Why Do People Buy Fake Jewelry?(We Discovered 7 Reasons)

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No judgments here since we all have pieces of fake jewelry in our jewelry boxes, and like us, you may be wearing one of your favorite fake jewelry pieces right now.

So, why do we do it? And why is it that at this point, we’ve worn too much of the fake jewelry that we cannot imagine accessorizing any other way?

Well, the answers might be expected and surprising, as you will see below, but before we dive into all those reasons why we all love fake jewelry, a clarification of what fake jewelry means.


What is fake jewelry?

Fake jewelry is not necessarily trash-looking bling. In fact, jewelry that is categorized as fake jewelry would be jewelry that looks just as good as fine jewelry alternatives. 

why do people buy fake Jewelry?

The difference between fine and fake jewelry is that while fine jewelry is made of the finest quality materials like 925 sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold, platinum, or titanium, fake jewelry is made of cheaper materials that are sometimes seen as alternatives for the fine jewelry.

So, when we talk about fake jewelry, we are talking about costume jewelry made of materials like stainless steel, brass, copper, white bronze, bronze, and they are often plated with gold, rhodium, or even platinum so that they look just like the fine jewelry.

With these differences in materials under consideration, fake jewelry is considerably cheap and more affordable to the masses, which is why many people buy fake jewelry, and why we have many pieces of such jewelry in our jewelry boxes.

Essentially the fake jewelry is made of cheaper materials and composites like resin, alloy, rhinestones, jade, etc.


Why do people buy fake jewelry?

1.Fake jewelry is cheap.

For most people, jewelry is just an accessory that is important for the fashion sense and not something worth spending too much on. As a result, people with this kind of mentality intentionally get many pieces of fake jewelry because this kind of jewelry is affordable.

why do people buy fake Jewelry?

And if you love jewelry but cannot afford real or fine jewelry just yet, the low price of the fake jewelry is why you’d keep investing in the cheap jewelry. Think of all the times you got new jewelry on the street – weren’t the purchases motivated by the low prices of the jewelry, and not the fact that you really needed that pair?

Fake jewelry is priced very low because the jewelry is mass-produced in jewelry factories in China, Indonesia, and other parts of the world.

They are made of low-quality and overall cheap materials and processes, and because of mass-production, you wouldn’t have to worry about the jewelry costs transferred to you, which translates to very low prices for fake jewelry. Thanks to these low prices, people keep buying fake jewelry.


2.Fake jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean imitation or low-quality jewelry.

When it comes to fake jewelry, it is important to keep in mind that this jewelry is not necessarily the bottom of the barrel jewelry.

why do people buy fake Jewelry?

An example would be a sterling silver piece that is encrusted with CZ stones. This kind of jewelry would be classified as fake jewelry because it is made of cheaper materials, although none of the materials use are fake.

Cubic zirconia, for example, is a genuine stone used in jewelry making. And though it looks like diamonds, the CZ stones are not diamonds, but real, good quality, and cheaper stones that are made in the lab and look exactly like diamonds. This is the same case as the lab-created sapphires, rubies, or emeralds.

While CZ stones exist in nature, zircons are extremely rare, which is why the CZ jewelry on the market is made of lab-created CZ – which are considered fake diamonds and not fake gemstones. The fact that they are lab-created cheaply means that they are abundant, and this also means that they are not expensive, hence their popularity.


3.Fake jewelry gets its value from being fashionable.

Unlike real jewelry that gets its value from the intrinsic value of the jewelry itself, fake jewelry is highly regarded and value because it is fashionable.

So, while this kind of jewelry is not really worth much in the jewelry world or the open market, and you cannot get cash from fake jewelry, such jewelry makes you look great.

Even if the fake jewelry is sold, you’d be certain that the thugs/ robbers will not get much from the jewelry.


4.A safer option for jewelry

why do people buy fake Jewelry?

Since fashion jewelry has no intrinsic value, and you don’t lose much if you lost the jewelry or if it’s stolen, it means that the fake jewelry is great for you if you are traveling.

If you just got proposed to and you’re going away to celebrate, you would want to travel around all those exotic places and busy streets with a heavy carat 18k gold engagement ring.

In such cases, it would be ideal for you to buy a cheaper/ fake jewelry option that looks just like the real thing. Fake jewelry saves you a lot of money; the pieces are more affordable, comfortable, and look just like the real thing.


5.Not everyone can afford the real ‘fine’ thing.

We’d all like to buy the finest pieces of jewelry made of all highly-valued stones and jewelry, but the reality is that we cannot afford such kinds of jewelry, and even if you saved for months or years, you might not afford to buy more than one ring or pair of earrings.

So, in as much as we all like the finer pieces, we are completely in love with the cheaper fake jewelry options because it’s what we can afford. Again, fake jewelry is not all that bad.

You just need to make sure that you find the ones made of good quality materials; for example, a sterling silver ring that comes with about 3 or 4 CZ stones looks just as good.

Also, most of the stunning engagement rings you’ve seen your friends with probably feature 1-carat CZ stones and not diamonds.

So, in as much as we’d like to buy the more expensive diamond or sapphire pieces, most of us can only afford the fakes.

why do people buy fake Jewelry?

6.Showing off

Fake jewelry is further popularized by the idea of showing off. Some people believe that the more bling you have, the richer you look.

Since most of these individuals cannot afford real diamonds, they end up with the cheaper plated and CZ blinged-out rings, chains, earrings, etc.

So, for anyone who wants bling but they cannot afford it just yet, fake jewelry always ends up being the best choice.


7.Most of the fake jewelry is expressive.

If you wear jewelry to express your jewelry and how you feel, the value of the jewelry might not matter to you as much as the joy and the comfort that comes from wearing jewelry that is ‘you,’ so to say.

It’s worth noting that some individuals did like wearing real jewelry, as a matter of choice, and they’d rather the fake pieces over the real jewelry options, any time.

why do people buy fake Jewelry?

Pros and cons of wearing fake jewelry


  • Fake jewelry is generally affordable, although the class A fake jewelry pieces like the gold-coated ones and vermeils may be a little more expensive.
  • You can own multiple pieces of fake jewelry
  • Fake jewelry allows you to express your style and personality easily
  • They look fashionable, and just like the real thing, without breaking the bank
  • You can wear the fashion jewelry every day
  • You can easily hoard them if you like to have many options
  • You can pair them with just about anything, easily
  • They are fun


  • There is a higher risk of allergies from some metal alloys
  • The jewelry will show signs of wear too soon through corrosion or tarnishing
  • This kind of jewelry has no resale value
  • The jewelry might look cheap
  • Your skin could turn green
  • They break quite easily


Should you buy affordable fake jewelry?

Yes –if you are looking for more fun jewelry options that you can wear every day easily and swap them out without worrying about the loss you may suffer if you lose the jewelry, affordable fake jewelry could be the best option for you.



Fake jewelry is unique, affordable, stylish, trendy, and you get pieces that match your style/ personality. These are the main reasons why people will always buy fake jewelry.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!