6 Top Reasons Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive

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Cartier rings are so expensive, and most people can only dream of ever wearing or owning such design masterpieces.

But even if you can afford the rings at some point in your life, you may be thinking what we are all thinking – why are Cartier rings (and all other kinds of jewelry by the brand) so expensive, and are they worth the high price tag they carry?

   Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive  

Well, this article endeavors to answer these questions, or rather, help you make sense of the high price tags that the rings by Cartier carry.

So, stick around to learn more about the Cartier rings and the reasons why they are quite expensive.

But first, the basics.


About Cartier brand

Simply known as Cartier but a brand that goes by the name Cartier International SNC on paper, Cartier is one of the biggest French luxury goods conglomerates in the world. And it deals in not only the sale of high-end jewelry and watches but also the design, manufacture, and distribution of these accessories.

why are cartier rings so expensive

Cartier was founded in 1847 in Paris by Louis-François Carter, and it was under the control of the family until 1964. The brand is 175 years now, and it’s the most iconic jewelry brand with a large international reputation.

Cartier is better known for the sublime felines, its red identity, and the most iconic pieces of jewelry, as well as modern watchmaking techniques that embody the craftsmanship and the unique elements that make the House of Cartier stand out. Cartier is still headquartered in Paris.

It is, however, owned exclusively as a subsidiary of the infamous Swiss Richemont Group. Today, Cartier runs its operations internationally, with 200 stores spread in 125 countries. There also exist 3 Temples that serve as Historical Maisons based in Paris, London, and New York.

Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive

While we can all agree that 1847 was not the very best time for anyone to open new watchmaking and/or a jewelry business since this was during the French Revolution, which wasn’t the kindest of times to the French aristocracy who could afford these luxuries, Louis-François Cartier still went ahead and launched his jewelry brand and eponymous empire.

Born into poverty, Cartier assumed control over watchmaker Adolphe Picard’s workshop. He previously worked in the workshop as an employee assistant. But over time, what started out as a modest affair turned into a huge deal when in the 1850s, Cartier had their very first client of royalty status – Princess Mathilde Bonaparte, who was the niece of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte, who also commissioned the designs for earrings, brooches, and other accessories.

From the brand’s inception, Cartier was focused on the creation of the most extraordinary pieces of jewelry, among other kinds of accessories, and this was largely fueled by the fact that Cartier was always a traveler. In his travels, he sought some of the most extraordinary precious stones and gems.

why are cartier rings so expensive

On top of this, Cartier’s preference for and use of platinum over other metals in their jewelry creations made the brand stand out significantly.

And today, Cartier is considered the most important reference point in terms of valuable, high-end jewelry, with la Maison Cartier renown as the first jewelry producer in the world.

Like other iconic creators, Cartier’s designs and works were largely inspired and influenced by Indian cultures and designs, among others, all of which led to the best of modern watchmaking whose innovative designs made him and the brand the official jewelers for the kings and queens.

Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive

The talent and high level of craftsmanship have also allowed Cartier to attain the high-status level for their pieces of art, something that is seen beyond the jewelry designs.

Over the years, La Maison des Metiers d’art has aimed to carry on the traditions, as well as the modernity of designs through the preservation, sharing, and the innovation of traditional savoir-faire designs and works exuding the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Thanks to the exceptional quality and uniqueness of their jewelry options, watches, and other accessories, Cartier is considered one of the world’s most prestigious jewelry manufacturers.


About Cartier Rings

Despite having their first break in the 1850s, Cartier made many of their watches, brooches, earrings, and other accessories when they first started out, and it wasn’t until 1924 that Cartier made their first rings – the Cartier Trinity Ring.

why are cartier rings so expensive

The Cartier Trinity ring is also known as the three-ring by Cartier. The ring’s design made its debut during the Art Deco era and was designed by Jena Cocteau, who was a well-known French painter, writer, poet, and filmmaker.

He was also a great friend to Louis Cartier. The design of the ring was simple in that it featured 3 interlocking rings in different shades of gold.

It soon became a classic design. It was also a symbolic piece that represented fidelity, love, and friendship, hence a favorite among many jewelry collectors.

The other rings by Cartier include:

  • Cartier Panther from 1948
  • Cartier’s Tutti-Frutti from 1936
  • Cartier’s love ring
  • Love and Juste un Clou from 1969


Why are Cartier rings so expensive?

1. Expensive precious metal

why are cartier rings so expensive

Cartier rings are made of high-quality precious metals, like platinum and 18k gold. These are valuable precious metals that gain value over time, and this drives up the prices of the Cartier rings.

Cartier doesn’t compromise on the quality and the lavishness of their rings, which are made of yellow gold, white gold, and pink gold. But they are not just made of gold; other rings by Cartier are made of platinum which is valuable and very expensive.

Besides these high-value metals, Cartier rings are also made of the most beautiful brilliant diamonds and other rare gems such as sapphires.

So, at the end of the day, Cartier rings and other forms of jewelry boast a high resale value.


2. High-quality diamonds

Cartier rings are also very expensive because they are made of the finest quality diamonds that have been graded per the GIA standards.

They use top-notch real diamonds that add to the value of the rings.

why are cartier rings so expensive

3. Great craftsmanship

If there is something that Cartier is known for and stands by, it has to be the high level of craftsmanship that is applied to all the jewelry by Cartier.

Cartier’s prestige comes from the high quality of their products and the craftsmanship level in all the pieces.

They are made of solid gold, platinum, as well as the highest-quality diamonds. All the pieces by Cartier have been created meticulously, and no details have been missed out.

All Cartier pieces are exceptional.

Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive

4. Top fashion brands

Cartier is not only one of the most popular fashion brands in the world of luxury fashion but also a very prestigious brand that has retained its high level of prestige pretty much since its inception.

As a brand that was featured by the famous movie Ocean’s 8, which featured Rihanna, the affluence, desirability, and the popularity of the brand, Cartier’s jewelry options are undoubtedly expensive.

And from their range of luxury watches and the large collection of fine jewelry options, Cartier and their pieces are all synonymous with opulence, affluence, grandeur, and consequently, the high price tag.

It’s also worth noting that the prestige level that is associated with the brand translates to not only the high product pricing but also the fact that Cartier’s pre-owned pieces are also sold quite expensively and at a price that is very close to the actual retail price of the jewelry pieces.

why are cartier rings so expensive

5. Historical significance

The fact that England’s King Edward the VII was the first person and royalty to recognize the magnificence of the brand, declaring Cartier as the Jeweler of Kings and the King of Jewelers is really no mean fete.

This happened early in the 1900s, and the accolade has stood the test of time, with Cartier and his legacy living up to the high standards to this very date. Notably, Maison’s legacy has been woven throughout a rather rich history since its inception in 1847.

With this history and the fact, Cartier started out as a simple Parisian storefront growing into an established international luxury brand that holds one of the highest levels of prestige in the world, the high price tag on Cartier’s products makes sense.

Cartier has been worn by Czars and Empresses of the past, and the brand carries this huge legacy that won’t be easily stumped.

Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive

6. Innovation

Cartier is a pioneer in their own front, and the company proves this by launching new designs year after year, and this allows them to not only keep up with trends but to be pioneers in the same, which has led to their high pricing. Thanks to their innovative designs, Cartier’s pieces are stunning and expensive.


Is it worth buying a Cartier love ring?

why are cartier rings so expensive

Buying a Cartier love ring is totally worth your money, and that is the case for several reasons listed below:

  1. Well, gold and platinum precious metals are great investments, and because Cartier makes jewelry using the best of gold, 18k gold, the rings make great investments
  2. Cartier love rings go up in value and price over time, and the ring would be a good way of growing your wealth
  3. Cartier offers free engravings for their rings
  4. The ring is elegant and timeless, and the style of the ring is still relevant today, although it was designed in the 70s
  5. The ring makes an excellent wedding band if you are planning to get married.

Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive

Does Cartier ring hold value?

The Cartier love ring not only holds value but increases in value over time.

The reason for this is not only because of the use of gold and platinum or even diamonds but also because this is a brand name that has successfully stayed in power for years.

So, if you are looking for a brand that holds value, choose Cartier.

Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive


Cartier rings are very expensive, and the reasons for this range from the value of the rings and the jewelry, as well as the metals used, the prestige, and the historical significance of the brand.

In other words, Cartier is a brand worth investing in.

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