Help!Why Are tungsten Carbide Rings So Cheap?

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

Why are some tungsten carbide rings so cheap? A friend of mine asked this question last week.

He wanted to by a tungsten carbide ring as a wedding band. Here is a topic I write last time, is tungsten carbide good for a wedding ring? If you guys want to know, please read it. When he went to the local store, he found that the tungsten carbide rings so expensive. The price is above $200.

Then, he did some research online. He found that tungsten rings vary in price Greatly. $20 on Amazon, but some tungsten rings are above $350 on the Blue Nile.

So, today I am going to explain why are tungsten Carbide Rings so cheap?

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But before answering this question, I need you guys to understand the difference between tungsten rings and tungsten carbide rings.

Tungsten is an individual metal. Tungsten carbide is an alloy of tungsten and other metals, such as predominantly carbon, nickel, titanium and more other metals.

Some jewelers and websites will use tungsten rings or tungsten carbide rings interchangeably. But, most of the jewelry sellers will list tungsten carbide rings as tungsten rings for simplicity. NOTE: Tungsten is a strong metal. It is very difficult to make into a ring. 100% tungsten ring would be strong and hard, but it is not as resistant and durable as a tungsten carbide ring.

 Let’s keep to the point. Why are tungsten Carbide Rings so cheap?


Reason 1: This is the Most Common Answer

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If you search online, you would likely to get this answer. This is one of the reasons that make the tungsten rings cheap.

Tungsten carbide rings made with different grades of quality and price points.

Simply put, tungsten carbide ring made with nickel (Good)and tungsten carbide rings made with Cobalt. (bad)

Tips: Never buy tungsten carbide rings with cobalt. This would happen soon or later.

Nickel is also used in premium tungsten rings. The nickel is less than 1% and it will not cause any problem. ( ff your skin is very sensitive, it will cause allergy, but the chance is very slim)

 Some websites will tell you cheap tungsten rings on Amazon or eBay are made in some production lots using less than quality tungsten metal and no workmanship. They will tell you that the metal is not tested for quality and the tungsten rings made with cheap filler, such as cobalt. Tungsten rings made with cobalt would tarnish quickly and irritate your skin.

NOTE: As a tungsten ring manufacturer, I know most tungsten rings are sold on Amazon and eBay are made with nickel. NOT made with cobalt. So buy it with confidence.


Reason 2 Tungsten is Not an Expensive Metal( No one will tell you this reason)

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Some sellers will never tell you this secret because they want you guys to believe tungsten is very expensive.

Today, I am going share a secret that most of tungsten ring sellers always want to hide. But, I believe every buyer has the rights to know this secret.

The secret is: the factory price for one tungsten ring is about $3-4. The wholesale price is about 5-$6 for one tungsten ring due to different designs.

Do not believe it?

Let me tell you more.

Do you know how much for 1 oz premium tungsten?

It is about $1 for 1 oz.

Your tungsten ring is less than 1 oz.

Here is the weight of my tungsten carbide ring. It is about 20g.

I did a test for you guys

Here I just want to tell you the real reason( I believe this is the main reason). But, a tungsten ring is a very good ring to wear. I most ware it every day)


Reason 3. Most of the Cheap Tungsten Rings Do not Provide a Lifetime Warranty.

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This is also a very important reason.


Some tungsten ring sellers on Amazon or Walmart do not provide a lifetime warranty. Most of the rings came with no warranties returns or exchanges.

Compared to the expensive ones, the jewelry provides lifetime warranty or free replacement if you break your tungsten rings( it could happen, but the chance is very slim) or your finger grows stronger or smaller. ( Tungsten ring can not be resized, so you need to replace for a new one)

Here is a post you can read more in detail: Why are Tungsten Rings so Expensive at Jewelry Stores?

After reading this post, you will know why most tungsten rings are so affordable.

My suggestion is: if you buy a tungsten ring for a daily outfit, you can buy an affordable tungsten ring like this one. Awesome quality, Fair price. 

If you want to buy a ring as a gift, I suggest you pay more for a better one. Such as this one on Amazon, they provide Lifetime Warranty. 


Reason 4. Tungsten Carbide Rings Made in Asian Countries.

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Tungsten carbide rings are made in China and South Korea are cheaper made in the USA.


Rings made in the USA have to pay more tax.

But, the quality is the same. I know most of the tungsten rings on the market are made in China. Tungsten rings shipped to the USA must pass many factory audits and the metal must be properly tested. So, no worry about quality.


Reason 5: Competitive Market.

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 This is one of reason because of more and more tungsten ring seller out there. They have to do many promotions to sell tungsten rings. This is not the main reason, but you guys should know this reason. The rule is simple: If the market is competitive, it is good for buyers.



As you can see, there are many reasons. But, I still believe the reason 2 is the main reason. Reason 3 is also an important one.

My final suggestion is, if you want to buy a ring for an important person, please pay extra money to get better service.

But, if you are in a tight budget or you just want to buy one for a daily outfit, you can buy tungsten carbide rings on Amazon. Just buy it with the confidence you got no problem.

Where can you buy a great one on Amazon?

I suggest you guys buy king will tungsten rings. It is a very reputable company and great brand on Amazon

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Thanks for reading guys. If you guys want to read more tungsten ring related questions, read here. Or just read our latest posts here.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!