Why is Gold Used to Make Jewelry?-Top 9 Reasons Explained

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You recently discovered that gold is the prominent metal used for making wedding rings and other jewelry. Gold is also the predominant metal you have found in almost every jewelry shop that you walk into.

Golden wedding rings seem to be everywhere. They are a bit pricey though. However, you relish the prestige and do not mind buying a golden jewel. You are now curious.

You want to know why gold is used a lot in jewels. Find the answers you are seeking in this article. It will examine gold and the types of gold used for jewelry to enlighten you deeper.

By the end of this read, you will also understand how the types of gold differ from each other, you will also discover the reasons making gold the preferred metal used in most jewelry.  Below is a list of nine reasons why gold is used in jewelry:

  1. Tradition
  2. Beauty
  3. Prestige
  4. Hypoallergenic quality
  5. Versatility
  6. Market demand
  7. The Symbol-factor
  8. Availability
  9. Malleability

Before we delve into why gold is the favorite metal among jewelers and jewelry lovers as listed in the reasons above, here is important information that will help you understand gold, how the types are arrived at and defined, and why each type is unique when used in jewelry.


Can Pure Gold Be Used For Making Jewelry?

why gold is used to make jewellery

No! Pure gold is unsuitable for making jewelry because it is extremely soft. The softness makes it susceptible to scratches and discoloration over time. Read more detailed information, please read this post: why pure gold is not used in making jewelry?

Nobody wants a jewel they can’t wear often and comfortably because it is so delicate and will be damaged. Alloys are added to gold in various degrees to create tougher types of gold that can make jewelry.

The resulting different types have distinct characteristics ranging from color, pricing, and composition. Karats are the standard measure for the percentage of gold in the alloyed combinations.

I know you have heard of Karats or seen descriptions like 18K and 14K where gold jewelry is concerned.


What Is A Karat?

The word Karat or Carat, as spelled in the USA, was derived from the stable measurement of the carob bean. Carob bean was used in the past years to measure how fine gold is when trading it in the market.

Gold is divided into 24 equal parts called karats. 24 karat is the standard measurement of pure gold. The term has survived the test of time and is the standard measurement of gold.

We have 22K, 18K, 14K, and many other variants of gold karats in the market. The Karats create the different types of gold you will find in the jewelry store.

The alloys strengthen the gold for use in jewelry.


Why is gold the most popular choice metal for making jewelry?

51% of mined gold in the world ends up making jewelry. In America, the jewelry industry accounts for over 90% of the market consumption of gold. What makes gold tick? Find the answer below in these 9reasons that make the gold stand out.

why gold is used to make jewellery

1. Tradition

Human beings naturally prefer what is familiar to what is different. Gold has always been the traditional metal for jewelry since ancient times. Many cultures and religions globally use gold to express love and show wealth.

The Roman Empire and other civilizations spread across the globe,  used gold for presents. The lasting beauty and prestige of gold has stood the test of time. Gold remains the favorite metal for jewels globally.

Jewels made of gold carry history that begins from the mines to the jeweler to the final wearer. It rules supreme as the most popular traditional choice metal for engagement rings and wedding bands with a history dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome.


2. Beauty

People from all races, creeds, colors, civilizations, and cultures have always associated the luster and color of gold with beauty. Apart from this association, gold is a metal that is just pleasant to look at.

It provides the eyes with a perfect feast of beauty that is so deep and intriguing. The alloys it forms with other metals carry this characteristic too.

The goal of any jewelry is to enhance the beauty and draw attention to the finer aesthetics of beauty.

This is why gold scores highly and is a favorite for jewelry; it perfectly does what fine jewelry should do effortlessly.

why gold is used to make jewellery

3. Prestige

Human beings will always look for and associate with prestige. Owning gold was considered a sign of wealth and status in society. This has not changed even in today’s society.

While many other metals in the market can make jewelry, gold is still the metal that carries with it the aura of prestige. Golden jewelry defines the finer things in life.

It gives the wearer a status among the crowd and lifts them higher than the others. This tells you why celebrities and even most people who wear the gold will show it off or demand you notice it if you don’t seem to be paying attention.

Gold displayed wealth since ancient times to the biblical days to the modern world. It will remain a symbol of opulence after we are long gone. History has proved the fact.


4. Hypo-allergenic by nature

Gold is a hypo-allergenic metal that does not react with the skin or spur allergic reactions in people.

It is quite a safe bet that the modern beauty and cosmetics industry globally is using it for skincare.

People always look for what they can wear without harm or effect when considering jewelry. This is why gold is popular.

why gold is used to make jewellery

5. Versatility

Gold is a versatile metal. The metal can be molded into different shapes and sizes, fashioned into strips, or even turned into fine threads for fabric like in the Indian traditional cultures.

The options create beautiful art and craft. Gold combinations with other metals produce different products that create affordable jewelry for people from all walks of life.

The karats determine the prices. This ability of gold to provide a variety differentiates it from other metals and makes it a favorite for use in jewelry.


6. Market demand

Market dynamics are anchored on demand and supply. Golden jewelry and gold at large have never lost their demand in the world markets. It has survived market fluctuations and catastrophic events in human history.

The United States of America is the largest consumer of gold with the largest share going to jewelry. Global production has never met that demand and it does not look like it ever will. The jewelry industry accounts for the biggest consumption of gold in the USA even though it is also minimally used in electronics.

The fact that people want golden jewelry and are willing to pay for it even at a higher cost is why gold makes jewelry. No jeweler in the world wants to create a perfect jewel that people are not interested in buying or wearing.

Gold is the favorite metal for jewelry among women who are the key consumers of jewelry products. Women love gold.

why gold is used to make jewellery

7. The Symbol-factor

History is rich with stories of gold used as a symbol of power, beauty, love, purity, and accomplishment. Divine leaders across different cultures in the world adorned gold. Rulers gave it away as priced gifts to those who pleased them.

Gold is associated with royalty which makes it popular for use in jewelry. Today, the world uses gold in our most priced objects. We give gold medals to winners in sporting competitions like the Olympics, exchange golden rings to symbolize the depth of our love and commitment to our soul mates.

Some religious leaders wear golden artifacts as they take us closer to the god within our religious setups. It seems like there is no other rare substance on earth that holds such a visible and prominent place in our society that comes with such great symbolism.

This is why gold is the choice metal for jewelry, it brings out more than just the beauty of jewelry but creates jewels with deeper meanings and that symbolize things we want to relate to and associate with.

why gold is used to make jewellery

8. Availability

Gold is scarce but it can be found. Every time people think that the reserves have run out, new prospects are discovered. This makes gold a rare metal yet available at the same time.

The combination gives it both value and the ability to be used. Any material that is used for making jewelry must obey the first rule of production which is the availability of raw materials.

You will find gold jewelry more common than other metals like platinum and titanium since it is rare but more readily available.


9. Malleability

Although gold does not oxidize, scratch easily, or discolor and is highly durable, it is also a favorite for jewelry making because it is highly malleable. It can be made into various shapes, turned into thread or wire, and even flattened into strips.

This provides a wide range of freedom on where and how it can be used in making jewelry of different shapes, types, and sizes.  Goldsmiths enjoy working with gold because of these qualities.

Jewelry enthusiasts love it because it provides them the assurance that you can always easily resize a piece of jewelry to your perfect taste and fit.

Other metals rarely provide that luxury. Platinum and tungsten among others don’t allow for resizing and reshaping at all. This is one other reason why gold is popularly used in jewelry.


Types of Golden Jewelry You Might want to Know

The different combinations and percentages of gold with other metals create unique products or types of gold pieces in the market. However, most gold jewels come in 18K containing 75% gold, 14K at 58% gold, 10K at 14% gold, and many others.

The remaining part contains other metals like silver, nickel, zinc, and copper to increase strength and durability. The type of metal used and the percentage determine the color.

22K gold items will have a saturated rich yellow color while a 14K items will be a paler yellow. Below is a list of four types of gold you will find in the market:

1. Pure Gold

Pure gold is excessively soft. It cannot be used in jewelry in its natural state without combining it with other metals to create jewelry.

You will not ordinarily find pure gold in a jewelry shop.

It contains between 100% to 99% karats of gold. The karats give it a rich yellow color we call golden.

It is the most profuse yellow golden color you will find. Other variants of gold and the colors listed below used in jewelry originate from yellow gold.


2. Yellow Gold

why gold is used to make jewellery

Yellow gold is the first alloy of gold used in jewelry. Yellow gold is a classic and fashionable alloy of gold favored by many jewelers and lovers of jewelry made by mixing gold with copper.

It had lost favor for some time but has taken back its position recently.

Its name comes from the distinctly yellow color resulting from the gold content that ranges from 22k to 14k. The most common yellow gold jewelry in the market is 18K.

You guys can read the gold alloy mixing ratio here! 


3. White gold

Many find it weird when gold is called white, red, green, or any other color that is not yellow. White gold is a more contemporary type of gold than its yellow counterpart.

The silvery-white color that gives it the name results from combining yellow gold with copper, zinc, and nickel (or palladium).

It is then plated with hard rhodium to make it harder and give it the perfect shine. Rhodium also makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for jewelry.


4. Rose gold

Rose gold, also called pink gold, is created by combining yellow gold with a copper alloy. This results in a unique romantic pink hue that is a favorite of lovers globally.

The percentages are similar to those used in white gold though the alloy used is what creates the difference.


5. Green gold

Green gold is the rarest alloy of gold in the market and is influenced by nature. It is created by mixing yellow gold with silver, copper, and zinc and is commonly used with white and rose gold to create tasty color combinations in jewelry




Gold has many inherent qualities and characteristics that make it preferable for use in jewelry. Gold adds pomp, color, meaning, symbolism, and history to jewels.

It also provides a variety of choices to pick from, unlike other metals. Anyone can wear gold jewelry. The alloys provide a wide range of prices within most budgets.

If you want a fine jewel that is more than just a fashion statement, consider a golden necklace, earing, a wedding ring, or anything with gold. You will not be disappointed.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!