Why Does My Ex Still Wear The Ring I Gave Her? – Quick Answers

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As long as you are in a serious, committed relationship with someone, you’re guaranteed to receive a number of gifts. One of the gifts may be a ring, say, a promise ring, an engagement ring, or a fashion ring.

You may also receive a number of jewelry pieces. But what happens if the relationship doesn’t pan out, if things end up in a sad tone? What happens when emotions are running so high, you are so unbelievably broken, and you just don’t know what to do?

For most of us, all that heartbreak means doing everything possible to stay away from that person and also getting rid of all memorabilia because of the attached emotions.

This is not the case for everyone, though. After some months, you may notice that your ex still wears a ring you gave them, and your only question would be, why?

Why would they want to hold on to that part of your lives? Didn’t they feel as hurt as you were? Does it mean that they still love you?

Well, below, we’ll share our insights on what we think it means if an ex still wears a ring you gifted them.

So, let’s get right into it!


Why does my ex still wear the ring I gave her?

1. They like the ring

Why Does My Ex Still Wear The Ring I Gave Her

The biggest reason anyone would hold on to and still wear a ring given to them by an ex-lover is that they may not have an emotional attachment to the ring anymore.

To them, it’s just a ring, a beautiful accessory they love, rather than something that reminds them of the end of a past relationship or heartache.

Perhaps by wearing it, they appreciate the beauty of the ring and also the beauty of all the wonderful things that happened to them in the past.

They choose to keep the ring because it now represents a beautiful chapter in their lives where they’ve promised themselves to be happier and content with how things have unfolded.


2. A sign of new beginnings

Why Does My Ex Still Wear The Ring I Gave Her

As they come to terms with all that happened in the past and now see the ring as nothing more than a beautiful piece of jewelry that once held beautiful memories, this ring also becomes a reminder of a new phase in their lives.

For someone who happily wears a ring gifted to them by an old flame, the ring may symbolize the new promises they have decided to make for themselves going forward.

And by wearing it, they are reminded of the good times of the past and also a reminder of the hard truth that they are flawed, no matter how much they like to think that they are not.

Why Does My Ex Still Wear The Ring I Gave Her

So, as something that allows them to come to terms with their reality, the ring reminds them always to love themselves and to know when it’s time to take themselves from relationships, especially if they get hurt in the process.

While the ring still has some reminders of the past – It always will; wearing it when you’re healing reminds you that you can overcome any challenge that comes your way.

This way, the ring isn’t a sign of weakness but of your strength in rising above and choosing to heal you and maybe even deal with the parts of you that you don’t like as much as you should. The ring is, therefore, a symbol of strength and confidence.


3. It’s just a piece of jewelry

Why Does My Ex Still Wear The Ring I Gave Her

You may also agree with us that it makes little sense to want to throw away and stop wearing a piece of jewelry forever just because the relationship ended.

If you love jewelry and were gifted that ring because your past lover understood how much you valued or appreciated good jewelry, there is no reason to stop wearing your favorite ring.

Ultimately, it’s just a piece of jewelry, and this doesn’t change because your relationship ended. It often also means that you are comfortable keeping the jewelry on, and nothing else matters if you are comfortable wearing something.

Why Does My Ex Still Wear The Ring I Gave Her

It doesn’t mean that you didn’t love them enough; it just points to your appreciation of the nice-looking jewelry.

Most of the time, women love jewelry, and they don’t always attach much emotion or feelings to inanimate objects, and so wearing the ring or any other type of jewelry isn’t much of a big deal.

It also doesn’t mean that they didn’t love you in the first place; they just love the piece of jewelry and choose to wear it even after a bad breakup.


4. It reminds them of you

Why Does My Ex Still Wear The Ring I Gave Her

Despite the relationship ending, you may not be ready to let go of the beautiful memories you shared, especially if things ended on good terms and if you both had a good run.

Sometimes, relationships end, not because they were bad for the two of you but because you realized that you were better apart, or maybe you grew out of love.

It happens to the best of us, and there is nothing wrong with choosing to hold on to the good memories and the good life you shared.

In such cases, keeping and wearing the ring represents love and reminds you of your amazing run. If she misses you, she’ll still keep the ring on afterward.


5. It makes them happy

Why Does My Ex Still Wear The Ring I Gave Her

Once again, an ex might still wear the ring you gave them because the ring makes them happy, and they appreciate the beauty of the ring, and they wouldn’t want to stop wearing it because it makes them happy.

This might not happen the day after the breakup, but after some months, you may be your happiest, and the ring might be a great part of your happiness. There would be nothing wrong with it, and there would be nothing wrong with wearing the ring.



You may feel like someone stabbed your heart when you see your ex wearing the ring you gave them, but it’s not something for you to think too much about.

She may miss you, love the ring, and it may also signify new beginnings. So, just give it time; you will come to terms with her decision with time.

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