Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working? How To Fix It?

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Mood rings are the perfect jewelry that will light your mood due to their color changing nature.

Though the color changes are said to reflect the mood of the wearer, mood rings might not be fully accurate as external temperature changes can affect the color of your ring.

However, has your mood ring stopped working, or is it not changing colors?

Several mood ring owners in this situation are curious to understand how the mood ring functions, how to know if it is broken or spoilt, and eventually, how to fix it.

This post will help you tackle these issues as it shares extensive details about mood rings.


First, you should know how a mood ring work?

Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working

Mood rings work by changing colors as a response to temperature changes.

As temperatures change, the crystals used to make mood rings twist, allowing light to pass through them differently, absorbing and refracting varying parts of the color spectrum, resulting in different colors.

Mood ring crystals are designed to respond fairly to minor changes in your skin temperature.

The theory behind mood rings is that moods and feelings determine how our blood flows. For example, if you are feeling passionate, your heart will beat faster, making blood flow to every part of your body; hence your fingers will become warmer than usual.

Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working

This will trigger a color change on your ring. On the other hand, feeling anxious makes your blood flow prioritize internal organs. This then makes your fingers lack enough blood hence being cold, and in turn, triggers a color change in your ring.

Mood rings come with a chart to help you read the color changes. However, because of the different crystals and materials used to make the rings, there is no single guide that will work for every ring your purchase.


Then, why do your mood rings stop working? Or, why is your mood ring not changing color?

Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working

Your mood ring might stop working due to several reasons. Though the producers of these rings project that the stones of the rings are supposed to function for around five years, reasons like moisture and high temperature might shorten the lifespan of your mood ring.

Mood rings are susceptible to moisture or water damage. Most get spoilt the moment when water seeps into the stone of the ring, disrupting the liquid crystals, which in turn makes the ring turn black or become unresponsive.

Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working

Consequently, exposure to high temperatures can also damage your rings. Leaving your mood rings in places where the temperatures are relatively extreme, like the dashboard of your car, may irreparably damage the stone of your ring. Additionally, an attempt to resize your ring can also damage it.

All the above reasons might lead to your mood ring not changing color or not reflecting anything at all, signifying that it is either spoilt or broken.


The materials or metals of mood rings

Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working

Mood ring setting can be made of any material or substance. However, many manufacturers prefer silver, while less expensive mood rings may have a base set of metal. However, the mood stone itself is made of a special kind or crystal layer.

It is important to note that the crystal used in a mood ring must be thermochroic hence its ability to change color when reacting with the temperature. Producers of mood rings use different crystals to make the rings.

The crystals are simply multiple liquid crystals held inside a container of quartz or glass to protect them from excessive heat or moisture.


Why is my mood ring always blue?

Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working

If your mood ring is not changing colors, or it has stuck to blue, that is an indicator that it is broken or the stone is damaged. Moisture is the major culprit behind mood rings not changing color.

However, high temperatures or an attempt to fix mood ring stone might also damage the crystals in the stone, making them stick to one color.


Why is my mood ring always black?

Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working

If the color of your mood ring has turned black permanently, that might mean that the ring is not functioning. This might be mainly because moisture has escaped into the stone of the ring.

When water seeps into the stone, the crystals inside the stone are disrupted and hence will be unable to function properly. This often results in your mood ring reflecting black permanently, or it simply won’t change color completely.

Therefore, it is important to keep your ring out of the water to elongate its life span.


How to know if your mood ring is broken?

Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working

Several indicators can point to your mood ring being broken. First, your mood ring might look like it has a bubble. You may be able to see some part of the ring changing color or no color reflection at all.

Additionally, your mood ring might stick to one color, mostly black, and stop changing colors even when the temperature changes. Also, with a broken mood ring, you can see the silver bottom of your ring.

All these signs can indicate that your mood ring is broken, as this happens when the top acrylic layer is separated from the color-changing layer.


How to fix a broken mood ring?

Why Do Mood Rings Stop Working

If your mood ring is broken, there is one tip that might help you bring it back to its color-changing glory. Try wrapping your ring in a paper towel, and put it into the freezer for two minutes.

Though the science behind this technique is not proven, some people have done it, and it has worked. So, it is definitely worth a try. Furthermore, you can avoid making contact with water when you have your mood ring on so as to prolong its life span.



Just like any other jewelry, mood rings are also susceptible to damage. A damaged mood ring might stick to displaying either one color or color black.

Additionally, this mood ring might display no color at all, indicating that it is broken. Moisture is among the major reasons that might lead to your mood ring not changing colors.

Therefore, when you have your ring on, you have to be careful not to interact with water to avoid moisture from seeping into the stone of the ring, which in turn causes the color not to change.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!