Why is an Engagement Ring So Important?( From Women’s Eye)

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We’ve seen it plenty of times on our screens if never in real life, how excited women get when a man goes down on his knees and reveals a box with a glistening ring inside. Everything stops and his next words are almost a whisper in the wind.

The response is a quick nod and a rushed affirmation with an outstretched left hand, lest the gentleman misses his target.

Once it’s slipped on, an excited jump for joy into each other’s arms while everyone is teary-eyed and awestruck. Just what makes an engagement ring so important?

Before answering this question, Lets know a brief story of rings.

Since as far back as we can recall, rings and other forms of jewelry, in general, have been used to represent a person’s status, political affiliation, origin, ancestry, honor, royalty among others.

To this day, some ring designs continue to benefit from the fame they acclaimed by dotting the hands of celebrities, dignitaries, and royalties.

Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood movie star in the 1950s and when she got engaged to her sports star boyfriend DiMaggio, he placed an eternity platinum band on her finger. It was all-round encrusted with 35 pieces of baguette-cut diamonds.

When Jacqueline Kennedy said yes to John F. Kennedy’s proposal, he slipped a diamond and emerald encrusted ring on her finger. The combination was a game-changer in the industry and has remained a best-seller ever since.


What does an Engagement Ring Mean?

As with many other jewelry pieces that we put on, rings will have a different meaning to the individual wearer.

Engagement rings are even more versatile in their meaning especially because they play to our psychology and emotions.


A symbol of Love and Devotion

The most obvious meaning of an engagement ring is the representation of continuing and never-ending commitment in love and companionship forever.

This ring communicates to your lady and the community at large that you love this one individual and are devoted to the love that you share.


A Sense of Security and Trust

If you have been dating a lady for a long time and you know or you have seen her get anxious about when you will pop the question, giving her an engagement ring will confirm to her that you are still focused on both your goals.

It will increase her belief and trust in you and put her fears to rest.


A symbol of Significance and Recognition

This might be why there is so much pressure on the male species to buy engagement rings because they represent to the society that a woman is spoken for and that she is not alone.

This could also be the reason why many single women buy themselves rings and why engaged women flaunt theirs.

A Reminder of Relationship Milestones

An engagement ring could symbolize to the wearer, the many reasons why they love the giver.

Engagement rings have the power to evoke memories of the journey you have been through as a couple and will be a constant reminder of the strong bond you have cultivated.


Why Diamond Engagement Rings are So Important?

More than just any other ordinary ring, a diamond-encrusted engagement ring is an ultimate prize for new brides.

The diamond cut, color, and carat all give a different feeling and create a myriad of significances.

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1.A Girl’s Best Friend

We’ll lead with the popular saying because it is true and very much significant in the day and time we live in.

Girls have placed huge importance on diamonds and this has been further propagated by all the marketing in movies, tv commercials, and magazines.


2.Relatable Characteristics

No gem is as hard as a diamond.

This hardy characteristic is very heavily leaned upon especially when times get tough in the relationship.

They are a constant reminder that no matter how hard things get, both of you can get through it because your love is indestructible just like the diamond.


3.Intentional Design

Most engagement rings are cut into a solid shape.

Either round, square, rectangular and this is a symbol of the unending love between you two.

Just as the shape is drawn in continuity, so is your love meant to withstand the test of time and keep going.


5.Social-economic importance

Some people of sophistication and class cannot bare to settle for any ring beneath a diamond bejeweled engagement ring.

As they are popular and expensive, these rings also communicate wealth and abundance.

It emphasizes one’s social position and confirms that the union is indeed a worthy match.



While many people may not afford a diamond ring for their engagement ring, some plan to save towards it.

Diamond does hold value in the market even when its old and some may see it as a form of investment into the future for their wife.

She may use it in the future if they divorce or if any crippling financial hardships come along.



While the importance of an engagement ring is decided upon majorly by the wearer, it has the effect of communicating to the general community about your social and economic status.

It doesn’t have to hold so much weight but as long as women and the jewelry industry keep preaching it, people will consider it important.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!