Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry?

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As you know, a malevolent evil eye glance is considered quite powerful.

It may not only cause bodily injury and death but also turn the life of innocent individuals on the path to success upside down.

Children, pregnant women, and animals like cows are believed to be especially susceptible to the effects of the evil eye.

But thanks to the evil eye bracelets, these effects can be avoided.


Evil Eye Origins

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

This may seem like an old-maids tale, but it is a deeply rooted belief and has been around for centuries.

It has its origins in ancient Rome and Greece cultures, but it is also ubiquitous to Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, and other indigenous and folk societies from around the world.

Despite these roots, the beliefs around the evil eye have persisted and spread throughout the world and into modern societies. Regardless of its origins and adoption worldwide, the general consensus is that the evil eye charms or amulets are effective in offering protection from ill-intentioned strangers or even people you know.

Most people accused of casting the evil eye include malformed individuals, old women, childless women, and even strangers.

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

It is also believed that sometimes, the powers of the evil eye held by different individuals happen involuntarily. In a Slavic folktale, a dad afflicted harm and blinded himself so as not to harm his children.

And in many other tales, individuals affected by the evil eye suffered because of malice directed at them because of their beauty and prosperity.

Similar belief systems also took root in medieval Europe, where it was believed that receiving praise or having your child’s possessions praised was unlucky. So, phrases like God Bless It or As God Will were often used instead of praise.

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

But then measures would be taken to ward off the evil eye between different cultures. This is common, especially in India, where ceremonies were held to avert the evil eye’s effects.

Some Asian kids would have blackened faces near their eyes for protection. Other things and traditions like eating specific foods, wearing amulets, talismans, sacred texts, and even hand gestures would be used to eliminate or avert the evil eye. The evil eye bracelet/ amulet remains a common practice for averting the evil eye to date.

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

But beyond these cultures and religions, the evil eye amulets in the form of bracelets have grown increasingly popular in the west, and many people only wear them as beauty and fashion accessories. Does this count as cultural appropriation?


The cultural appropriation of the evil eye

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

Is the evil eye bracelet or amulet a fashion fad or cultural emblem? People from most parts of the world who believe that others can cast an evil eye on them understand all too well the importance of wearing the cultural evil eye bracelet amulet and its importance in keeping off and averting the effects that result from being cast a malicious gaze, often by an envious person.

It is also believed to offer protection from bad luck, encouraging good health, good luck, and great fortune. Wearing the amulet offers protection from evil. And as mentioned above, it has been a common belief that has lasted many centuries, specifically, over 5000 years in Mesopotamia.

Over time, however, the evil eye has only gotten popular with the intersection of religion and culture. Hindus and Muslims believe in it too, and many others.

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

It may seem that many people are fascinated with this cultural symbol. But then, an increasing number of people now wear it for fashion. It is also considered a microtrend that platforms like TikTok and Instagram have amplified.

Even though it is a cross-cultural symbol, everyone seems to wear the evil eye bracelet or necklace, and it is more of a fashion, flashy fad that emulates the ‘spiritual girl’ aesthetic. It is considered vibey, and many others see it as another stupid fashion trend.

Unfortunately, this kind of glorification of the evil eye pieces as a fashion accessory, a cute symbol fueled by the gentrification of the Western fashion scene, means the cultural appropriation of the evil eye bracelet.

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

There have been many other instances where the evil eye symbol has been commercialized as another cute accessory and incorporated into sweaters, shoes, pillowcases, and evil bathmats.

To the firm cultural and spiritual believers of the power of the evil eye, modern societies have led to the perversion of the important sacred cultural symbol seen in music videos, fashion trends, TV shows, and movies.

With such trends and celebrities making the evil eye symbols trendy, there is no doubt that the symbol has been appropriated.


Does the evil eye jewelry work, as people say?

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

Only if you believe it works; it is all about your belief systems and the influence of such cultural elements on your psychological wellbeing.

If you are superstitious and believe in magic, you may feel its effects.


Who can wear the evil eye?

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

Anyone, but it’s recommended mostly for children, newborn babies, pregnant women, and other people who may be vulnerable.

Generally, however, anyone can wear the evil eye bracelet or amulet as long as they believe it will protect them.


Who cannot wear the evil eye?

Who Can Or Cannot Wear The Evil Eye Jewelry

Basically, anyone can wear the evil eye jewelry, as long as they are not wearing it incorrectly or inappropriating it.

In other words, if you are not disrespecting the meaning and the beliefs around the evil eye bracelet, then there is nothing wrong with you wearing the bracelet.

That said, it is important to bear in mind that many people wear the symbol incorrectly or in a malicious way that tramples on others’ beliefs. These individuals shouldn’t wear the evil eye bracelets/ symbols in such cases.



If you believe in the power of the evil eye and consider it an instrument that needs to be respected and trusted, then you can wear the evil eye bracelet.

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