Who Should Not Wear Black Thread?

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The black thread is one of the symbolic amulet-kind of jewelry that is worn to protect someone from the curse of the evil eye.

It is one of the recommended mythological remedies that wards off the effects of the evil eye, both in mythology and astrology.

It is also believed to carry the power to make the wearer happy and prosperous.

It’s often worn on the neck or around the ankle. Although there are other knotted amulets recommended for protection from the evil eye, the black thread is the most popular one because the color black is considered a powerful color that protects against the evil eye.

It’s why different people will also use black cloth or a black tika, also to avoid the influence of the evil eye.

But did you know that despite its popularity, some individuals cannot and should not wear the black thread?


Who should not wear black thread? Why?

Who Should Not Wear Black Thread

Vedic astrology believes that two zodiac signs shouldn’t wear the black thread – Scorpios and Aries zodiac signs. This is because any of these zodiac signs would be negatively affected if they wore the black thread.

If you are a Scorpio or an Aries, the black thread will stir your mind and soul and make you feel restless. It may also be the reason for your downfall and lack of progress or success.

So, you shouldn’t wear the black thread. Astrology considers these two zodiac signs the least favored ones when wearing the black thread.  

So what exactly happens that leads to the string of bad luck for the two zodiac signs?

Who Should Not Wear Black Thread

Well, it has to do with the planet Mars, which is the owner of these two zodiac signs, and the fact that Mars despises the color black but loves red.

As you may have guessed, Red is the color of Mars, and a factor of land, military power, and war. But black is despised by Mars because of its auspiciousness in relation to the people of the Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra zodiac signs, meaning that these three signs are often empowered by wearing the black thread, and for these zodiac signs, wearing the black thread will get rid of poverty in the wearers’ lives.



Who Should Not Wear Black Thread 

For Aries, wearing the black thread angers Mars, the Lord of Aries, and they are punished with sorrow, restlessness, and failure in life.

Note that while Aries is associated with Mars, the black thread is associated with Saturn and Rahu. With these associations, there are feelings of enmity between Mars and Saturn.

Also, there is the fact that as soon as Mars’ auspicious effects end, the effects of Rahu start, and this beginning often signals misfortune and it leads to many problems.



Who Should Not Wear Black Thread

Scorpios are also led by Mars, and if they wear the black thread, their lives turn sour and problematic. And as mentioned above, Mars is angered by the color black, so tying black thread would lead to bad things because it is both auspicious and negative.

So, while most other zodiac signs wear the black thread for protection from the evil eye that is known as the malevolent eye that brings bad luck, negative energy, illness, confusion, crumbling business, and disharmony in relationships, the black thread will, on the other hand, bring good luck, great fortune, happiness, clarity of mind, and overall good things.

For all other zodiacs apart from Scorpio and Aries, the black thread also leads to an improved financial position, and it may also protect the wearer from business failure or job loss and make your life better.


Which leg does the black thread go to?

Who Should Not Wear Black Thread

According to Vedic astrology, women are required to wear the black thread on their left leg.

And men tie it on the right leg, specifically on Tuesday.



Scorpio and Aries cannot wear black thread because they are governed by Mars, and the Lord of Mars hates black, so seeing black angers him, and this leads to misfortunes, bad luck, restlessness, and unhappiness.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!