Who Should or Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

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The Tiger Eye’s stone is considered one of the most grounding natural stones in astrology, and its vibration is much-aligned with qualities like understanding and discernment.

It gets its name from its resemblance with the eye of a tiger or a cat, which is why the stone is associated with self-confidence, courage, and it also confers strength.

Unfortunately, the positive elements associated with the Tiger’s Eye stone do not make it the ideal stone for everyone. And some people cannot or rather, shouldn’t wear the Tiger Eye stone.


Brief introduction of Tiger’s Eye stone

The Tiger’s Eye stone is a stunning brownstone with yellow or golden highlights that look just like the eye of a cat or an actual tiger. It symbolizes self-confidence, strength, and courage and is also made of quartz.

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone

The Tiger’s Eye stone is made partly of quartz, which means that it would enhance and amplify the vibrations of any other stones around this stone. All these are the reasons why this stone is quite beneficial for practical and down-to-earth individuals, especially if you’d like to open yourself up to a higher level of intuition and for you to open up to your psychic powers. It is also believed that the Tiger’s Eye stone brings a lightness to the spirit of the stone’s wearer while also enhancing one’s sense of optimism and overall outlook in life. In other words, the Tiger’s Eyes stone is ideal for anyone seeking ways of accessing the protection of the crystal throughout the day and to just have a positive, happier life in general.

The Tiger’s Eye is made of silicon dioxide. The stone is yellow and orange, with black banding, and is formed through the natural alteration of a gemstone known as the crocidolite; and thanks to its silky luster, this quartz has some golden hues. This gemstone is categorized as a chatoyant gemstone, and it is primarily used for and by persons who wish to clear any form of emotional confusion from their lives.

The Tiger’s Eye stone is relatively hard, and it scores between 5.5 and 6 on the Mohs scale, which means that the stone might shatter if not well-cared for. It is also a gorgeous stone that is believed to bring success to your life and is, therefore, often recommended to individuals struggling with anxiety and high-stress levels. This stone has the power to empower the lower Chakra, helping you be your very best.


Is tiger’s eye stone safe to wear?

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone

The Tiger’s Eye stone is generally a safe stone to its wearers, and it carries several benefits thanks to the powerful vibrations that offer protection on the physical and the spiritual planes. It is, therefore, believed that this stone would increase one’s abundance and also bring them the gifts that they wish for. This stone also offers protection, grounding, and calming properties, which is why it is recommended for individuals struggling with high stress and anxiety levels.

The crystals would also bring to the wearer’s life more optimism and lightness of the heart, boosting their level of confidence and also calming down anxieties. The stone also offers results in an enhanced level of clarity, and it could also boost one’s intellectual performance. And its influence on the Chakras will help create a higher sense of balance from the release of fear and anxiety.

Note that the Tiger’s Eye is quite helpful in balancing and harmonizing all the energies of the sacral, solar plexus, and root chakras. So, placing the stone on your Root Charka would clear negativity and also help in a free flow of energy. And on the Sacral and the Solar Plexus chakras, the stone would help increase joy and sensual pleasures while also relieving tightness in the Solar plexus area.

The other reasons why the Tiger’s Eye would be ideal include the fact that it brings the following benefits:

  • Increases brain vitality and it’s great for the development of the brain
  • It brings happiness and would also increase prosperity to the wearer, making you strong financially.
  • It helps control high blood pressure.


What sign should not wear tiger’s eye stone?

Since this stone is governed by the Sun & Mars, and you may not really have a problem wearing the stone, it’s worth noting that some zodiac signs are warned against wearing the Tiger’s Eye if you are a Capricorn Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, or a Taurus.

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone

Who shouldn’t wear the Tiger’s eye stone and why?

Generally, the Tiger’s Eye stone is regarded as a type of chalcedony, meaning that just like black onyx, it is sensitive to strong vibrations and moisture. It won’t be ideal if you live in an area or an environment that experiences a lot of vibrations or if you are constantly knocking the wrist on hard surfaces.

If you already have a bracelet made of this stone, you may want to keep it in the pocket or on the table to avoid or minimize the effects of the vibrations.

The tiger’s eye stone has also been shown to be quite influential in reproduction and fertility, and it’s often recommended for individuals struggling to conceive. So, if you aren’t in kids but are also not careful with birth control options, the Tiger’s Eye stone wouldn’t be ideal for you.

But the zodiac signs are not the only things that determine if and who should be wearing the Tiger’s Eye stone – the element of feminine or masculine energies also plays a role in the effects of the stone and who may or may not wear the stone.

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone

Generally, the stone, like the rest of the golden stones, has been shown to be quite effective in enhancing masculine energy, and if this is not what you desire based on your current situation, the stone may not be 100% ideal for you. At the end of the day, humanity is all about balance and finding the right level of balance in and for each individual. So, if you believe that you need a bit more masculine energy in your life to be able to balance yourself, the stone would help. And if you need less masculine energy, then this would be the kind of stone to avoid.

The Tiger Eye is also quite energetic, and it’s also very active, which would mean that if you find yourself struggling with bad dreams and/or insomnia, this wouldn’t be the ideal stone for you.

You should also avoid wearing the Tiger Eye stone if you’d had trouble with quartz stones in the past.


Who can wear tiger eye stone all time?

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone

Wondering if the Tiger’s Eye stone is the ideal kind of stone for you to wear at all times? Here are ideas on who can wear and benefit from wearing the Tiger’s Eye stone at all times.

Generally, if you are a weak Sun or Mars sign, you could wear the Tiger Eye stone at all times. This also applies to Geminis. But these are not the only persons that can wear this stone at all times; it is generally a suitable choice for people of all ethnicities and religions. However, you can avoid issues with the stone by talking to an expert astrologer first.

That said, the stone would be an excellent option for you if you are interested in gaining the following advantages or benefits in your life. Essentially, the stone would make you more courageous and confident; it would improve concentration issues in kids, help you if you’re struggling with fertility, and it’s also considered a great pain management solution for persons struggling with chronic pain. It would also protect you from evil eyes.


Tips for wearing tiger eye stone safely and correctly

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone

As mentioned above, the Tiger’s Eye stone is one of the most beneficial and powerful protective stones thanks to its strong association with the sun and also because it boasts a dual connection with the Earth and fire. These two elements have the biggest positive influences on people’s lives and how people react to difficulties and emotions. Then there is the Earth connection of the stone which means that the stone has the power to cleanse negative and excess energies from the wearer.

  • To enjoy these and other benefits of the stone, here are some of the tips that may be of help.
  • For its protective effects, wear it on your right hand, also to avoid or prevent the transfer of negative energies to you.
  • You could also wear it on the left hand for courage, in any form. It would also lower your stress levels on this hand and also relieve any tension that you may be feeling. Wearing the bracelet on the left hand is also ideal if you are looking for business success or career prosperity.
  • Cleanse the stone regularly. We don’t recommend soaking the stone, though. Instead, it is ideal for burying it while meditating and sitting the stones in natural light such as moonlight. Smudging or singing would make cleansing faster.
  • Place the stones over each of your chakras for 30 seconds for alignment of the chakras and to enhance your self-esteem.
  • Don’t sleep with this stone if you find that it disturbs your sleep or destroys your career plans, especially if you are a Capricorn. And as an Aquarius, you shouldn’t wear the tiger stone at all.



The Tiger Eye stone is a grounding and protective stone that enhances happiness, courage, and a whole deal of positivity. But not everyone can or should wear the stone – Specifically Aquarius zodiac signs and Capricorns, especially if the stone seems to affect your sleep.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!