Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive? – Detailed Answer

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Have you ever found yourself in a position where you had to take a mental step back and ask yourself if the Harry Winston ring you wanted to purchase was worth the price?

This would be the case especially if you weren’t as concerned about the brand as you were about the quality. And with so many jewelry lines around, it would be devastating if you made the wrong choice.

Worry no more. In this post, we will share exclusive information about Harry Winston rings, and by the end, you will find out exactly why they are a huge strain on the pocket and if they are worth the price. Read on!


About harry Winston rings

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

The first Harry Winston store was opened in 1932 in New York. The founder, Harry Winston, had an eye for jewelry at an early age. His father, Jacob Winston also had a jewelry store and Harry seemed to have gotten his passion from him.

Harry Winston’s knowledge and expertise in all matters of diamonds led to the success of his store and branded him the name King of Diamonds.

His craftsmanship in redesigning diamonds made his business very successful and led to him acquiring many high-priced diamonds over the years.

This led to the opening of 40 Harry Winston stores on four continents all over the world.

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

He channeled his artistry into crafting delicate ring pieces from diamonds and other gemstones.

Even after his death, his legacy lived on and his pieces continue to hold a mark in the jewelry industry.

Harry Winston earrings and necklaces have been accessories on the runway and red carpet worn by A-list celebrities like Madonna, Helen Mirren, and Amal Clooney.

They aren’t however the only jewelry pieces from the brand that have become iconic since the rings have been spotted on Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner. This goes to tell how exquisite the rings are.


Features of Harry Winston rings

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

Part of the mission of every jewelry brand is to have a signature appearance that stands out and speaks for the brand.

This applies to Harry Winston as well. The rings create an ambiance that reflects the brand’s style and charisma. Just one glance at the rings makes them recognizable as Harry Winston’s.

The classic design of the rings has not changed but has maintained the original artistic refinement that its founder established.

Some features enable the rings to maintain their instant recognizability. These features include:



Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

Harry Winston is a luxury brand and one common thing that all luxury brands aim at creating is a rarity. It is part of the game. If the rings were everywhere they would lose their opulence and exquisite.

This has made Harry Winston rings the top tire choice when it comes to engagement rings. They are also used often by celebrities to accessorize their looks on the red carpet.


Simplicity and style

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

Harry Winston understands style evolution and that is clearly shown in their rings.

The main focus is put on the stone and the details are blended in to create the type of flair that the customers want, be it contemporary or an obsolete charm.


The stones

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

Harry Winston is remembered for his phrase, ‘no two diamonds are alike.’ To make this happen the brand only uses high-quality stones to make the ring.

This is why they exude maximum brilliance and sleekness. Top quality stones are used regardless of the size that goes on the ring.


How much is a Harry Winston engagement ring? (On average)

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

There is no better place to get an engagement ring than at Harry Winston. Each engagement ring is unique in its way. You will not find two rings that look alike.

They are distinctive and each differs in terms of color, cut, and carat weight.  Due to the exclusivity, the rings are not produced in bulk but mostly on order. The gemologists accept diamonds that have a brilliance and zero fluorescence.

Due to this, the engagement rings have the average least price at $20 000. This price gets higher depending on the type and quality of the stone on the ring.

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

The variation is mostly caused by the carat weight and color. In recent times, wedding trends have changed and people are opting for non-traditional and casual weddings. So instead of the normal classic ring, people are going for Winston sunflower or ruby rings.

Engagements are once-in-a-lifetime events and having only the best and unique ring to crown it makes it even more memorable.

Harry Winston rings are diverse and present the opportunity to get an exquisite stone at a price that is within your budget.


How much do Harry Winston rings cost?

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

Even though Harry Winston is mostly known for their engagement rings, they have other collections of rings that can be worn as everyday accessories.

Unlike engagement rings, these rings are premade and are crafted uniquely to reflect the brand’s style and opulence. They still maintain the same distinctive beauty as the engagement rings.

The Winston rings have an average price of $14 000. This price could go lower or higher depending on the type of stone and the carat weight.

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

They are defined on the brand’s website as of unequivocal beauty and made with the most exceptional diamonds and gemstones. They are made with case materials like platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

Other than the normal rings, Harry Winston engagement rings can also be used to accessorize clothes outside of the engagement and nuptials season. This can be done conveniently since the rings are made differently and not one resembles the other.


Why are Harry Winston rings so expensive?

1. They are a designer brand

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

If you make inquiries from third parties, maybe a friend who has bought from Harry Winston or a jewelry expert, they are likely to tell you that you will be buying the name more than you will the product.

I will concur. The jewelry industry imitates the clothing industry. Buying a Balenciaga shirt is more expensive than buying the same quality shirt from another less sophisticated brand.

The same happens with Harry Winston rings. Just because it is Harry Winston means you have to pay more, for the name.


2. They offer custom rings

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

Walking into a Harry Winston store is different from walking into any other jewelry store. At Harry Winston, you can state how you want your ring to be made and it will be made just like that.

Many jewelry stores are starting to adopt this trend but somehow, Harry Winston has the hang of it differently. They take the inspiration for their designs from the gems and not the other way around.

You are also not going to find your ring design on another hand because they are all designed uniquely.


3. They are exclusive

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

Harry Winston has been around for the longest time. Throughout that time the founder interacted with some of the most valued diamonds including The Hope Diamond.

This success made the brand exclusive and increased the value of the rings irrespective of the quality. So it is safe to say that rings are mostly for people who don’t mind spending loads of cash on the pieces


4. Shopping experience

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

For one, you can’t compare the services you will receive at Harry Winston to the services at any other jewelry store. The high prices of the rings go beyond the products to the courtesy.

Unlike many stores, at Harry Winston stores you won’t need an appointment to be attended to. You get to experience the luxury without any worries of discrimination. By the time you walk out of the store, you will be satisfied with the customer service so much that you won’t mind the price.


5. The packaging

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

Exclusivity and being a designer brand don’t just end in the final product and sales services.

It is carried forward to the packaging of the product. While many brands don’t put much focus on the quality of their packaging,

Harry Winston does. The rings are beautifully packaged and the quality contributes to the elements that add to the final price.


Should you buy Harry Winston rings for your beloved ones?

Why Are Harry Winston Rings So Expensive

If you have a small budget, absolutely not, you should instead go for other less-exclusive brands that offer the same high-quality rings at cheaper prices.

If however, you are comfortable with spending that much money then Harry Winston rings are the best option. They not only represent opulence but the inspiration for the rings is due to great appreciation of the stone and there is no better gift than that.



Harry Winston rings are a statement piece but only if your pocket won’t suffer a huge blow from purchasing them.  

They are exclusive luxury jewelry pieces but aren’t worth the compromise.

If you are comfortable with spending an extra million dollars then you can safely buy the rings and expect great services and quality stones.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!