Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty?

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Cubic zirconia boasts an undeniably high level of unmatched beauty. For anyone looking for something that looks just as good as an actual diamond but for a lot less, cubic zirconia could be the perfect alternative.

Note that while some individuals may associate it with poor quality, cheap costume jewelry, there are different grades to this simulated stone, and the ones you should be considering are the best quality CZ stones that look just as good as the real thing.

To the untrained eye, the CZ can be mistaken for an actual diamond.

Its beauty is vastly underestimated, though, as you will find out here:


Why Cubic Zirconia jewelry is An underestimated Beauty?

1. High-quality CZ stones for stunning jewelry

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

The first thing you need to know about CZ jewelry is that, contrary to popular belief, this stone is quite spectacular and shines beautifully when struck by light.

This happens because of the fact that CZ is available in a crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. However, all CZ stones are not the same, just like diamonds, and they come in different quality grades or levels, which also means that these stones are available at different price points.

The grades of CZ range from A to AAAAA. There also is a diamond grade 6-A CZ, but the 5A is the highest standard and grade of CZ available on the market – it is also the most expensive.

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

When looking for the best CZ jewelry, we recommend settling for the higher grades of CZ since these are stunning and they offer the best value for your money.

You should also know that CZ’s rating system is essentially based on the 4Cs grading system, which also applies to diamonds – that is, the cut, color, carat weight, and clarity, all qualities that are also used to determine a diamond’s quality.

CZ stones are all faceted in the same way, meaning that there exists a standard system for cutting CZ, like that for diamonds, and there are stone cutters trained to perfect the CZ cuts. So, if you are looking for the best CZ jewelry, you should look for the pieces that boast the best cuts.


2. Colorless, sparkling stones

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

The cutting process for the CZ stones leads to the brightest and also some of the most sparkling stones. However, it is essential to note that the main difference between CZ stones and diamonds is that they don’t have the same fire and sparkle as the CZ, which is the primary reason diamonds cost a lot more than CZ.

N0te that the fire of the gemstones represents how the stones reflect light and how light sparkles from the stones.

The sparkle and fire in diamonds are the primary reason they are unique and cost as much as they do.

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

Even so, CZ stones are stunning white stones that sparkle very brightly, which is why anyone unable to afford actual diamonds should consider settling for the CZ stones.

They look just as good, but they won’t break the bank. And with proper care, your CZ pieces of jewelry will last years. Also, in addition to the colorless CZ, you could also opt for the colored CZ stones, for example, in blue and pink.

And thanks to the popularity of the fancy diamonds and the colored CZ, you can enjoy the best quality stones that will match your stones seamlessly.  These colored CZ stones are rated based on the colors’ intensity and uniformity.


3. Unique cuts

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

In addition to the color variety, CZ jewelry is also an excellent fit for anyone looking for stunning jewelry on a tight budget because the CZ jewelry pieces all boast unique cuts.

Some options you get to choose from include solitaire, round, princess cuts, pear, and oval cuts, among others.

These stones all stand out beautifully, and they are often incorporated into earrings, rings, and also as parts of pendants for necklaces. Most of the CZ stones are on sterling silver, while others are on stainless steel.


4. Affordability

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

There is no doubt that the main reason CZ is an excellent option for anyone shopping for fabulous jewelry on a budget is that CZ is one of the most affordable and stylish gemstones you can find.

So, if you’d rather not buy diamonds, especially if you don’t find it wise to spend thousands on jewelry, the CZ pieces would be the ideal option. CZ jewelry options only cost a fraction of the cost of the diamond.


5. Multiple options to choose from

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

As mentioned above, CZ stones are available in different grades. The stones are also cut differently, with something unique for every style and personality.

There are also other color options that you get to choose from; all are sold quite affordably.


6. No scratches or inclusions

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

The other reason CZ is an excellent stone option but an understated one is because this diamond simulant is made in the lab, is free of inclusions, and is without any scratches.

The absence of blemishes means you end up with the finest quality CZ jewelry that sparkles brightly. If you are looking for an inclusion-free diamond that shines brightly but cannot afford them, CZ will be the best alternative.


7. CZ stones are also colorless and untainted

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

These are the other qualities that people look for in the best and the brightest stones, and the CZ stones give you exactly that because of the fact that these stones are good quality, untainted, colorless stones.

The white, colorless CZ stones boast incredible brilliance and a high dispersion index, making them a highly desirable style of stone for jewelry.


8. Less is more

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Is An Underestimated Beauty

If you are going for understated beauty on a budget,  you have to settle for the CZ gemstones because these stones look perfect, especially when you choose jewelry made of the smallest CZ stones.

Generally, all the non-diamond stones look better when small, and the rule to observe is that less is more.



If you are looking for affordable, brilliant, and stunning quality jewelry that will stand out and always look its best, we recommend choosing CZ pieces because of their understated beauty and elegance.

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