Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry?

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Cubic zirconia is a great diamond simulant made in the lab and will not break the bank while giving you the high level of shine and brightness that you need from gemstones on your jewelry.

And so, for most people who love and appreciate good jewelry but don’t want to spend a premium amount on jewelry, fashion jewelry would be ideal for you.

Fashion jewelry is made of high-quality materials, including metals, stones, and crystals, but the materials used are not expensive, like solid gold, diamonds, rubies, or sapphires.

But fashion jewelry is still very well-made with skin-safe and nickel-free materials that look as good as the real thing for much less.

To make this possible, jewelry makers are keen to use cheaper alternatives to precious and semi-precious stones, and cubic zirconia is the most common material used to embellish fashion jewelry.


What is unique about cubic zirconia?

Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry

With a hardness level of between 8 and 8.5. cubic zirconia is a durable, high-quality crystal that is the perfect alternative to diamonds. CZ sparkles and shines just as brightly as real diamonds.

With the high-quality CZ, like the 6A cubic zirconia set on precious metals and other high-quality materials, you spend much less on good quality CZ jewelry.

As a synthetic gemstone made of zirconium dioxide, CZ has an isometric crystallographic structure thanks to zirconium dioxide. Interestingly, the basic structure of CZ is a cubic crystalline structure that looks like that of the diamonds, which is why CZ is considered the perfect diamond simulant.

Thanks to its affordability, you can quickly wear cubic zirconia jewelry every day, thanks to the durability of CZ and the metal it is set in. Also, losing CZ fashion jewelry will not be a substantial financial loss; it may be emotional, but you can easily replace CZ jewelry.

Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry

Cubic zirconia is also unique because it is often 100% flawless, qualifying it as a perfect diamond. You will always have a brightly shining stone that is colorless and flawless.

Besides the colorless CZ, you could also have the colored CZ easily color-treated in the laboratory. Several high-quality and convincing yellow and pink CZ gemstones on the market look great against yellow gold and white metals.

The other thing that makes CZ stand out is the stone’s clarity. Essentially, CZ is flawless, imitating the perfect diamond, and for anyone looking for the best quality stone on their ring, CZ will stand out without looking cheap. The best part is that CZ looks just as pleasing as the natural diamond to an untrained eye.

But there is more, and below, we’ll share everything you need to know about CZ fashion jewelry and why this jewelry would be the best investment for you.


1. Affordability

Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry

For many of us, our choice of jewelry is guided by the price of the jewelry we are planning to buy. So, while CZ is considered the perfect substitute for diamonds, this is the case because CZ looks a lot like diamonds, but it costs only a fraction of what the diamonds cost.

And with fashion jewelry regarded as the most affordable kind of jewelry, it makes sense that CZ is the gemstone incorporated into this type of jewelry.


2. Versatility and variety

Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is the most popular jewelry category in the jewelry industry because there are endless options in terms of the types, styles, designs, shapes, and sizes of the jewelry.

CZ is one of the elements that ensure the versatility of fashion jewelry, and it is why there are different styles of CZ earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants.

CZ jewelry is available in any jewelry type you can imagine, and these gemstones are also available in a wide color array, including pink, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, etc.


3. CZ is unblemished

Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry

Since CZ is made in the lab, it is not susceptible to flaws and blemishes like natural or precious gemstones.

The controlled manufacturing environment for CZ makes this lab-created gemstone common among creators of fashion jewelry.


4. CZ is pure and colorless

The other thing that makes CZ special is its purity level and colorlessness, features that make it the perfect alternative to diamonds.

Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry

While it is almost impossible to find pure white diamonds, you can find pure white CZ crystals, which means jewelry with the highest reflectivity thanks to cubic zirconia’s high dispersion index.

This is also the reason for the bright shimmer and sparkle of the CZ jewelry, and they shine brighter than the fine jewelry made using natural gemstones.


5. The small CZ pieces are better than the bigger stones

Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry

CZ is that one stone that will follow and break all the rules as we know them. CZ stones are brilliant and always stand out against gold, platinum, and silver metal bases.

Still, you can also easily use CZ with other metals like sterling silver, gold-plated varieties, and stainless steel, among other metal bases.

These beautiful stones stand out and last long regardless of the metal CZ is set on. Also, the brilliance of these stones on the metals often comes from very small pieces of CZ, so you don’t need big stones to make a statement.


6. Easy maintenance

Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry

The other thing that makes cubic zirconia special is that this is a low-maintenance stone. CZ is very easy to clean, maintain, and store, and you won’t need to clean the stone using special equipment or procedures.

Often, you need to clean your cubic zirconia fashion jewelry using a warm water bath, a soft cloth, and a gentle dishwashing soap. You may also want the pieces professionally cleaned once or twice yearly to keep the luster and shine of the cubic zirconia stones.


7. You can wear CZ jewelry every day

Why Cubic Zirconia Is A Better Choice For Fashion Jewelry

Unlike delicate jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones, CZ fashion jewelry can be worn daily without fear of tear, wear, or damage.

CZ jewelry is quite durable thanks to its high hardness and its resistance to rust and scratches. You only need to make sure that the jewelry is well-set stones.



CZ is affordable, durable, colorless, inclusions-free, bright, and elegant, and it looks just as good as the natural diamond.

Therefore, it enhances the appearance of jewelry and creates the most versatile types of fashion jewelry for you.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!