Help!Why Do My Ears Itch When I Wear Earrings?

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Why Do My Ears Itch When I Wear Earrings? Even though it is not a new piercing. Then, this is a post you should read carefully. We wear earrings to complete a look. Whether you’re a woman wanting to look gorgeous or a man who wants to stand out, the last thing we want is discomfort. That can take the form of itchiness which might make us want to take off the earrings.

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If you’ve ever experienced itching when you have your earrings on, read on. We explore the reasons why you could be having an ear itch and also ways to deal with it before and after it happens. I also write a post on Why do my ears hurt when I wear fake earrings? (fake earrings are not fake, they are fashion earrings that made of inexpensive material or metals)


Reasons ears itch when wearing earrings

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There are varying reasons why your ears can itch when wearing earrings, even though it is not a new piercing. Let’s explore:


Itching is one of the symptoms of an infection. That is especially after getting an ear-piercing. You want to make sure that you get your ear piercing done professionally to avoid the risk of infection. Work with a licensed jewelry store, a doctor’s office, or other locations where they have a professional qualified to do ear piercing. If you witness an itch, take measures to deal with the infection before it gets worse.

Nickel allergy

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Many earrings get made out of nickel(contains some nickel), and as a result, those who have an allergic reaction to nickel, in general, get affected. According to a specialist, nickel allergy is the common cause of contact dermatitis. That is when you get an itchy rash after getting into contact with something such as metal, a liquid, or even a plant.

One thing to note about contact dermatitis when it comes to nickel is that the reaction will not start immediately. It takes time, often between 12 to 48 hours. It is essential to know this as you might not make the initial connection. You might have changed your earrings and assume they are the cause of the itchiness when in fact it was the pair worn previously that is the culprit.

When this area is particularity problematic, then you are going to end up getting a super bad rash or bumps around the earlobe. It can also cause blisters and dry patches of skin along with redness.

Metal allergies

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While nickel is the most common allergen, it is possible to have a reaction toward other metals. ( here is a metal list that is hypoallergenic)One of these metals is gold; however, their effects are not very common. If you’re allergic to gold, first ensure that you’re not dealing with a gold-plated earring.

When an item gets plated, it means that there are base metals underneath. One of these metals could indeed be nickel. However, even when the nickel is not present, people who are allergic to nickel also tend to be allergic to gold.

Reactions to other metals including silver are uncommon but quite possible. In most cases, though, ensure that you are getting your earrings from a recognized and reputable brand as they are better placed to indicate that there could be an allergen. You also want to be assured that you’re dealing with pure metals and not fake ones.


How to wear earrings and prevent them from being itchy

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Here, we are going to explore neat tricks and tips on how to wear your favorite pair of earrings and not have to worry about getting an itch.

  1. Apply a coating of petroleum jelly or oil on the finding to create a barrier between your skin and the metal. That way, you’re able to lubricate the area and thus reduce the chances of getting an itch.
  2. Take a clear base or top coat nail polish and apply of the finding. Use one that does not support chip so that you have longer wear. Unless your skin generally reacts with nail polish, this technique blocks any changes of itching. That is because the material that causes the itching is covered under the nail polish, leaving you free to enjoy the complete look you get from wearing the earring.
  3. Clean your earrings with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol before wearing them. Use a swab to clean the earring itself and also you earlobes to ensure that there is no dirt or other infective particles present.
  4. If you have a new piercing that is healed but still sensitive (or even fresh but you want to change your earrings) then you can use hydrogen peroxide cream as it is a mild antiseptic. It prevents infections from cuts, scrapes, burns, and in this case, the wound the piercing formed.
  5. You can also use a topical antibiotic ointment on your new piercing. You can also use it when you have sensitive ears even though you’ve been pierced for a long time. If you switch up earrings, then you’re likely to cause some form of irritation over time; therefore, an ointment will help keep your skin in good condition.



Overall, if you tend to have itchy piercings, then you ought to choose hypoallergenic earrings. It means looking for earrings made of sterling silver, surgical stainless steel, yellow gold, platinum, titanium, or even copper. Purchase something that has a label on it, stating that the material used is hypoallergenic or nickel-free. That way you’re assured that you won’t have a problem with itching ears.

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 However, if you already have an itch, try out the solutions given. If you don’t get relief in 48 hours or things, get worse even after using the remedies suggested, see a doctor. They will be able to treat the infection effectively. It might include the taking of antibiotics, particularly if you’ve experienced symptoms such as a fever. However, when it comes to topical cream, don’t use them unless recommended by a licensed medical practitioner.

Do take good care of your ears also by ensuring proper hygiene at all times. You want to keep the hole clean to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!