4 Interesting Reasons Why Are Guys Wearing Pearl Necklaces

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Guys are now wearing pearls and pearl necklaces, and there is no way of stopping the trend from being big.

But you may be wondering why this is the case.  Men wearing peals would be considered delicate, feminine, and soft. 

Men wearing pearls is the opposite of jewelry that is considered masculine.

With an increasing number of fashion-forward celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Pierce Brosnan, and Steven Taylor wearing pearl necklaces and pearl jewelry in general, you’d want to know exactly why this is the case.

Well, this article shares everything you need to know about men wearing pearl necklaces today.


Can guys Wear Pearls?

Why Are Guys Wearing Pearl Necklaces

Well, we’ve already established and seen that guys can wear pearls and pull off the look seamlessly, without looking like they are trying to be feminine.

Pierce Brosnan, Steven Tyler, and Pharell Williams might be a different breed of men when it comes to style, but the truth is that most ordinary men walking down the streets also wear pearls.

At the end of the day, good fashion knows no bounds, and men wearing pearls tells you this.

But did you know that the trend of men wearing pearls didn’t just that start in this or the last decade?

guy wearing a pearl necklace

In fact, pearls have been coveted as one of the best gemstones throughout history, and the pearls have been worn by both men and women to show power, prestige, and authority.

The earliest reference to the trend dates back to 2300BC to the Indian Maharajas and the Chinese royals and nobility.

Even the Polynesian warriors are touted to have worn the pearls to not only show off their ferociousness but also to show power. They would also wear the pearls as amulets.

Why Are Guys Wearing Pearl Necklaces

And in the West, royalty and nobility would wear pearls, among other valuable kinds of gemstones.

Other men who wore the pearls include the King of England, Charles I, who was known for the single large teardrop-shaped pearl earring.

With most of his portraits depicting him as wearing this kind of jewelry, single teardrop pearls have since been famous.

Notably, King of England, Charles I, even wore the pearl during his beheading, and the pearl was later on gifted to his daughter, Mary, as his final memento.

The pearls went out of fashion later, and during this time, there were many other changes that led to women’s domination in the fashion world.

guy wearing a pearl necklace

What does a guy wearing a pearl necklace mean?

Last time, we talk about what does mean when women wear a pearl necklace? This time we talk about men!

There is a pearl necklace slang that makes men cringe at the thought of wearing the pearl necklaces – it has sexual innuendoes.

But this has nothing to do with why men actually wear pearl necklaces. The main reasons why guys wear pearl necklaces include:


1. Keeping up with trends

Why Are Guys Wearing Pearl Necklaces

Traditionally or rather, historically, pearls are regarded as feminine.

However, an increasing number of men, including the younger chaps like Shawn Mendes and Joe Jonas, are wearing pearl necklaces because they are trendy.

And the bold men who wear the pearl necklaces look so good in them.

As with other trends, men and women take on new things with a great sense of style and confidence, and men who wear pearl necklaces have been able to pull off this look admirably.

Pearls are an elegant piece of jewelry and a fashion element that is now popular across the younger, modern generation.

These pieces of jewelry are no longer just for our mothers and grandparents, but the youngins can also wear them.

These fashion pieces, including single and multi-strand pearl necklaces with big or small pearls, and all look great on men, not just women.

guy wearing a pearl necklace

Although men wearing pearl necklaces is seen as the best way of making society more tolerant, pearls are essentially the most powerful and the perfect fashion trend that is embraced by men and women.

The Chinese, Persians, and Roman Empires’ men all wore pearls because they represent an important fashion item. And so, today and throughout history, the pearl necklaces and pearl jewelry belong to both men and women.

At the end of the day, pearls are regarded as pieces that belong to the natural fashion trend – they may disappear for some time, but they will always be fashionable and trendy.


2. History

Why Are Guys Wearing Pearl Necklaces

Essentially, the pearl necklaces have been around for a long time, and ancient societies are known for the pearls, which were worn by men and women.

So, besides continuing the tradition that saw King Charles I of England’s single teardrop pearl earring, they were also common in ancient China, where it was believed that the pearls offered the wearers protection from fire.


3. Deep Symbolism

Why Are Guys Wearing Pearl Necklaces

While some kinds of jewelry just look too good and you wear them for this one reason, pearls offer more than beauty.

In addition to offering a great deal of protection, many cultures note that the pearls are a symbol of purity – this is because of the formation of the pearls inside the shells of mollusks, which makes them natural and the best organic gem.

This feature makes it quite attractive to many celebrities, which is why it stands out.

The pearls are also known as the treasures of the sea and are referred to as the symbols of rarity and pureness.


4. Step out of the rooted beliefs and concept of masculinity

Why Are Guys Wearing Pearl Necklaces

Men wearing necklaces is seen as a significant way of stepping out of the concepts rooted in masculinity.

This way of challenging societal norms is what some people would argue is the perfect move needed by society to ensure a more tolerant, open-minded, and more gender-fluid way of thinking.

The pearl necklaces hold power to transcend our societal understandings, and they’re not only designated political statements for transposing women’s jewelry on men but jewelry for breaking the masculinity boundaries.

These necklaces are, therefore, representations of the mysterious powers of fashion that connect the past and the present in a huge supreme and ultimate union.

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Pearl necklaces are now considered the bona fide accessory for men, and it’s been seen not just on the catwalk but also down on city streets.

The jewelry is seen as an expression of style and personality, and there is nothing wrong with men wearing pearl necklaces.

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