Why Are Hoop Earrings Trashy?(With Actionable Tips)

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Are Big hoop earrings trashy? Why Are Hoop Earrings Trashy? How to wear hoop earrings without looking trashy?

It is not unheard of for people do disagree about what fashion items need to stay, go, and which ones need to make a comeback.

On such contested fashion piece is hoop earrings. There are some strong opinions about them, perhaps one of the more vocal ones being that hoop earrings are trashy.

That goes contrary to what other parties believe, many of them citing that hoop earrings are indeed classy?

Let’s have a look at these two ideas about hoop earrings. Hopefully, you’ll make a final decision on whether to stick to your camp or change your mind.


Are Big hoop earrings trashy?

If you’re coming across this question for the first time, then you might have been out of the loop about this conversation for a long time.

The narrative of hoop earrings being trashy stems from the 80s where movies would have the women playing ladies of the night, or simply hookers, in hoop earrings.

From there, it was perceived that it was their go-to earrings, whether or not that was accurate at the time.

The other reason some women opted to walk away from hoop earrings altogether, was again, women who wore them in the movies got portrayed.

When there is a fight scene about to go down, it was these ladies who go the line, “let me take off my earrings” are they were about to fight another person.

The main reason hoop earrings come off during a fight is, so they don’t get caught accidentally or otherwise and end up ripping the earlobe.

With such extremes, it was thought that only “those kinds of women” wore hoop earrings. However, that’s not how hoop earrings came into being.

Some narratives date them as far back as 2600BC and worn by both med and women. It is not known where they originated, but their spread across the globe would indicate that these hoops are nothing but trashy.

Therefore, some women love hoop earrings, and plenty of women in the entertainment industry wear them.

Their outfits are complete with these earrings, and you couldn’t think of something more fitting. Even with these two realities, there seems that they’ll seldom be an agreement.


Why Are Hoop Earrings Called Trashy?

Let’s explore the details of this labeling of hoop earrings.

1.The prevailing mindset

We’ve mentioned why hoop earrings are considered trashy, and whether or not you call them so depends on your culture.

Some grew up wearing them and are comfortable with it. Some grew up in families where, in some cases, one would be told to take off these earrings, with the older parent or relative criticizing the girl asking if she’d want to get seen as a “hooker.”

However, it could also be the dynamics of one’s community that would determine if people feel that these earrings shouldn’t get sold at all.

A conservative community might not think much of it, but in a different area, accompanied with scanty clothes, their thought would be different.

In essence, before throwing hoop earrings in the trashy, or even classy bag, consider talking to those around you to get the prevailing opinion.

It doesn’t mean you have to change your mind, but it helps to know what others think.


2.The quality available

We’ve talked about attitudes toward hoop earrings, but the argument is not unfounded.

A large reason for this stereotyping is what feels like a majority of hoop earrings circulating in the market being utterly cheap.

They primarily come from China, and they are made from cheap alloy material. By nature, they look cheap, wear off fast, and in a short time, people can tell that they are cheap.

To get quality hoop earrings, you have to go to the brand names like Gucci that will use expensive metals such as gold, and perhaps 18k gold.

These are what people spot on most women the society deems classy because the quality of the earrings can show. These high-end companies opt for specific designs that are unique and prove their worth.

In short, if you have to wear hoop earrings, it is recommended you get them from a brand name or ensure they are made from higher quality, such as stainless steel plated from a sizeable amount of gold or sterling silver.


3.Fast-changing fashion

The other issue comes in because there are thousands of different hoop earrings in the market.

That makes them harder to standardize in terms of what is a fashion yes, and what should be avoided. There’s also the reality of supply and demand.

When there’s too much of something is in the market, the value goes down. The same argument is valid with hoop earrings.

They are also easy to make and in bulk that they are no longer attractive.


4.Not worn with the right outfit

Thus far, you’re probably learning that you might have a part to play in whether hoop earrings will look classy or trashy on you.

There are specific contexts in how to wear hoop earrings, and even those are limited. Hoop earrings are what you can consider a classic but statement jewelry.

Even then, they go will with specific outfits that we will discuss later.


5.Too out-there for some fashion lovers

There is no arguing that hoop earrings are out there.

For so who love a crisp, elegant and polished look, hoop earrings might feel overdone.

Some also think that being minimalist is the way to go, especially now that it’s currently the trend.

There are a lot of actresses and musicians nowadays not wearing any jewelry to red carpet events, and there is indeed an appeal for that.


How to wear hoop earrings without looking trashy?

When wearing hoop earrings, opt for simple outfits.

A tank top, sweatshirt, or even a loose shirt would look dressy when you throw in some hoops.

Even so, be mindful about your face shape; hoop earrings don’t look the same on all women.

The good thing though with hoop earrings is you can wear them with your hair down or in a bun, whatever vibe you’re feeling that day.



If you love hoop earrings, you might now have an idea of why some people are outrightly against them.

However, with the understanding of the prevailing attitudes, you can decide to keep your style. It also means getting quality hoop earrings and also paring them with the right outfits.

People you meet might not like the earrings in general, but when you rock them like a fashionista, they would be inclined to rethinking their prejudice.

That said, for those who feel that hoop earrings are trashy and should be off the market, that is fine. However, do be respectful toward other people.

There is a lot more to them than what they choose to wear on their ears. Let us know what you think about hoop earrings though. Are they are yes or a no for you?

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