Why Do Rings Make My Fingers Look Fat?(Anyone Else?)

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Why Do Rings Make My Fingers Look Fat? Appearance: that is something that most, if not all, women obsess over. There is messaging everywhere we turn that tells us what we should wear and how we should look.

A lot of women end up feeling depressed as their self-esteem gets a dent. However, we’re not going to do that here. Insecurities are usual; it’s more about finding something that makes your fingers look appeal in your eyes.

The ring makes one’s fingers look fat, the polite way to, but it is chubby. Words like “fat” and “sausage fingers” don’t help one’s self-esteem unless you have particular humor.

We will use the word fat, only because a lot of women google those exact words. Here, we’re going to give dependable advice as to what rings work best for those who feel their fingers look fat when wearing a ring

Is it normal that rings make my fingers look fat?

This question is a tricky one. Some women wear rings and notice it makes their fingers look fat, while some have found something that complements them instead.

For the most part, many women with chubby fingers have issues where when they are wearing a ring, their fingers’ wideness is more prominent.

For that reason, many women either decide to skip on wearing their rings or feel insecure when they do. Others simply don’t care and will wear what they want.

Why do rings make my fingers look fat?

The issue here is not with your fingers- you can’t change their size. Getting fingers slimmed is not heard of. What you need to do is work with what you have.

That said, if you wear a ring and you find that your fingers look fat, you need to select another ring. Women with chubbier fingers are somewhat limited to what they can wear, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

When shopping for (or hinting for an engagement ring!), something to keep in mind is that loving a particular ring you’ve come across and purchasing it is not the best idea.

If it doesn’t suit your fingers, you’ll end up having buyer’s remorse, which is the last thing you want to have for an engagement ring.

You’d instead get something that suits you than a piece that you’ve fallen in love with. It does bite a bit, but it’s for the best.

Rings make my fingers look fat- how to deal with it?

Since we are only looking at those with chubby fingers, that’s what we’ll address here. However, those with other finger shapes also ought to look up what suits your fingers best to avoid disappointment in the future.

Even so, there isn’t entirely “dealing with it.” It’s about, in some cases, finding the right ring for you. If you have the funds, you can always get a new one.

For others, you can resell the rings and purchase a new one, or, if not, make peace with it.

That said, if you’re looking for a new ring, then if you have chubby fingers, let’s look at your options. Those with wider fingers look better in slimmer rings. Consider getting something that doesn’t cover most of your hand until the knuckles.

That’s because they tend to make the look of your fingers, which you want to minimize. It would be best if you also got a sizer larger give a snug fit ends up giving your fingers a “muffin top.” It might be comfortable for you, but a bigger one is more flattering.

Let’s now look at the stones. With wide fingers, the most flattering settings to get are pear, oval, or marquise. These are recommended because they create the illusion that your fingers are longer and thinner than they are.

If your fingers are both long and wide, then the best look for you is both a slender ring and a narrow stone. The best shape to opt for is rectangle one since it also makes your fingers look slimmer than they are.

It shouldn’t bum you out if you saw a heart-shaped or round setting and wanted to get it. It helps to change your perspective so that you get the ring for you. It wouldn’t help look at your hand and think that the ring is making it look fat when you could otherwise get compliments.


Your fingers don’t have to look suddenly larger when you wear rings. Getting a ring that suits you is what you need.

If you’ve been struggling with this issue for years, then it’s time to rediscover different kinds of ring size and stone shape.

However, love your fingers, especially with a manicure. It makes all the difference in your self-esteem.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!