Why Are Mom Jeans So Uncomfortable?- Our Quick Answer

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Mom jeans – you either like them or don’t. With the lifting of most Covid regulations after the pandemic and the opening up of a new world after people had gotten used to wearing the comfiest home clothes, an increasing number of individuals going out started to wear mom jeans and other loose clothing outside clothes.

But despite their perceived comfort, many people still find mom jeans uncomfortable. Why is this the case, especially with the loose fit offered by these pants?

This article sheds light on the common sentiments and opinions shared about mom jeans.


Some opinions on mom jeans on the Internet

Why Are Mom Jeans so Uncomfortable

The biggest complaint that women who dislike mom jeans have about these pants is that these pants tend to dig into the crotch area, causing excessive discomfort.

And any lady around will agree with us that in this day and age, no amount of discomfort can be tolerated in the name of fashion and style.

And so, even if fashion changes all the time, it remains a form of science as much as it is an art form, with predictable circles. But not even this nature of science is enough to give the mom jeans a pass, at least not for most women.

So, while mom jeans can make you look really good in the office or when running errands, the pain around the vulva is one big complaint that most women are struggling with.

And the sad bit is that shaking off the pain and needles felt is not as easy as standing up to reposition the pants; you’d have to take them off to feel back to normal.

Why Are Mom Jeans so Uncomfortable

Many others complain that this fashion style shows no tenderness to the wearer whatsoever. So despite the high-waisted design that tucks away the muffin top if you have it, the discomfort and pain around the crotch area mean that these pants are not worth the trouble.

These pants’ design and the overall feel is the other common area of contention. Mom jeans are not made using the softest denim. They are the serious kind of jeans; think of them as sturdy jeans made of this rigid denim that is not meant to offer any kind of comfort.

And we cannot mention the fact that the discomfort from the mom jeans will sneak up on you. These pants look great and feel just as good in the mornings.

They fit snugly but not too tightly. But after lunch or from about noon, these pants turn on you literally, and the denim feels uncomfortable, pinchy, and quite abrasive.

Unfortunately, you cannot blame this kind of discomfort on the big lunch you may or may not have had; it’s just the pants that will make your crotch hate you for the rest of the week or weekend.

Why Are Mom Jeans so Uncomfortable

Now, some women and experts note that the issue with the mom jeans, especially for the women who find these pants too uncomfortable around the crotch area, is because of the size of the labia.

The size of the labia differs for different women, and since it isn’t always neatly tucked away down there, it may get in the way when it’s caught in your underwear and uncomfortable tight clothes or clothes made of stiff fabric.

They further note that the labia and the vulval tissues are nerve and blood vessels rich, making them extra sensitive. Unfortunately, this is only good when making love, not when working and walking in the high-waist mom jeans.

Yeah, another thing that is blamed on the human form. And you may be wondering how it’s even possible to make pants that may cause such a level of discomfort in the first place. But massive labias or not, the mom jeans are very uncomfortable around the crotch area for most women.

Why Are Mom Jeans so Uncomfortable

Other thoughts about the mom jeans are as follows:

To pull off the mom jeans look, you must have the right physique. This is an important thing, but some of the concerns above may not be addressed by the physique. Often, the discomfort around the crotch comes in even with the perfect physique.

Mom jeans will not look as good on you if you are too skinny, and if you don’t have the skinniest legs, these pants are not suitable for you. Mom jeans are unflattering to anyone who is super skinny.


Why are mom jeans so uncomfortable?

1. Most women find the mom jeans uncomfortable because these pants are made of a rough and unfriendly fabric that doesn’t feel too nice on the skin. The denim used for mom jeans is unforgiving and relentless, and you will suffer a crotch burn at some point.

Why Are Mom Jeans so Uncomfortable

2. The design of the pants also contributes to the discomfort it causes because it may dig into and try to nip you around the crotch areas. The fabric and the overall design of these pants are why you shouldn’t wear these pants for too long.


3. Then there is the pants’ high-waist design, which can be a problem for you if you have a short torso, creating a risk of the waistline sitting right underneath your ribcage, causing extreme discomfort.

Why Are Mom Jeans so Uncomfortable

4. Then there is the fact that there is just too much fabric around the mom jeans, and the fabric is going nowhere.


5. If you opt for the low-rise mom jeans, your muffin top will not have anywhere to hide unless you wear a flowing top over the pants to hide it. Then you have the long zipper, which has nowhere to go, and you just don’t know what to do with it.

Why Are Mom Jeans so Uncomfortable

6. The other challenge with mom jeans is that you’d have to tuck in your tummy to look good in these pants, which, unfortunately, means going up 2 sizes and having too much room for your legs to swim in. You’ll look ridiculous, and maybe you’ll have to ignore the side rolls. You cannot ignore the incessant butt wedgie, though!


Tips for wearing mom jeans

Why Are Mom Jeans so Uncomfortable

  • They look better with a body suit, with a blazer or coverup on
  • Only wear mom jeans if you have the right physique
  • Avoid mom jeans if you are too skinny
  • Always add a belt
  • Avoid wearing mom jeans all day long
  • Half or fully tuck your shirt to reveal your waistline
  • Stop wearing these pants if you feel any discomfort.



Although some people find mom jeans trendy and stylish, many other women around the world find mom jeans to be very uncomfortable because they dig into the crotch area, causing pain and even more discomfort; and also, these pants are made of the toughest, most unfriendly fabric.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!