Why Are Pandora Bracelets So Hard To Close? – Answers & Solutions

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While Pandora claims that their bracelets are easy to open and close, anyone who owns a Pandora piece will agree with us that closing these bracelets can be quite challenging.

And there are many times where you may have ended up hurting your nails or even giving up on removing the bracelet altogether.

But before we look at tips on closing the Pandora bracelet with ease, let’s first review some of the main reasons why the Pandora bracelets tend to be hard to close.


Why are Pandora bracelets so hard to close?

Why Are Pandora Bracelets So Hard To Close

For starters, Pandora bracelets can be quite hard to close because of the design of the bracelet and the clasp. Pandora bracelets feature a snap clasp with little grooves that ensure the bracelet is closed safely and securely.

When closing the bracelet, the clasp would have to snap into the grooves to hold it in place. Unfortunately, this is not enough, and you’d have to apply a little more pressure on the bracelet to hold it tightly in place.

Snapping the bracelet may seem easy when you are holding it with hold hands, on a table, for example, but there is a challenge when you have the bracelet on, and you need to clasp it on securely.

Why Are Pandora Bracelets So Hard To Close


You’d have to place the bracelet on your wrist facing down, then hold the ends of the bracelet and pass the clasped lots through.

When trying to close it, it may be a little challenging to snap it in place securely, and for most people, this is the biggest challenge where the Pandora bracelet is concerned.

The U-shaped notch is only clear when you bring the bracelet to the top or the side so you can see the clasp well. Pass the clasp through the notch, then snap it in to shut it and securely hold it in place.


How to close a Pandora bracelet clasp

Why Are Pandora Bracelets So Hard To Close

To close your Pandora clasp, slide the ‘hooked’ end of the bracelet into the notch (groove) on your bracelet’s barrel and then click it shut.

Keep in mind that how you open or close the bracelet depends on the design of the bracelet, although for most types of Pandora bracelets, you would have to slide in the end cap, then slide it in and then click it shut.

You will know that the Pandora bracelet is closed securely in place when you hear it snap into place. Here are the steps to follow for most types of Pandora bracelets when closing the bracelet.

Why Are Pandora Bracelets So Hard To Close

First, put the petal of your bracelet, the side with the clasp opener, often shaped like a flower, into a horizontal position in the clasp’s slit.

Next, close the pendant’s clasp by pinching it on the opened clasp using your forefinger and thumb. Then hold down the clasp opened using your dominant hand, holding the clasp using your non-dominant hand.

Push the clasp down then, applying steady pressure; the clasp will stay in place. Pinching it down on the claps will secure the bracelet once it snaps in place.

Why Are Pandora Bracelets So Hard To Close

But this is not the only solution; you could also close it by following these steps:

First, place the bracelet’s rod in the clasp, then check the bracelet’s ends. One end of the bracelet will feature a small head that is rod-shaped.

This rod goes into the clasp, then push it as far down in the groove as you can. Then with the bracelet over the wrist, put the claps on the wrist and turn the rod until it meets the clasp.

Note that the clasp won’t close as well when the rod isn’t in the groove, and you may even lose your bracelet. So, be sure to confirm the position of the rod before you close the clasp.

Why Are Pandora Bracelets So Hard To Close

Next, grasp the sides of your bracelet with your fingers, the thumb sitting against the clasp. In this position, allow the forefinger to move to the opposite side, then place the thumb against one side of your clasp, reaching to the other end with the forefinger, using your free hand to keep the bracelet steady.

To finally close the bracelet clasps, squeeze the ends together by bringing together the thumb and the forefinger. Don’t use too much force, but apply some force. Make slight adjustments if the clasp is too loose.



Pandora bracelets can be hard to close sometimes, but thanks to the recommended tips above, you won’t struggle as much anymore.  

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!