Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears?(10 Reasons Found in 2024)

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Did you know? Men were the first people in history to wear earrings.

Used for body modification, accessorizing garments and keeping in trends, earrings have been among us since the beginning of time.

With the changing times and cultures, many stereotypes have been raised and quelled with all genders falling for the allure of these tiny ornaments.

It’s considered normal for females but for the males, questions arise as to why guys wear earrings at all.

We share more than 10 reasons here why some men wear earrings. Hope you guys like it! 


Why do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears?

Before answering the question, I need to tell you guys more about the history of earrings.

In the early 1970s in the United States of America, a new culture emerged and its members loved to wear earrings.

These were the hippies and the homosexuals who took over the social construct of the American people at the time.

A lot of conversations were had about which ear is considered the right one to pierce if you had decided to come out to the world with news of your sexuality.

 Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

In recent times, the alteration of self has taken on a new sense of meaning which is less cultural or sexual.

People have become increasingly aware of their surroundings and there are so many new and progressive opinions or views on the world and mostly the society.

In the present day, a man who wears an earring could have one, more or no reason for wearing it.

It all depends on where and how he grew up, things he did or didn’t do or wishes he could do and simply if he wants to or not.

As opposed to the past trends of men wearing one earring regardless of whether or not it was in support of the gay community, nowadays the new fad has been for men to spot two earrings.

 Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

Some even go as far as making double holes on each ear lobe to expand the variety of wear. Even more surprising are those men who wear hoops, loops and dangles. There really is no limit to what is possible.

If you ask them, guys will tell you the reason they wear a pair of earrings is for the simple fact that they have two ear lobes, earrings come in a pair and quite boldly, they like it and that’s all that matters.

On that note, here are the other reasons why men wear earrings in both ears.

 Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

1. A Fashion Trend.

Anyone who loves fashion, being outdoors and staying trendy could pick on this trend and make it their own.

Most especially with great advertising, fashion houses push the trends and influence heavily on an individual’s overall decision.


2. A Religious Custom or Tradition.

 As earlier mentioned, Indian men have for long kept their ear-piercing tradition and this is not expected to stop any time soon.

On every 4th or 5th birthday of a boy or girl, they get their ears pierced and a great celebration with feasting is held in their honor.

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

3. As a Symbol of Status or Wealth.

If you take the case of diamonds, they are the rarest, hardest and most precious metals in the world and they are extremely high value.

Some wealthy people, other than using these gems just for decoration, they invest in them and keep them as a form of safety cushion that they can rely on if all hell breaks loose and they need some financial assistance.


4. Actors in Character.

Most often than not, movies are fictitious and over grammaticized to capture and keep our attention.  

It’s no wonder they have such a huge influence in daily life.

Sometimes these actors who we so adore, portray a certain lifestyle that we consider cool but in essence, it is all an act.

There is no doubt that when young impressionable guys see these images, it increases their desire to want to be like someone they admire.

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

5. To Attract Women.

Naturally, some men will get pierced imagining that their female counterparts will be impressed enough to go out on a date with him.

A few studies have been conducted and proven that some girls are attracted to men with pierced ears.


6. In honor of a Gift.

Believe it or not, men would get a piercing done if you were their wife or girlfriend and got them a gift of a pair of cool masculine studs.


7. Presenting your Sexuality or Making a Statement.

While it was usual for criminals to use earrings as an identifier between themselves, this is no longer the case.

Wearing a stud on the right ear may mean that a man is homosexual but this notion is fading fast.

In this new age people don’t seem to care so much about what your earring says about you but more about what type it is and how it looks on you.

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

8. To Rebel. 

The most obvious reason that stems from childhood is rebellion.

Children will try anything to fit in, to mess with their parents or just to be funny.

Most men get their ears pierced when in elementary or high school whether due to pressure or self-identification.


9. Some Superstitions from Buddhism

In Buddhism, it is believed that the bigger or wider your earlobe piercing gets, the more wisdom you have and means you are more spiritually developed among others.

They still pierce their ears and spend time pulling on the lobe to make it longer and bigger. The bigger it is, the more spiritual development.



Should Guys get both ears pierced or one?

Getting your ears pierced, similar to picking out your outfit for the day, is very much a personal decision.

Wearing one or two earrings could transform your entire look and personality.

Unlike girls, guys have to think about any messages they might be sending along with their piercings.

Though the views of the world are fast-changing, a guy should be aware of his environment, his type of job or livelihood and most importantly his self-image.

Of course, the general population has their say in this regard.

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

On the bright side, some men and women feel that this is a sign of masculine strength with a display of some sensitive traits.

On the flip side, others feel that it is inappropriate and emasculating for a guy to wear any earrings at all.

Yet others believe that one earring on the left ear is acceptable.

Not in the right ear and definitely not in both ears.

Guys who wear earrings are considered edgy, “bad boys”, rebellious, different and mostly attractive or in the least bit, intriguing.

It’s not about the number of earrings though, it is about the confidence the guy carries himself with while wearing them that matters.

Deciding on whether to get one or two piercings should be entirely his decision to make.

If you are really unable to make a decision, this post might help you: Ear Piercings for guys, left or right?

I promise you will learn more tips about ear piercing for guys! 


Would a straight guy have an earring in both ears?

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

 Yes. There is no reason why he wouldn’t have an earring in both ears unless that is what he desired for himself.

As previously discussed, it is a personal decision.

Most guys will ask why they would wear an earring in one ear only while they have two ears.

That definitely is a valid question with no right or wrong answer.


Why do some guys only wear one earring?

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

A guy’s choice to wear one earring could simply be because he prefers one side to the other in terms of how he sleeps and which side he favors most.

Some still use this one earring to spread the message that they are gay but that’s not always the case as even straight men can and do wear just one.

More than just studs, now guys have a variety of dangly earrings of varying lengths and made in unbelievable designs.

Guys who are independent, confident and self-expressive will make a sober decision about which ear to put an earring in.

For these fashion-forward male individuals, it doesn’t matter why they do it rather how they do it and what earrings they are putting in.


Why do guys wear earrings in the left ear?

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

Even as times have changed over the any millennia of human existence, some people still hold on to the old notion that “left is right and right is wrong”.

This phrase was coined in the 70s when homosexual males decided to make their sexual orientations public.

Since then, those who are concerned about sending the wrong message to their friends and family, will get a piercing in their left ear to be on the safe side.

If you guys want to know more about this topic, this detailed post is for you:  What does an earring in the left ear mean for a man? In this post, we share some information about  why do guys wear earrings in their left ear and some tips for wearing one earring in the left ear


Why do guys wear black earrings?

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

Most guys don’t like flashy or big earrings and frankly, the larger population think that it is a bad idea for a guy to try this.

Black earrings are about as minimalistic as you can go and more to that, black matches with any outfit.

Also, for those guys with awesome employers who allow them to wear what they fancy, black studs would be the most professionally acceptable type of earring.

They are not likely to draw much attention and could even go unnoticed.



There may be tons of personal reasons as unique as the next guy to satisfy the question about guys and their earrings.

Whether they wear it for fun, attention, rebellion or to keep up with a ritual or tradition, the best and only worthwhile reason for why guys wear earrings is because they want to.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!