Why Are Signet Rings Worn On The Little Finger?(Quick Answer)

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Signet rings have been around for a really long time. They are stylishly meaningful, and the individuals who are into the signet rings hold this type of jewelry in high regard, which is also the reason why no one would want to wear their signet ring in a way that is less than ideal.

So, for the longest time, the signet ring has been worn on the little finger.

Of course, some people end up questioning such staple rules on signet rings, and in this article, we’ll take time to look at the top reasons why you’d wear the signet ring on the pinky finger and how this came to be.

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Which finger to wear your signet ring on?

Why Are Signet Rings Worn On The Little Finge

You will agree with us that when it comes to signet rings, there is are many unknown variables that people are forced to think about, especially when you don’t want to commit a fashion faux pas. Questions about the ideal metal used to make the signet rings are common, but knowing which finger to wear the ring on is always the most common one.

But we’ll help you answer this question here.

It’s worth noting that traditionally, the signet ring would be worn on the pinky finger. However, rules are to be broken, especially in the world of fashion.

With this in mind, and approaching the idea of signet rings in the contemporary sense, it would be safe to note that the finger you choose to wear the signet ring on will depend on your fashion sense, what feels comfortable to you, your mood, and even the occasion. With this in mind, we think it’s only fair to look at what it would mean to wear the signet ring on different fingers. But we’ll start with the pinky finger.

Why Are Signet Rings Worn On The Little Finge

  • The signet ring on the pinky finger

 The signet rings are not all that popular today as they were in the past. Even so, the signet rings are still significant historically and culturally. Traditionally, the signet ring was worn on the pinky finger, often by gentlemen who wore the ring as a seal for important documents – most of these gentlemen were involved in business and politics, and having the seal on the pinky finger made it easy to authenticate important documents. Most of the time, the signet rings were engraved with the family crests of the wearers. To sign documents, the signet ring was dipped in hot wax then used to print signatures.

To give the nod to this cultural reference, you would wear the signet ring on the pinky finger. You have the freedom to choose the material that the ring is made of – perhaps, copper, steel, brass, or even gold. You could also leave the ring blank if you want a more contemporary look, although engraving it with a marking or crest is also an option. You may also like the signet ring because you can dress it up or down, and the best part is that you could experiment with modern or classic designs styles of wearing the signet ring.

If, for example, you are going for a modern look, you could pair your signet ring with a timeless dark bLazer and matching gold cufflinks. And if you wish to add something more, you could layer up your signet ring with cuff bracelets or even patina cufflinks to match the ring.

It’s worth noting that traditionally, the signet rings were considered the bespoke signature of the wearer, and they were considered very powerful, and to show this, they’d be destroyed upon the death of that gentleman. Also, the signet rings were often made with signatures like a coat of arms or the family crests. And above all, the signet ring was a representation of the power, authenticity, and individuality of the owner of the ring.

Why Are Signet Rings Worn On The Little Finge

  • The signet ring on the middle or index fingers

These are the other options that you could try if you want to go against the traditional grain. The signet ring was considered an important element that represented authenticity, power, and individuality, and in the modern world, these would be made true by the fact that you get to wear the signet ring on any other finger you’d like to be able to express your individuality.  Wearing the signet ring on your index finger or the middle finger is seen as a break from tradition, but it is also the best form of self-expression, with the wearer getting to wear the ring depending on the occasion they are dressing up for and their mood.


The signet ring on the little finger meaning

The reason why it’s such a big deal to wear the signet ring on the middle finger is that wearing the ring on the little finger would make it much easier for the wearer to stamp important documents. On the little finger, the ring is much more accessible, allowing for its use as a tool to emboss wax and to create wax seals for authentication of documents and/or identification. This was the common practice in the older days, and it dates back to Ancient Egypt before it was carried on and made even more popular by the Romans.

Why Are Signet Rings Worn On The Little Finge

This seal was quite popular in the Middle Ages, and it was used for legal documents, royal proclamations, and the authentication of correspondence. By incorporating the stamp on the signet ring, the ring/ stamp was much more accessible to the owner and could be used easily whenever it was needed.

It’s worth noting that the signet ring fell out of style briefly in the 17th Century, and at the time, prominent people and families in society used the seal designed as an ornamental mount. These seals would be worn as chains or in ribbons as a fob, alongside the classic timepieces of the older days. This practice was the norm at the time until the latter part of the 18th century when the signet rings became popular once again. Today, the signet rings are used for identification purposes, but mostly for style. The ring also looked and still looks stylish on the little finger.

That said, the top reason why the signet ring was worn on the little finger is the fact that the ring is a powerful representation of the wearer’s power, their individuality, or belonging to a particular family, and it was also seen as a symbol of the wearer’s authenticity. So, by wearing the ring on the pinky finger, you are living up to traditions where you wear the ring to show off your individuality.

Why Are Signet Rings Worn On The Little Finge

It’s also a great representation of your respect or recognition of the cultural and historical significance of the ring. If you wear the signet ring on your little finger, you could be like the popular names that still wear the signet ring, for example, Princes like the 8th Marquess of Bristol whose father gave him a ring to represent the family.

Other advantages of wearing the signet ring include:

  • The ring carries the mark of who you are, wherever you go
  • It shows great value and the values/ beliefs that you stand for
  • The signet ring is fashionable and can be worn with just about anything.



The signer ring on the little finger is a great show of your individuality and authenticity. It is also stylish, and if you don’t wear it for the historical and cultural significance it carries, it still represents your individuality and great sense of style.

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