Why is Italian Silver More Expensive? (Detailed Answer in 2024)

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Why is Italian Silver More Expensive? If you’re looking up various kinds of silver and come across Italian silver, you’ll notice that it demands a higher price.

There are multiple reasons for that, and you’ll get the answer within this article.

The hope is that it’ll help you determine if it’s worth spending a few extra bucks on Italian silver, or if you’re better off looking for an alternative.

First things first, you guys need to understand what is Italian silver first.


What Is Italian Silver?

There are various terms used to describe silver. Before we get into what Italian silver is, let’s look at the words typically used in the market when talking about silver.

Fine silver refers to silver containing 99.9 percent silver. While this is the purest form of silver, it is not usable for jewelry since it’s too soft and scratches easily.

Therefore, all silver that you find in the market is alloyed. That means it does have silver in it but will have other metallic elements to harden it. The most common kind of silver that’s available is sterling silver. It is an alloy of 92.5 percent silver and is known for its bright and shiny silver nature.

Why is Italian Silver More Expensive

The other type is Argentium silver, and there are two kinds. One is a 93.5 percent alloy and the other 96 percent silver alloy. What makes it different from sterling silver is that it contains less copper and supplemented with the metalloid germanium. In the patents available, it shows that other metals include zinc and boron. Argentium silver is also referred to as a non-tarnish silver alloy and tends to be more expensive than sterling silver.

The other type of silver that you might hear about is Britannia silver. It is native to Britain, and it contains 95.84 percent silver, with the remainder being mainly copper. It isn’t as hard as sterling silver and thus not commonly used in jewelry making.

With these common types of silver highlighted, let’s now turn to what Italian silver is. The reality is that Italian silver is not a type of silver. Instead, it talks about the craft ship, with the name indicating where it is from. The reason it’s well known is that Italy has a long tradition in jewelry making and thus highly valued the world over.


Difference between sterling silver and Italian silver?

With the types of silvers defined in the previous heading, the difference between sterling silver and Italian silver is evident.

One is made from 92.5 percent silver and other metals to form an alloy, while the latter is the representation of silver crafted from Italy.

What makes sterling silver exceptional is the 7.5 percent metals added for form the alloy. They make the sterling silver quite rigid and also highly resistant to tarnish.

On the other hand, Italian silver doesn’t specify what the silver is made from. It could be made from 100 percent silver, sterling silver, or even Argentium silver, and it still falls under the umbrella of Italian silver.

There is a specialized practice of making silver pieces in Italy that is both unique and rare that even its government long approved of the stamps that went on each Italian silver piece.

Along with the official stamp, each item has a second stamp that shows the purity of the silver used.


Why is Italian silver more Expensive?

The standard for sterling silver varies in different countries, with some even containing a minimum of 70 percent pure silver.

When it comes to Italian silver, you’re assured that there’ll be a stamp of the authenticity of the same, that being 925. Therefore, compared to other jewelry or items labeled sterling silver, you’ll find that those coming from Italy are more expensive.

Even with that, the quality of Italian silver is something that’s long gotten controlled by the government.

Since the 1800s, the quality has been standardized to the point that the top 925 standard jewelry is synonymous with Italian silver.

As recently as 1968, the government did impose regulations, making it easier for customers and sellers to know who’s manufactured the sterling silver.

While that’s no longer at play, the top-notch standards did continue. Around the world, it is mostly agreed that Italian silver is a high-quality product.


How much is 925 Italy silver chain worth?

The price of 925 Italy silver chain varies based on the company, type of chain, the weight, and if there are added gemstones.

However, based on the vendor, the cost ranges between $25 and $150 for an Italian sterling silver chain.


Pros and cons of Italian Silver jewelry

Here, we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the most common type of Italian silver jewelry, which is Italian sterling silver.


  • Sterling silver is a luminous metal that is indeed beautiful
  • It is cheaper than gold and platinum and otherwise more affordable
  • If you react to inexpensive costume jewelry, then sterling silver pieces serve as a good alternative
  • There is no limit of the kinds of jewelry that can get made from sterling silver thanks to its malleable nature
  • Italian silver is known to get made with exceptional quality standards, that includes sterling silver which is the most common type


  • Sterling silver still needs care since it’s still soft. It is prone to scratches and bending and thus requires more care
  • The metal will eventually tarnish, and this needs regular cleaning to maintain the luster



Italian silver has made a name for itself the world over.

Even so, it’s essential to keep in mind that the name doesn’t indicate the type of silver that it is, but the crafting of it in Italy.

As always, purchase from a trusted jeweler to avoid getting a knock-off.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!