Top 10 Reasons Why Do People Wear Pearl Necklaces

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From past generations to today’s era, pearls have managed to remain among the most popular gems in the world. Their effortless and lustrous beauty always manages to steal the show no matter the event or occasion. That is why they are considered the queen of gems. Influential and powerful people always favor them as the preferred jewelry choice.

Why is it though that people love to wear pearls? What makes them so special, that they managed to withstand the test of time?

In this post, we will explore several reasons people have for wearing pearls, in an attempt to explain its popularity today.


10 Reasons Why People Wear Pearl Necklaces.

Pearls are a well-known timeless classic. Regardless of the current trend, these precious stones never go out of style. If anything, their popularity on continues to increase with new designs or ways of styling them. There are numerous reasons why they are so loved. The following are however the important reasons:


1. Pearls are seen as a piece of traditional jewelry.

Why Do People Wear Pearl Necklaces

Pearls indeed have a long history. They date back to 420BC the earliest times of civilization.

In those times pearl necklaces were highly prized by royalty and wealthy individuals were seen wearing them. Over time more and more women would start to adorn these precious stones.

They became the appropriate gift to give a woman coming of age. No special occasion was considered complete with pearls being worn or gifted.

There are, in fact, many historical paintings that feature women wearing pearls. But pearls weren’t just reserved for women. Men were also intrigued by them. Indian royal men, for example, used to wear strings of pearl necklaces, back when India was under the rule of the British crown.

Today, no fashionista worth their salt lacks a set of pearls in their collections.


2. Pearls are versatile.

Why Do People Wear Pearl Necklaces

Another reason why people love to wear pearls is that they suit any occasion.

You can wear a pearls necklace with any outfit, for any occasion. It could be a date, a wedding, a business meeting, even a night out.

To use Jack Kennedy’s words, pearls are always appropriate. But that’s not all we mean but versatility. Pearls also come in wide varieties of shapes and sizes, not to mention designs.

You can wear a long strand of pearls or a chocker. You can wear a single strand or layer them up. You can even decide what color pearls you prefer. There’s an option for everyone.


3. Pearls are considered the most elegant jewelry.

Why Do People Wear Pearl Necklaces

This could be in association with the fact that they were originally worn by royalty. Like every type of jewelry has its unique qualities, pearls can make anyone look classy and elegant.

It doesn’t matter what you wear. You could even be in something as simple and basic as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

What’s more, many famous personalities are seen wearing pearls. Picture the likes of Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth, Angelina Jolie, and so on.


4. Pearls are unique.

Unlike other gems, the uniqueness of pearls knows no bounds. It is this aspect that has kept many people intrigued by these precious stones throughout the years.

Let’s begin with the fact that pearls come from the sea, unlike the rest that is mined underground. Another unique aspect is the fact that they are formed in a living organism.

To add to it, you don’t need to do much to pearls to achieve the beauty it is coveted for.

This is unlike other gems that have to be refined, processed, and polished before you can see their appeal. Each pearl is also unique from the other. There isn’t one pearl that is exactly the same size, shape, and color, there has to be some slight difference.

Why Do People Wear Pearl Necklaces

5. Pearls are intimate and a symbol of love.

Think of how a baby would grow in a woman’s womb. In the same way, pearls grow in the womb of mollusks like oysters.

As such they are a symbol of the unconditional love and special bond shared between loved ones. Gifting a set of pearls to a loved one is, therefore, a great way of expressing your love for them.


6. Pearls are highly symbolic.

Other than unconditional love, pearls carry other meanings. They are also a symbol of purity and perfection seeing as not much is done to them to achieve their beauty.

More specifically gold and black pearls are symbols of wealth and prosperity. Pink pearls are a representation of success and abundance.


7. Pearls are very beneficial.

Why Do People Wear Pearl Necklaces

Like every gemstone, even pearls have some benefits to wearing them. Some people believe that wearing pearls helps relax a strained mind and balances one’s emotions.

The stones are also said to help with anger by calming down one’s nerves. People believe that pearls also help with insomnia and also strengthens the mind.

Like most gems, it is associated with good fortune and prosperity.


8. Pearls are considered to be tougher than diamonds.

In this case, toughness refers to how easily a gem can break. On the Mohs scale, pearls are said to be delicate because they can easily be scratched.

Diamonds on the other hand are considered to be the hardest gems. The truth is however that diamonds are very brittle and can easily be broken or crushed.

Pearls on the other hand are not easily crushed. This is thanks to pearls structure which is made up of nacre, that is layers and layers of interlocking crystals.

So, you don’t have to worry about dropping and damaging your pearls. It may get a little scratched up, but what’s a scratch compared to a broken gem.


9. Pearls are readily available.

Why Do People Wear Pearl Necklaces

Unlike gold and diamond, pearls are the kind of jewelry that is precious and easily available without breaking your pocket. While pearls naturally come from the sea, these types are rare to come by, given the harsh conditions they must survive.

Over the years, however, people have improved the art of culturing pearls in safer more controlled environments.

There are therefore numerous pearls available in the market. The cultured pearls may not be as big, but they are just as beautiful and appealing as the ones naturally found in the sea.

Of course, the natural pearls would cost a pretty penny in the market. But most of the pearls you see even on icons, are cultured pearls.


10. Pearls are easy to style.

Why Do People Wear Pearl Necklaces

Because of how versatile they are pearls are extremely easy to style. All you need to remember when styling pearls especially for work, are the four main rules.

Those rules are, keep it simple and classy, remember it is comfort over everything else and always keep the pearls safe. You don’t want to end up scratching them and spoiling their luster.



Now you understand why pearls are a timeless classic piece. They will likely remain so for a long time to come for the same reasons and more.

So, you can be sure that they are not going anywhere anytime soon. You now have more than enough reason to invest in some quality set of pearls. They would make the perfect gift for yourself or even for a loved one.

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