Why Are Wedding Rings Plain? (4 Interesting Reasons Discovered)

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Ever stopped to think about the reason behind society settling on plain rings for wedding rings?

Why can’t we have glamorous, glitzy rings for weddings as we do engagement rings? Or what would happen if you opted for a glamorous ring for a wedding ring?

In this piece, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about wedding rings and why these rings are primarily plain across the world?


Why are wedding rings plain?

Why Are Wedding Rings Plain?

Besides the fact that engagement rings are given during proposals while the wedding rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremonies, the differences between these rings are often seen in the design and the styles of the rings.

The engagement ring styles are often more intricate than the wedding bands/ rings, as they feature a gemstone or a center-stone like a diamond.

The wedding rings, on the other hand, have a simpler design, commonly a classic rounded band.

There are only a few cases and people who’d opt for the almost plain ring, except for the addition of the wire basket ring design from the use of the smaller diamonds.


The reasons why the wedding rings are often plain are as follows:


Why Are Wedding Rings Plain-1

The smaller, plain ring design is considered a great option for a wedding ring. The primary reason for this is that the wedding ring is a symbol of marriage and the vow to spend the rest of your lives with each other.

The ring symbolizes matrimony, and for most people, this means that the wedding ring will be worn pretty much for the rest of their lives or for as long as they are married to each other.

With this in mind, and also the fact that the wedding band is intended as a symbol of faithfulness and fidelity to each other, the design of the ring should be simple enough to allow you to get through different things and everything that you need to do with your hands.

Essentially, the wedding ring is plain to allow you to carry on with your life with the ring on and without the ring coming in the way.

The other reasons why the wedding band is almost always a plain ring can be attributed to the following reasons:


2.The plain wedding ring would be very easy to refinish

With time, your ring will lose its luster, however careful you are with it or how much care you put in. But thanks to the plain/ simple design of the ring, you can have the ring refinished easily, and the best part is that the restoration will not cost as much as it would if the ring featured a center-stone or very intricate designs.

Why Are Wedding Rings Plain

3.The plain rings come in different karat values

While the type of plain gold rings you choose for weddings plays into the durability and the appearance of the ring, you will be happy to know that you have numerous great options to choose from. You just can’t have a wearable 24K gold ring because it’s pure, hence too soft and unsustainable for use in everyday jewelry.

Your options would, therefore, include the 18K gold, which contains 75% gold – a durable, shiny, and elegant version of gold. Alternatively, and for a little less, you could buy the 14k solid gold ring that is made of 58.5% gold, or the 10k gold, which costs much less since it is the lowest acceptable karat value for gold with only 42% pure gold.

These options mean that you get the best quality gold rings without having to look for diamond embellishments.


4.Easy resizing/ Reworking

Why Are Wedding Rings Plain-2

If you gain or lose weight in the weeks or months before or after the wedding, you won’t have to lose your mind over what to do with the ring or how long it will take to resize the ring because the plain rings are reworked quite easily and take less time. It would also cost less to resize/ rework a plain wedding ring.

The other reason why the wedding rings are often plain has to do with how easy it is to pair these plain rings with other (bold) rings. Also, you could have the plain ring customized easily, making it more unique.


Does a wedding band have to be plain?

Why Are Wedding Rings Plain

Your wedding band doesn’t have to be plain, which means that in as much as the plain wedding rings are considered the wedding ring standard, you could go against the grain by getting a diamond ring for a wedding ring, and there will be nothing with this.  

But even with this knowledge, an increasing number of brides stick with plain wedding rings.

The reasons for this preference include the practicality of the plain wedding ring, the low maintenance associated with that plain ring, and the fact that a plain ring allows the bigger glamorous engagement ring to stand out well.


Pros and cons of plain wedding rings

Why Are Wedding Rings Plain


  • The ring is a lot more practical in terms of its wearability, meaning you can keep the ring on easily, even when you have to engage in a rough job with your hands.
  • The ring calls for less maintenance, and this means less cleaning would be needed for your plain wedding ring, unlike a diamond-studded wedding ring.
  • The plain wedding band doesn’t take away attention from the stunning engagement ring, especially if you have to keep the two rings on.
  • It’s a good design option for anyone looking for something simpler or a ring that will not attract too much attention.
  • Ideal ring design for most workplaces. Although diamond rings look great, we can all agree that there are many areas of our lives where keeping the ring on would cause more harm than good. So, if you need a ring that you can still wear to work comfortably, the plain ring takes the win.
  • The plain ring looks great against your solitaire engagement ring, especially one with plain shoulders.
  • The plain wedding ring is more affordable than the diamond wedding ring

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  • If you like to draw attention, the plain ring will not create the desired effect.
  • For plain rings not made of the best quality materials, the ring would start to look run-down a little too soon, especially when observed against a diamond ring.
  • You’d have to be extra careful when pairing the wedding ring with an engagement ring because a thick, plain wedding band, for example, would appear chunkier when it’s paired with your engagement ring. And the resultant heavy look won’t be a great look for you.
  • The design options are few.


Some plain wedding band facts

  • The plain wedding bands are easily refinished

Once you start wearing the ring, it will turn into this very beloved piece of jewelry and easily your most favorite piece. But as you wear it every day and night, the ring will wear out naturally. The good news is that despite life happening as it always does, you can have the ring refinished easily once the scratches start to show. A White gold ring, for example, would be refinished through re-plating with rhodium.

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  • The ring is easily re-worked

No ring created is ever indestructible, but a plain wedding ring is a lot easier to fix after it bends. So, if you work with your hands in whatever profession, you can keep the ring on without worrying about the band losing its appeal forever.


  • There are numerous karat value options to choose from

Besides allowing you to express your style in the most subtle way, the plain ring is available in 10k, 14k, and 18k, meaning you have many options to choose from, based on your budget and style preference. You could also choose plain wedding rings made of platinum or titanium.

Why Are Wedding Rings Plain-5

  • Easy customization

Some of the style/ design options to choose from include the flat rings, the half-round rings, beveled rings, and the milgrain rings. Whichever style you settle on, you get to engrave the rings or personalize them with secret love notes easily.

Finally, your plain wedding ring would pair with your engagement ring or any other rings quite beautifully.


Should you get plain wedding bands or diamond setting wedding rings?

Why Are Wedding Rings Plain?

Ultimately, the decision to choose plain or diamond set rings for a wedding depends on your preferences and style.

While the diamond setting ring option gives you a wider ring variety, the plain rings blend with engagement rings well; they are more practical and also more comfortable than the bedazzled ones.

You also risk the wedding ring overpowering the engagement ring.



While you could choose to wear a diamond wedding ring, the truth is that the traditional plain wedding ring design is always superior because it allows for easy wearing in the long run.

The plain ring is ideal for everyday wear, and you can keep it on at work effortlessly.

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