Why Are Titanium Rings So Cheap?(2024 Detailed Answer)

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Have you scrolled through photos of titanium rings on Amazon and wondered why they are so cheap?

If there’s anything to know about titanium is that it’s a prestigious metal, at least in the public arena.

Why, therefore, does it seem so affordable? Well, you’ve come to the right place for the answer.


Why are titanium rings so cheap?

Why Are Titanium Rings So Cheap

If you’re not familiar with metals in general, you’ll be surprised to know that titanium is not worth much. When you compare to gold and platinum, it becomes apparent why.

One of the factors that make it cheap is because titanium is the ninth most abundant element and the seventh most abundant metal on the planet.

That is far from the truth when it comes to gold or platinum. Its abundance makes it cheap compared to gold or platinum. In the market, an ounce of platinum will go for about $2,000 and of gold for $900. However, titanium will only go for $11 for a whole pound.

Also, the other factor contributing to the low price of titanium rings is because making a ring is not a complicated process as compared to gold, silver, or platinum. 

It is even more straightforward than making rings made out of stainless steel. For that reason, jewelers and manufacturers can make the rings in bulk and for cheap and sell them for equally cheap.


Is a titanium ring worth anything?

Why Are Titanium Rings So Cheap

Titanium is worth something, just not much. When you take it to a pawn shop, they are 99 percent of the time they are going to turn you away. The reason for that is in the market today; you can get a titanium ring made in China for about $5 or less.

The pawn shopkeeper will not be able to know where you got it from or even assessed the value of it. Even with intricate details, they will still not opt to purchase the ring.

The context where they might consider or even purchase the ring is if you have diamonds or other precious gemstones. Titanium is malleable enough, making it possible to put embellishments that instantly increase the price.

Therefore, it is the carat of the diamond that will determine the cost of the ring.


What is titanium suitable for?

Why Are Titanium Rings So Cheap

Thus far, it makes it easy to completely dismiss titanium as a viable option for a ring of whatever nature. That ought not to be the case. There are a lot of things to love about titanium. A lot of other people think so, too, because it is among the fastest-growing type of metal for jewelry in the market today.

One of the aspects that have led to its popularity is the high strength-to-weight ratio as compared to other transition metals. That means that it is lightweight, but that by no means translates to how strong it is. Titanium is extremely strong.

When turned into jewelry, people love that it is super light, but you also have the assurance that it can last for a long time without tarnishing.

Given that it is lightweight and easy to work with, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the type of titanium ring that you want. You can have it engraved with whatever design that you wish without having to worry if it’s too intricate.

Why Are Titanium Rings So Cheap

There is equally the option of having a polished ring or a textured one. It can be colored as well, and as mentioned, you can add embellishments that you desire.

Another thing to like about titanium rings even though they are not worth much is that they are hypoallergenic. If you have the sensitivity to other metals, you can turn to titanium for a change.

There’s also the factor that titanium can maintain its shine for a much longer time than white gold or silver. It doesn’t need a lot of care as compared to the other kinds of metals; it will maintain its luster for years to come. If you’re not keen on having to fuss about the state of your wedding ring, then you might want to opt for a cheap titanium ring.


What are the drawbacks of titanium rings?

Why Are Titanium Rings So Cheap

The strength of titanium is a blessing of the ring fits, and your finger doesn’t change size. It becomes problematic when you need resizing. Instead, it is impossible to resize a titanium ring.

Once it’s made, you cannot do anything about it, the other problem with a titanium ring is that it’ll have to be cut using a special cutter in the event of an accident, and they have to remove it. When enough pressure is applied, it cracks and breaks; you won’t be able to salvage the ring.

Another drawback is that even though you can put embellishments on a titanium ring, doing so immediately drives up the cost of the ring itself.

Why Are Titanium Rings So Cheap

That’s because the hard nature makes it more challenging to put in a prong setting. Even then, you’ll find that the setting is made from another metal that is easier to mold and put in the stones.

Also, even though titanium is sturdy, it can still show signs of scratches and other wear if you don’t treat it kindly. In that case, you’ll have to take it to the jeweler for polishing.

If you choose to get colored titanium ring or you choose to paint it at a later point, you’ll have to get the color reapplied after a while because the color fades?

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Should I buy a titanium ring?

Why Are Titanium Rings So Cheap

Titanium rings have a lot of benefits and thus worth the purchase.

However, if you’re hoping to resell it at some point in your life or keep it as an heirloom, then you’re better off reaching for rings make of precious metals.

Otherwise, you’ll end up learning the hard way that it’s not worth much when it comes time to sell it off or pass it down.

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