Who Should Or Should NOT Wear Black Onyx Jewelry?

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If you are looking for something to make you more grounded, calm, happier and maybe get more fortune in your life, the black onyx stone may be one of the ideal crystals for you.

Over time and across cultures, the black onyx has been a favorite gemstone for most people who cannot stop singing praise for the stone. As a result, it is very easy for everyone else to want to buy a bracelet made of the best black onyx. But should you?

Well, before you order your black onyx bracelet or necklace, you may want to take a step back to think things through and to determine if this stone is suitable for you or not. While it works for most people, it doesn’t always bring all the good things to everyone.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the basics and the magic of the black onyx and also share insights into who should or shouldn’t wear the black onyx. So, let’s get right into it!


What is the Magic of Wearing Black Onyx stone?

The fascinating thing about the black onyx stone is the fact that this stone has been attributed to having the power to enhance your overall wellbeing and make your life great in all areas.

Who Should Or Should NOT Wear Black Onyx

What you need to know about the black onyx or the onyx, in general, is that this stone is one type of microcrystalline quartz, and its presence and use didn’t just start.

It’s one of the crystals that has been around throughout history, with Cappadocia in Turkey known for having the highest concentration of onyx.

As a result, the Turks were the first biggest users of the stone, and they believed that the onyx stone contained the power to protect the wearer of the stone from any kind of harm.

And in the Encyclopaedia of Gemstones, the Onyx is a stone that is associated with strength and is regarded as a powerful grounding stone. It not only gets rid of negative and intrusive thoughts, but it may also sharpen your wits if you wear it.

Who Should Or Should NOT Wear Black Onyx

The black onyx is also said to improve the wearer’s concentration, as well as devotion, even as it boosts your confidence levels and reduces stress.

The black onyx is formed in the volcanic lava in the gas cavities. But it boasts multiple origins, and there are several stories that support this, though these stories may vary from one culture to the other.

In astrology, for example, it is believed that the black onyx is a protective stone that is under the rule of Saturn and Mars. It is the Leo zodiac sign’s birthstone, and this stone’s specialty is providing authority and structure to the wearer, even as it prevents conflict while offering protection from negativity.

So, who can wear the black onyx and who shouldn’t?

It is important for you to take this question in mind whenever you are buying crystals or anything else recommended because what works for them may not work for you – think of it this way – that outfit that looks so dope on them might not look as good on you.

Who Should Or Should NOT Wear Black Onyx

Therefore, it is important to understand the specifics of the stone – think about your temperament, mental state and health, and even your zodiac sign. These are things that may affect how the black onyx or any other crystals.

Also, take note of the fact that the quality and the color of the black onyx may differ, and some are better for some people, others are not.


Who should wear black onyx?

In most cases, an expert astrologer is a person in the best position when it comes to advising you about the right crystals for you and what you should avoid.  These experts will use your birth chart, which will tell them and you if you should wear the black onyx or look for other stones.

Who Should Or Should NOT Wear Black Onyx

Zodiac signs – The black onyx and other versions of the onyx stone can be worn by people with the Virgo zodiac sign. This is because the onyx and this zodiac sign are related in the world of astrology, and if a Virgo wears the onyx, they will have increased luck, money, and happiness. The stone also removes the feelings of negativity in these individuals. The other zodiac signs that benefit from the black onyx are the Capricorns and Leos.


The practical person – because of its trigonal crystal system, the black onyx is ideal for the practical person, who is ideally the kind of person who lives their life as per the laws of simplicity. And instead of living the kind of life that is surrounded by problems, they avoid the problems by creating a clear path that allows them to reach their goals. They also make a daily commitment.

In other words, if you are one of the lucky people who have had a life that is essentially unproblematic and need to get the best out of your life, and probably never had mental health issues to deal with, then the black onyx is the perfect stone for you.


Who should not wear black onyx?

Who Should Or Should NOT Wear Black Onyx

Persons with past emotional trauma – the black onyx is one of the strongest stones or crystals in astrology, and it is highly regarded in many ancient and modern cultures. It is one of the strongest protective and grounding stones that would also improve your intuition and make you better while protecting you from negativity and dangerous situations. However, if you have some past trauma, this stone may bring up thoughts and feelings associated with the past trauma.

Geminis – according to astrology, Geminis should not wear the black onyx because it creates ill-effects to the Geminis who wear it. The other signs can try the stone, but only on a 3-day basis to determine if it is an ideal fit for them.

Who Should Or Should NOT Wear Black Onyx

Depression and Loneliness – some argue that persons struggling with depression and loneliness should be careful when it comes to the black onyx because it may make them want to alienate themselves even more.



While the black onyx has the power to make you more intuitive, to have more courage, to change your bad habits, and offer an overall sense of protection, it is not for everyone, especially Geminis.

You also want to try out the onyx a few days at a time to know and feel its effects and suitability.

It may not be the stone for you.

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