Why Is Costco Jewelry So Cheap?-Answered by Jewelry Maker

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Are Costco Jewelry Prices Good?-Should You Buy One? Among many products sold by Costco, jewelry is one of the unlikely things they sell, and yet, it is also the one thing that makes this giant retailer one of the most popular retailers throughout the country.

But that is not the only thing that makes Costco a unique brand to shop from the bottom; the barrel prices for their goods are what makes the brand a nice place to shop from.

But you may be wondering what to make sense of the very low prices of Costco jewelry and if the low prices potentially mean low-quality pieces of jewelry. Well, this article aims to shed insights into Costco’s jewelry and precisely what you should know about the jewelry sold by Costco.

As a store that needs absolutely no kind of introduction as it represents America’s most renowned retail stores that allow for bulk product purchases cheaply while creating the most cost-effective and enjoyable shopping experience, you may wonder if you should start shopping for jewelry in Costco. Well, we have some of the answers for you.


Does Costco have real jewelry?

Why Is Costco Jewelry So Cheap

With the big savings and the opportunity to make bulk purchases, you may think that Costco also has a huge jewelry section. Still, the truth is that Costco’s jewelry section is surprisingly small, which means that you will find come across a limited jewelry collection to match your personal style.

And so, when compared to other sites like James Allen and Blue Nile, Costco’s 300 jewelry styles only represent a fraction of what you will get from other brands.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only challenge you’re going to face. In addition to the limitations in style, there is also the challenge around the quality of the jewelry and you not finding the jewelry that you like.

But does this mean that Costco offers real or fine jewelry too? Well, the truth is that while Costco offers a large variety of fashion jewelry, there are only a few options for real jewelry.

And in such cases, you may end up with high-quality pieces at only a fraction of the price. But in most cases, however, Costco’s jewelry options fall in the category of fashion jewelry, which essentially means that the jewelry is made of lower-quality materials and not expensive or precious metals and gemstones, as is the case with the more expensive fine jewelry pieces sold by the specialty jewelry brands.

It’s also worth noting that Costco only sells what is referred to as finished jewelry rather than loose stones or semi-mounts. Costco’s real or fine jewelry options are mostly made of 14K gold, 18k gold, and in other cases, 950 Platinum. But many of the fashion jewelry options are made of stainless steel, brass, and sterling silver.


Why is Costco jewelry so cheap?

1. Large volumes

Like Costco sells everything else, this retailer is largely focused on bulk goods sold in large volumes. In line with their pricing policies and bulk product sales, the pricing of Costco’s goods, including jewelry, is pretty low compared to what other brands offer. This large-volume jewelry selling strategy drives down Costco’s jewelry prices.

Why Is Costco Jewelry So Cheap

2. Variable quality

If, for example, you are buying diamond jewelry pieces, you should know that Costco offers guarantees on their diamonds. The stones specifically fall in the VS2 category for clarity, and the color is graded in the I color group; in other cases, the color can be better.

Most of the colors and clarity of the diamonds fall in these categories or grades, though. With these diamond grades, you will access high-value diamond pieces at a reasonably low price, and the diamonds appear flawless to your naked eye.

That said, the diamond jewelry sold at Costco is much cheaper than what you would buy from specialty jewelry stores, and in many instances, you would save some money from the purchase.

Keep an open mind, though, and be realistic because Costco’s real diamond jewelry pieces aren’t the highest quality pieces you can find. The other challenge you will face has to do with the grading of the diamond’s cuts.

The diamond’s cut is a very important factor when it comes to the diamond’s quality, and it is what determines the shine and the sparkle of the diamonds. Unfortunately, Costco’s diamonds are not cut-graded, and so the stones are cheap because the diamonds are not the best quality varieties available on the market.

In other words, if you are out looking for super high-quality and premium diamond jewelry, then you shouldn’t be shopping for the diamonds in Costco.


3. Many of the diamonds are not certified.

The other reason for the cheap jewelry sold at Costco is that the diamonds are often not certified, which means that they are not always backed or certified, and so, there is always that risk when you buy diamond jewelry from Costco.

Why Is Costco Jewelry So Cheap

So, while Costco notes that their diamonds are GIA-graded and certified for reaching and meeting the highest standards for consistency, this isn’t the case for many of the diamonds on Costco’s shelves today, so you should only buy the diamond rings or earrings if you don’t mind the fact that the Gemological Institute of America may not grade the diamonds.

On the flipside, Costco’s diamonds under 1-carat weight do not have the cut grade, while the diamonds over 1-carat weight often have the GIA grading report.

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Unfortunately, most people don’t buy the big diamonds, so the smaller diamond pieces, which are uncertified, are often a lot cheaper than they are elsewhere.

It’s also worth noting that because certification by the GIA costs a lot of money and Costco makes use of their certification standards, especially for the smaller stones, it makes sense that Costco offers their small diamond jewelry pieces at much lower prices.

At the end of the day, certification is important because it authenticates the quality of the diamonds, and you know exactly what you are buying.

Without this type of certification, it would be impossible to authenticate the jewelry. There would be no real way of determining if the quality of the jewelry is to be trusted.

Why Is Costco Jewelry So Cheap

4. The rings are pre-set.

If you are planning to buy Costco’s engagement rings, you should know that one of the main reasons the rings are affordable is that the engagement rings are premade, with zero customization options.

So, what you see is what you get.

Unfortunately, this might make it more difficult for you to find the perfect engagement ring.

The size could be off, or the diamond not be in the shape or the cut you desired. There could also be differences in the metal the rings are made of.

And so, with this high degree of difficulty in finding the perfect ring within your budget, not to mention the fact that the rings may be made of cheaper metals, all make Costco’s jewelry significantly cheaper than the rings you may buy from other jewelry stores.


5. Lack of after-purchase protection

Why Is Costco Jewelry So Cheap

Costco’s jewelry prices are also low partially because the jewelry offerings by the brand come with no kind of protection after the purchase is complete.

They also offer no warranties or resizing options after you buy an engagement ring; for example, if you end up with a ring in the wrong size or need parts replaced or the diamonds fixed, you would have to pay for the extra cost of fixing the issues.

This is not the case with the more reputable jewelers who often provide comprehensive after-purchase protections. However, they offer complimentary resizing options along with a lifetime warranty. Most of the bigger jewelers, such as James Allen, often offer after-purchase services like maintenance, cleaning, resizing, etc.

Why Is Costco Jewelry So Cheap

6.Karatage inconsistencies

There are instances where Costco’s prices and the carat weights don’t match, which often affects the price of the jewelry sold at Costco.


Pros and cons of Costco jewelry


  • The jewelry is priced reasonably
  • Good quality options are available
  • Reasonable return policy


  • No unique pieces are available
  • Sizing and design inconsistencies
  • Some are made of poor-quality materials
  • No prestige associated with the pieces

Why Is Costco Jewelry So Cheap

Is it worth buying jewelry from Costco?

Costco might be a great choice if you are looking for affordable jewelry that will not break the bank but still look great. The quality of diamonds and the metals used are of decent quality in general, and though they are not all GIA-certified, they offer good value for money.

And with great luck, patience, and determination, you may find very high-quality jewelry options at Costco.



Costco’s jewelry is affordable because this store prides itself in offering a large variety of the cheapest products on the market, including jewelry.

The jewelry is often made of fairly affordable materials, so the jewelry is largely affordable.

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