Why Are Tennis Bracelets So Expensive?(3 Reasons Explained in 2024)

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Why Are Tennis Bracelets So Expensive? Tennis bracelets are fancy, elegant, and sophisticated, and we’d all love to own this piece of iconic fashion accessory.

But why are the tennis bracelets so damn expensive? Is the tennis bracelet in any way even worth the high price tag? And given the high price tag for some of the best tennis bracelets around, how do you make sure that you are not ripped off when buying a tennis bracelet?

We’ve created this article to help in answer all these and many more questions about tennis bracelets.


What are tennis bracelets?

A tennis bracelet is a gorgeous accessory that boasts an incredible level of brilliance and nice flash; that’s the reason for the maintenance of the classiness and the subtleness of the bracelet.

A tennis bracelet is also known as a line bracelet, designed with a number of small diamond stones in either 4 or 6 prong setting; each stone joined to the other by a thin piece of metal chain made of precious metals.

This bracelet is flexible, and it may have one or even multiple rows of diamonds. Please watch the video below.


What are tennis bracelets made of?

Classic diamond tennis bracelets are often made of round and colorless diamonds set on 18K white gold or platinum. There have been different versions of tennis bracelets on the market over the years, and today there are tennis bracelets made of 18K rose gold and 18k yellow gold. But that isn’t all, as jewelers are now experimenting with different kinds of gemstones.

With the newer versions of tennis bracelets, it’s interesting to note that there also are bracelets made of black diamonds besides the white diamonds. There is also an increasing number of jewelers coming up with tennis bracelets made of brown diamonds.

The brown-colored diamonds make some of the lower-priced white and black diamonds, but the brown diamond stones stand out particularly well against the rose gold metal settings.

But the variety in materials used doesn’t end there, with jewelers coming up with more elegant tennis bracelets that feature not only diamonds but also the best of gemstones, including emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

With this variety of materials, some of the bracelets will have more than one type of gemstones on them. Note, however, that the bracelets made solely of a gemstone are not called tennis bracelets – the tennis bracelets are different from other kinds of bracelets because they are often made of diamonds only.


How it got its name – the tennis bracelet?

While some people refer to this bracelet as the tennis bracelet, this bracelet was previously known as the line diamond bracelet.

The name (line bracelet) alludes to the linear linked/ connected shape/ design of the bracelet. And if you are going for the simplest name of the bracelet, then this makes complete sense.

But then, why is the line bracelet referred to as a tennis bracelet?

Well, history has a part to play when it comes to tennis bracelets, and the only way for you to understand why they are called tennis bracelets is by looking at the history of the bracelets. So, here it goes.

The name ‘Tennis Bracelet’ was coined back in 1987 by and thanks to the professional tennis player Chris Evert. The tennis player rose to popularity between the years of 1972 and 1989. During the ferocious match at the US Open in 1987, her line diamond bracelet, the G Bedewi, broke and flew off her wrist. The reason for this is that the clasp on the bracelet snapped off. As a result of this misadventure, Evert asked the match officials to stop the match until the bracelet was recovered. Since this memorable event, the George Bedewi jewelry brand grew in popularity, with an increasing number of individuals asking for the same line bracelet, but now, they called it the tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets have since grown in popularity, with jewelers all over coming up with different bracelets made of durable, handmade line diamonds with more secure clasps.

So, there you have it – the real reason behind the name, the tennis bracelet. Keep in mind that thanks to the fact that Chris Evert wore the bracelet to the Tennis match, it’s become somewhat of a staple, and you see tennis players lie Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova with exquisite bracelets all the time.


Why are tennis bracelets so expensive?


There are many reasons for the popularity of the tennis bracelet, but the main reason why the tennis bracelets are very expensive is that the tennis bracelet is one of the most popular bracelets on the market for more than 30 years now. Here we also cover a topic: are tennis bracelets are still in style?  Read this post for more interesting information.

The tennis bracelet has since received a great deal of international attention and popularity, and now everyone who affords diamonds can also afford the tennis bracelets.

Generally, and the endless diamond rows create a feeling of eternal beauty, and it makes total sense that everyone would like to feel that.

2.Timeless Design

With the tennis bracelets’ story goes back 30+ years back, and the design of the line bracelet decades older than that, it goes without saying that this bracelet design is nothing but timeless.

The bracelet’s design is quite versatile and sophisticated, and the tennis bracelet design is one that surpasses time.

It is as exquisite and timeless as the eternity band and the solitaire diamond engagement ring, and the best part is that you could never go wrong with the diamond line/ tennis bracelet.


3.Quality of the diamonds used.

The other reason for the high cost of the tennis bracelets has to do with the quality of the diamonds used.

The first thing to keep in mind is the type of metal used to make the bracelet and the and the type/ quality of the diamonds.

A tennis bracelet contains 62 small diamonds linked together by metals like platinum or 18K gold.

Generally, the tennis bracelet’s price will vary depending on the size of the diamonds – a 3 cttw diamond bracelet costs more than a 1.5cttw.

Now, while there isn’t one metal that is regarded as the ‘best’ metal for the tennis bracelet, the material used for the bracelet affects its durability and brilliance.

The best metals used for the most expensive diamond bracelets are often 18K white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, or even 925 sterling silver and platinum. These materials contribute to the high price tag of the tennis bracelet.

How much is my diamond tennis bracelet worth?

Depending on the number and size of bracelets used and the metal type that the diamonds are set on, the tennis bracelet’s price is variable but generally starts from about $2,500 and goes up based on the bracelet’s specifications. (some of the bracelets are more than $50000 or more)


5 Tips for buying a tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets are obviously not created equal, which means that you need to be particular about the features of the tennis bracelet to choose the best tennis bracelets.

That said, here are some of the important considerations you need to keep in mind when shopping for a tennis bracelet.

1.Tennis bracelet’s clasp type 

this is important, especially because you don’t want to deal with the same issue with Chris Evert, the tennis player.

That said, the three main types of clasps to consider include the spring ring clasp, which is the most common, the lobster clasp, and the barrel clasp.

2.Tennis bracelet settings

there are three main types of diamond settings for the tennis bracelets, the 3 or 4 prong settings that allows light to pass through the diamond for the maximum sparkle; the channel setting, which features thin metal in two rows holding the stones on either side;

lastly, the bezel or the half-bezel in which the base metal is designed to surround the diamond stones, as is the case with a watch head.

The half-bezel setting, on the other hand, features one metal connected to two sides of the diamond only.


3.Styles of tennis bracelets 

The main styles of tennis bracelets to keep under consideration are the single row for that simple but elegant bracelet feel, double row for something simple but stunning, and then you have the bracelet with three or four rows of diamonds; and ideal for you if you are looking for a piece of jewelry that will be an instant center of attention.  , and others feature four rows of diamonds.


4.Wear your tennis bracelet right 

 There are different ways of wearing your tennis bracelet, but one of the best ways of watching the tennis bracelet would be by either wearing it as a single piece for that effortlessly chic and simple everyday wear.

But you could also choose to stack up the bracelet or wear it in combination with other tennis bracelets.

Stacking the diamond bracelet would the go-to look for you if you are attending a glamorous event and really want your tennis bracelet to steal the show. You could also choose to wear tennis bracelets made of combination colors.

5.Get the sizing right 

 the other important thing to keep in mind is that in as much as the size of the bracelet doesn’t matter as much, you need to make sure that the diamond bracelet doesn’t fall off your wrist.

For the right tennis bracelet size, you need to take the actual size of your wrist then add ½ – 1 ½ inch to your measurements for the actual bracelet size.

The good news is that you can have the size of the bracelet reduced by having at least one of the links removed for a shortened length.



To find the best tennis bracelet to match your style and budget, you need to search for the bracelet from a reputable vendor. Using the tips above, you should be able to find the best tennis bracelet.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!