Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets?

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Tennis bracelets are a classic type of jewelry that has been worn for decades by celebrities and the rest of us for both casual and formal events. The popularity of this accessory isn’t just because of its unique style features but also because of its classic feel and design in general.

In the following sections of this article, we’ll share our insights into tennis bracelets in the celebrities’ world, but first, let’s take a look at why some celebrities have made the tennis bracelets some of their standard or must-have pieces of jewelry.


Why Do Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets?

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

The main reason some celebrities love to wear tennis bracelets is that this is one of the most stylish accessories that work with different looks and can be stacked with other jewelry pieces. This classic piece is also easy to wear.

Then there is the fact that this piece of jewelry has an interesting story attached to it. This history is about how this accessory got its name and into the spotlight.

The tennis bracelet, primarily known as the line diamond bracelet, got its name from the tennis player Chris Evert, whose eternity bracelet broke suddenly during the 1978 US Open match.

When the bracelet broke, there was a brief interruption in the match, and in a later post-match interview, Chris mentioned that the interruption was because of her tennis bracelet. Since the game’s pause and the interview, the diamond line bracelet was referred to as the tennis bracelet.

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

The accessory has still stolen the spotlight among the most stylish female celebrities. It became wildly popular back in the 90s as it was spotted on the wrists of famous style icons like Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the late Princess Diana.

So, which celebrities wear the tennis bracelet today?


9 Celebrities wearing tennis bracelets you should Know

1. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is not only an icon in the world of pop music but also a fashion icon. Billie’s known for adding subtle but stylish pieces, but she was stunned by the Cartier version of the tennis bracelet, looking great.

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

Cartier at the MET Gala made Billie stand out as it not only completed the look but also showed just how amazing this stylish piece is.

The tennis bracelets are also trendy, and with this piece, Billie also showed that the tennis bracelet might also look quite glamorous, stacked with other bracelets, rings, or bangles, or not, and in varying shapes and sizes, resulting in an unforgettable look.


2. Emma Raducanu

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

There is no better way to showcase the tennis bracelet than a classic red-carpet look. Emma pulled off her red carpet look effortlessly, and she looked like a Greek goddess.

Though subtle, the tennis bracelet brought together her look by adding an understated feel of glamour, hence an overall sophisticated and refined like.


3. Alexa Chung

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

If you are looking for inspiration on how to pull off a crystal-embellished tennis bracelet easily, then Alexa Chung’s look might be the perfect source of inspiration.

You’d only want to pare it down with materials like rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold. The bracelets are simple, and the crystal studding adds character and style to the bracelets, so it is a style that anyone would be able to pull off quite easily.


4. Yoyo Cao

One of the celebrities known for wearing the tennis bracelet is Yoyo Cao, who has been seen pairing the tennis bracelet for her off-duty look.

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

This look proves that this accessory is a timeless all-occasion worth investing in. She shows how easy it is to contras the tennis bracelet with any other bold-colored piece of jewelry, say a red bracelet, showcasing the look tennis bracelet while also showing off your fun-loving personality.


5. Harry Winston

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

If you are interested in something unique and different, then this diamond tennis bracelet made of diamonds and white gold in a traffic pattern might be an excellent fit.


6. Uma Thurman Diamond Bracelet

This is the other stunning accessory that stands the test of time with its simplicity and elegance.

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

This piece worn by Uma Thurman during the Premier of the Pirate Stranger Tides stood out quite well as it is an elegant 18-carat diamond line bracelet set in white gold, completing that elegant Uma look.

The tennis bracelet is a timeless piece in a modern, round diamond design in bar settings, hence a perfect and an overall unique piece. This bracelet could be set in yellow and white gold for that nice, ethereal look.


7. Penelope Cruz Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Penelope Cruz is known for her style and great taste, and the sensational 24-carat heart-shaped diamond tennis bracelet made her stand out.

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

She wore the bracelet in Rome during the Nine’s showcase, and the bracelet was undoubtedly the best accessory that created her best look.

So, if you are going for a graceful and stylish look in white or yellow gold with round-cut diamonds set on it, this bracelet would enhance your looks.


8. Kate Middleton Cluster diamond bracelet

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

There is no doubt that Kate Middleton is a fashion icon, and she’s known for her awe-spiring jewelry collection and wardrobe. A one-piece that stands out is her tennis with diamonds set in a flower cluster alternating pattern.

Her bracelet’s uniqueness comes from the bracelet being wedding gift that she received from Prince Charles. And though this is not to say that you have to wear the same bracelet, you can find a tennis bracelet in the same design that will look great on you.


9. J-LO Chocolate Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Why Do Some Celebrities Love Wearing Tennis Bracelets

Our list wouldn’t be complete without J-Lo’s chocolate diamond tennis bracelet. Hers was one of the unique pieces which she wore as part of the Le Vian series.

The tennis bracelet is an eccentric piece that suits her casual and super-chill look. The splash of color made it stand out even more. The incorporation of blue sapphires means that the bracelet stands out even more against the 18k white gold that the bracelet is set on.



Tennis bracelets are elegant, stylish, classic, and trendy pieces that stand out.

The bracelets have been worn by celebrities and anyone else in between, which means that if you have been struggling to find the perfect bracelet that you can wear for formal and casual events, this might be a good option for you.

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