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If eyes are the window to the soul, why do some people hide them behind sunglasses, even indoors?

This is a common question that many hip-hop fans want to know in connection to rappers.

In this day and age, it is hard to find a rapper who does not wear sunglasses. We did some research and found out that every rapper has their own reasons for wearing sunglasses.

This compelled us to create this post to share why different hip-hop artists wear sunglasses. Read on!


Why do rappers always wear sunglasses?

1. Light sensitivity

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Some rappers mostly perform in nightclubs wearing sunglasses. The eyes can be quite sensitive to light, especially at night.

Due to their profession, rappers sometimes spend a lot of time in bright light, and wearing sunglasses can prevent damage to the iris.  

Too much light can also cause the red-eye effect, and wearing sunglasses can prevent a rapper from experiencing this.

Most rappers wear high-quality sunglasses that can protect their eyes against UVA and UVA rays.

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Some rappers reveal that they wear sunglasses since they don’t like the effect of camera flashes. The media always follows many rappers and keeps on taking pictures of them.

Without sunglasses, the camera flashes can easily damage the eyes of such celebrities. Wearing sunglasses can soothe the eyes of a rapper when exposed to such bright lights.


2. To look more fashionable

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Apart from being sensitive to light, some rappers always wear sunglasses as part of their dress code to look more stylish.

Sunglasses are a crucial component in hip-hop culture, and it has become a symbol for particular rappers.

Some rappers have added this accessory to their outfits since it makes them stand out and look cool.

Sunglasses are a trademark for certain rappers, and they help them create a distinct identity. Since some rappers are quite famous, society considers them trendsetters.

They must always look good everywhere they go, and wearing sunglasses makes it easy to achieve that.


3. They are getting paid

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Some rappers are quite famous, and they get paid to wear specific brands of sunglasses.

When they do, it can add to a brand’s legacy and even increase sales.

Since hip-hop fans look up to rappers, they may start wearing the specific brands of sunglasses that their favorite artists wear.


4. Sunglasses are a symbol of status to some rappers

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Unlike regular people, some rappers wear high-quality and expensive sunglasses that are an indication of their wealth.

For instance, some of the trending styles among elite rappers include gold color-themed sunglasses that come in a gold frame.

When a rapper wears expensive sunglasses, it is easy for them to attract the attention they may be looking for.

Some of the expensive sunglasses are not easy to get and are only accessible to wealthy rappers.


5 .To avoid direct eye contact

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Being in the limelight all the time is not always easy for rappers. Sometimes, wearing sunglasses enables them to hide their eyes and avoid direct eye contact with the audience.

This can sometimes make a rapper feel more confident and overcome stage fright when performing live.

When a rapper is wearing sunglasses, it is hard for people to see where they are looking. Sunglasses also put rappers in a more powerful position since no one can read their eyes.

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses also helps some rappers avoid distractions when performing.

When a rapper is less distracted, it helps them maximize their freedom of expression more through their music. The eyes can easily express one’s emotions.

Some rappers like wearing sunglasses since it makes it easy to hide their facial expressions, especially when in trouble.


6. To conceal flaws

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Every human is flawed, including rappers. Sometimes, rappers hide flaws on their faces by wearing sunglasses. For instance, one can try to conceal skin discoloration or a scar on the face by wearing sunglasses.

Some rappers also wear sunglasses when they have dilated pupils, which can be caused by drug use. Being in this industry comes with a lot of pressure, and some rappers struggle to stay sober.

Since they don’t like their fans seeing them struggle with alcoholism or other substances, they hide behind sunglasses.

Apart from that, female rappers sometimes wear sunglasses when they do not have makeup on. Such a rapper can wear sunglasses to hide any wrinkles that can make her look a bit older without makeup.

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Sometimes, rappers wear sunglasses to prevent people from seeing their tired look. Such artists spend lots of hours working and sometimes go for numerous performances. This can leave their eyes looking sore.

Due to the lifestyle of rappers and the scrutiny they have to deal with, their mental state is not always at its best. Wearing sunglasses can prevent people from reading too much from their eyes when they are going through mental issues.

Unfortunately, society and the media are quick to judge rappers when they don’t appear at their best, and sunglasses can prevent this.


7. Vision impairment

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

If, for instance, a rapper is born with an eye condition and they do not want the fans to know about it, they may always wear sunglasses.

Some go for a long time without anyone noticing their condition, thanks to the use of sunglasses.


8. To avoid being recognized

Why Do Rappers Always Wear Sunglasses

Just because one is a famous rapper does not mean that one always wants to be at the center of attention.

Privacy is hard to achieve due to the nature of their jobs. Since rappers are also humans like the rest of us, sometimes they want to avoid being recognized.

Accessories such as sunglasses can help with this. They also pair them with other items that make them less conspicuous such as hats, especially when facing scandals.



Sunglasses and rappers seem to go hand in hand. While some rappers wear them to make a fashion statement, others wear them since they are more sensitive to light.

Sunglasses can also make a rapper feel more confident and even hide certain flaws such as pupil dilation or lack of makeup.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!