Why Do Girls Wear Chokers?(11 Reasons Found in 2024)

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Why Do Girls Wear Chokers? Chokers date back to 2500BCE, but these accessories have grown in popularity, and they are easily one of the craziest fashion trends today.

And they are not just popular among teens who’d wear them to prom or simple meetups, chokers are worn everywhere, with pretty much everyone, and they are easily one of the go-to fashion accessories.

While chokers are mostly worn by women and a few men, more and more young girls have developed a strong interest in chokers.

Wondering why that is the case?

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

In this article, we’ll look at the main reasons why girls wear chokers. Some people believe that the choker necklace represents a woman’s submissiveness, while others associate women who wear chokers to be adulterous or prostitutes and use the chokers to shame them. ( This is not true: You can read this post: what do guys think of chokers?)

But the unfortunate truth is that there is more to a woman or girl wearing a choker than it meets the eye. In this article, we’ll look at some of the common reasons why girls wear choker necklaces.

So, keep reading. Oh, if you guys want to know the different types of chokers, read here for more. (We list 11 types of chokers and explained what they mean)


Reasons why girls wear chokers

1. Style and Perfection Instincts

Women and pretty much the entire human race boast some pretty unique features, one of which is their natural instinct for style and perfection.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

Naturally, there are several biological demands that your psyche will want you to fulfill, and one of these is the need and desire for perfection.

Psychologically, it’s been established that feelings of perfection are always triggered in women when they are aware of the fact that they are wearing one of the latest and the trendiest kind of accessories around their neck.

And for most women, wearing a choker necklace, especially one that matches their dress perfectly, gives them that complete and perfect look.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

Instinctively, that feeling of perfection washes over them when they have the choker on, which means that they will often look for the choker necklace when attending different occasions.

Stylish, and it will accentuate the attractiveness of your neck.

Most girls with long necks wear choker necklaces because they have long necks, and they know that a choker necklace is a powerful tool for accentuating the attractiveness of their necks.


2. Culture continued from the ancestors.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

Chokers have been around for a really long time, having been worn in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, and they have survived numerous revolutions and trends.

So, if you appreciate culture, wearing a choker might be a nice way to appreciate the culture and ancestors.


3. Survival and Trends

Fashion trends are powerful, and they have this incredible power that wields over you, forcing or nudging you to join in what others are doing for you to have a sense of belonging.

In part, you’d follow the trends to survive a phase of your life, and the other part has to do with your wish to respect trends.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

Chokers are the in-thing today, and if you are into chokers, then it means that you are naturally drawn into this trend, and you may feel completely left out if you don’t keep up with the trend.

So, since no young girl wishes to be excluded, especially from big trends, the choker is thus one of the accessories they wear often.

It’s also worth noting the unfortunate bit where some of the young girls will only follow some of these trends to avoid being bullied or mocked.

As a result, most of the girl’s and women’s survival kits will call for the purchase and wearing of chokers as soon as possible.


4. Attention seeking

Unfortunately, some girls wear chokers only to catch other people’s attention.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

Not because they are interested in chokers or because it’s their favorite accessory, but because it’s something that will have the attention of others.

In turn, they receive praise and appreciation.

While it’s human nature to crave some attention, appreciation, and praise, sometimes these things only come our way when one chooses to do certain things.

For most women and girls, this often means wearing certain things or doing specific things.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

And since the choker is known for how effective it is in grabbing people’s attention, it is often the go-to option for most girls.

And the choker wins in this aspect.

Why? Well, the neck is a very visible part of the body, which makes wearing a choker an effective way of grabbing other people’s attention, which often happens in just one glimpse.

So, since most girls want is some attention, to be seen, and to have a moment in the limelight, the choker often wins.

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5. Feminism and Peer Relations

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

Most of the time, the answers to some of life’s biggest questions are plain and simple, which means that that one of the most common and also the shortest and sweet explanation for why women wear chokers has to do with the ability of some women-wearing chokers to influence their fellow women or feminist female peers.

As a result, such women will have other women and girls doing and wearing what they are wearing, which often leads to movements, and in some cases, meaningful change in society.

But in other cases, this would only result in more women and girls wearing choker necklaces.


6. Unconscious sign of courage

Most people tend to keep they dreams, desires, and fears out of their consciousness, and though these deep desires often motivate you to easily show the world what you are made of, there are cases where you need a little help expressing yourself, which is where the choker comes in.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

 Therefore, you could choose to wear the choker as a way of showing the world your fearlessness, power, or the fact that you are a better human.

Most women feel, albeit subconsciously, that by wearing the choker, they might be going against the grain, thus being courageous in the real world.

In such a case where insecurities could drive women to wear chokers, this action helps in ensuring that the woman’s desires and feelings of fearlessness are honored.


7. Role Identification

Who is your role model? Who do you identify yourself with?

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

Generally, most people identify themselves with famous celebrities, including pop singers, top models, as well as actresses, most of who flaunt their necks with chokers.

 With this in mind, most girls and women go ahead and wear choker necklaces that look like the ones worn by their role models, and some go to the extent of fantasizing and identifying themselves with these stars.


8. Attachment to doll-like accessories or ornaments

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

In the psychoanalytic theory studied in psychology, girls have been reported to be significantly more attached and dependent on toys than boys.

By wearing a choker around the neck, girls tend to feel more secure and a sense of safety, albeit at a subconscious level.


9. A smart approach to dealing with anxiety

Like life hacks, there are anxiety management hacks that people use to get through tough days.

For example, some women will wear bright red lip gloss for a nice Monday pick me up or confidence on a Thursday because they didn’t feel as powerful when they work up.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

In the same way, some girls wear and play with their choker necklaces to get through their days, especially if they struggle with anxiety.

And every time they fondle the choker, which is a sign of anxiety, the fact that they have the anxiety to fondle with is the one thing that also gives them the courage and confidence to manage the hard feelings they could be struggling with.

So, even though chokers are largely used as fashion items, the choker could be on the list of the girl’s most preferred things because it gives her something to focus on, other than the stressful situation they may find themselves in.

The choker is a smart way for her to get through the day, and that is okay.


10. Nudge to take risks

Most people will take big risks when they are interested in learning something new or living through new experiences. The move could also be instigated by curiosity.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

Most women and girls regard curiosity and the need for new risks as the reason why they take risks, including trying out different fashion styles.

Chokers remain a new fashion style across many cultures, and adding this fashion of item on display around the neck is often a huge risk in itself, and the risk always comes with several comments.

When someone chooses to wear the choker necklace, curiosity tells them to expect different reactions, but as they keep doing it and even get trolled, some people end up warming up to the thing they disliked in the beginning.

 This ends up pushing more and more women to wear the choker necklace.


11. Other Reasons

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

  • Easy DIY

Chokers are quite simple, and they can be fashioned out of lace, strips, or ribbons, which means that they are affordable to pretty much anyone who loves chokers.

  • Versatility

The choker is versatile, and you can customize it easily; and the best part is that it will remain a statement piece, even if you mix-match fabric.

Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

  • Easy customization

It’s easy to customize chokers too. A choker can be adorned with pearls and diamonds, something that turns a simple necklace into something that oozes class and sophistication.

  • It looks good

This might not sound like an actual reason, but it is. The truth is that fashion just happens, and a choker is just one of those things that look good and makes you feel great/ confident.



If you were looking for a reason to start wearing choker necklaces or to understand chokers, we hope that this article answers your questions.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!