Why Are Tungsten Rings So Cheap on Amazon/eBay?

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

Why are some tungsten rings so cheap? This is a question you may ask when you want to buy a tungsten ring. When you search on Google, you will find that the tungsten ring price range in:$20-$600. Here is a post focus on Why do tungsten rings vary in price? You will find the reasons.

But, when you do some researches on Amazon, you will be shocked by the price. You will ask: Why Are Tungsten Rings So Cheap on Amazon or eBay?

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They are as low as $15 dollars. The price range is$15-$50.


Reason 1: Tungsten is Not an Expensive Metal.

The main reason why tungsten rings so cheap on Amazon is that the value of the tungsten rings is not Expensive.  You know what?

The price for tungsten price is $1 per oz.  The price for finished tungsten products would be from$25 to $2500 per kilo. Most of the products in the $100 to $350 per kilo range.

Most of the tungsten rings are about 17g-20g.( under 1 oz, so the cost for material is under 1 dollar)

I did a test for you guys

The material cost+production fee+labor cost= the factory price is about $3.

Yes. The factory price is about 3 dollars. ( I hope retailers do not “kill” me cause I told you guys the truth that they always want to hide)

Let’s do more math here.

We sold our tungsten rings to the retailers( Walmart, Charming Charlie, other Amazon sellers) at the price of about $4.5-$5.

The retailers usually to design very Unique Packaging for their product. The price varies 1$-$5.

As for the shipping fee to Amazon warehouse, it is not expensive if you send 500 pieces ring to it. Let’s say $0.2 for each.

So, you will know the total cost for a tungsten ring:$5.7-$10. So, if they sell for $20-$50, they still profitable.

If the seller set the price at $20. They still have $6 Profit.


The total price-product cost-amazon fee= Profit


If they sell at $50, they will make more money.


Reason 2: Amazon is a Very Competitive Market.

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10 years ago, the tungsten rings were also expensive on Amazon. Price was about $50.

With many sellers and brands are selling on Amazon, especially Chinese sellers, the price decreased to $20 dollars or even lower. ( To tell you the truth, 95% of tungsten rings made in China, so no worry about the quality. )

Let me tell you a true story here, a friend of mine is a rings seller. He sells tungsten rings at a price of $40. I think this price is very reasonable.

Great services and lifetime warranty. You can visit his website there. ( this is not affiliate links)  He doesn’t know I mention his website.

Last time he visited our factory, I asked him: why don’t you sell on Amazon? It is a great market to start.

He answered my question in a very serious tone: Oh, Man! Amazon is very very very competitive.

Due to the competitive market, so the price is very affordable.


Reason 3: Lower Marketing Cost on Amazon.

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If you guys do not know marketing, let me tell you in plain English.

Marketing cost a lot when you want to promote a product.

Let’s take a tungsten ring for example:

On Amazon, there are millions of buyers who are searching for their favorite products. You can easily sell tungsten to a buyer.

But if you are selling a tungsten ring at a store or on other websites, you may spend more money on marketing.

Therefore, the sales price is lower.


Reason 4: No Lifetime Warranty.

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Amazon is the most customer-centric company in the world. They provide great customer service for the first month(30 days)after you got the item, including the third-party sellers.

Suppose that your tungsten ring breaks( it can happen, but the chance is very slim), and you bought it on Amazon and it’s beyond the one month return period.

You can not replace it for free. But if you spend extra money, let’s say, $50, you would be covered by the industry lifetime warranty policy.

Expert Tip: There is no difference between $20 and $50 or $300.

Tungsten rings are not easy to break or tarnish( if with cobalt, it would tarnish-I will cover more about this topic at reason 5), but you can pay more for better service. As a tungsten rings manufacturer, I think $50 is very reasonable for great service.

My suggestion is: if you buy a tungsten ring for daily outfit, you can buy an affordable tungsten ring like this one. Awesome quality, Fair price. 

If you want to buy a ring as a gift, I suggest you pay more for a better one. Such as this one on Amazon, they provide Lifetime Warranty. 


Reason 5: Made with cobalt or Made with other alloys. ( The only difference)

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Tungsten rings made with cobalt( Bad- Do not buy)

Tungsten rings made with other alloys ( Very Good- You can buy)

Cobalt is a cheaper filler some ring manufacturers use that make tungsten rings. We never use cobalt to make rings.

This means: your tungsten ring is not made from jewelry grade tungsten, it is made from cheaper industrial-grade tungsten.

The One with Cobalt and the one with Nickel. With Cobalt, it will tarnish.

Expert Tip: If you want to buy a tungsten ring under $20, you really should read the description carefully or send an email to ask if it is nickel or cobalt in the ring.

 If they have no idea, quit buying.

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Have you learned something in this post? If you are still confused, leave your question in the comment section.

If you want to save money, muster up your courage to buy on Amazon. If you want to get better services, such as lifetime warranty, free replacement if your finger grows bigger.

You can pay extra more money.

Thanks for reading, guys. if you guys want to know about fashion or fashion jewelry, please go to our home page for more. If you want to know more about tungsten rings, please read this list of posts here. 

Hey! I finally find the Answer!