with the perfect cut, clarity, and brilliant qualities, hence the best quality stones for you and pricey jewelry.


Is Kendra Scott’s jewelry made in China?

Why Is Kendra Scott Jewelry So Expensive

No, Kendra Scott makes its jewelry in Texas, Austin.



Kendra Scott is a beloved American jewelry brand that offers the best jewelry options for anyone interested in investing in good-quality jewelry. Although expensive, their jewelry is worth spending on because they are all high-quality pieces.

The brand uses the best materials and equipment to produce the finest jewelry options for everyone, whether you’re looking for fine or semi-fine jewelry.

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