Can White Guys Wear Gold Chains?( Check Our Tips)

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Stereotypes will have us believe in all kinds of things, including fashion, style, and jewelry preferences, which is why some people still believe that white guys shouldn’t really wear gold chains.

The good news is that despite such beliefs are slowly being washed out, which means that white guys can wear gold chains just as stylishly as everyone else.

But before we look at everything else you need to know about white guys wearing gold chains, how about a look at the basics? In this article, we’ll also share tips on how to wear the gold chains easily and more stylishly.


Can white guys wear gold chains?

Can White Guys Wear Gold Chains

The world might be becoming more open and accepting of different cultures and belief systems, but it would seem that there is a group of people who maintain that white guys should not wear gold chains.

And though the chains among white guys is now re-popularized, it remains to be seen as a trend that is more predominant among the black people or black Americans; and with this in mind, any white guy thinking of wearing a Cuban link chain might want to put off the idea.

Historically, black people wore chains because they distrusted the banking system following years of mistreatment, and this led to the use of the chains as a way of holding on to their wealth. The trend is said to have spread to Southern Italy and most parts of Europe, and though the chain culture has been around for a long, it now is a big part of fashion across all genders throughout the world. So, if you are wondering if you can wear a gold chain as a white guy, the answer is yes.

Can White Guys Wear Gold Chains

Some of the reasons why white guys would wear gold chains are as follows:

  • It represents their natural progression from changes in history, specifically based on references from Egypt.
  • The gold chains are also a popular choice of fashion accessory for anyone looking for a stylish and dapper feel to their attires.
  • It’s a modern accessorizing option that is now considered normal.
  • Some people believe that the gold chains bring good health and good luck.


What kind of gold color is good for white skin? 14K or 18K?

Can White Guys Wear Gold Chains

14K gold tends to be more enriched with high levels of copper and metal alloys which means that they have a deeper yellow or reddish hue, unlike the 18k gold options whose high content – 75% of pure gold means a lighter hue.

But, you’d also have to take into consideration your skin tone or undertone. If you have white, pale skin with red undertones, then the 18K gold would be a preferable choice for you. And if your skin is too pale, then the 14K gold would be preferable as it keeps your skin looking more radiant rather than pasty. With fair skin, you should also avoid rose gold because it would accentuate the pink undertones more.


Can white guys wear silver chains?

Can White Guys Wear Gold Chains

Yes, especially if your skin is pale and too white. Fair-skinned individuals look great wearing silver chains or white gold jewelry.

Taking the color of your skin tone into consideration is important, but it’s also important for out to stick to the chains that look as natural as possible. In most cases, the shinier and brighter chains will not be suitable for anyone. Also, you should consider wearing more of the light and the fragile chains, especially the ones that are the least noticeable.


Tips for wearing gold chains for white guys

Can White Guys Wear Gold Chains

  • Wearing the slim gold chains– You don’t always have to wear chunky chains; you could opt for the slim chain, especially if you are getting into the jewelry world and you don’t want to go overboard with accessories. Opt for subtle and light gold necklaces. These often work well with trench coats, printed knitwear, or polo shirts. To pull off the perfect look, ensure that the chain hangs comfortably on your collarbone. The best part about the slim gold chains is that they ooze an elegant feel of artistry, and it adds a great sense of timeless and high-fashion that works for pretty much all you wear.
  • Chunky gold chains– this would be a good option if you wish to put a modern feel to your look, and the best part is that you can easily dress your outfits up or down, based on what you’re comfortable with.
  • Pendant Chains– this is also a good option if you are going for a bold look that allows you to show off the jewelry with ease – just add a pendant to your small or dainty necklace.
  • Layered chains– First, you’d want to experiment with chains of different lengths and shades of gold. Layer them on top of each other, swapping them out to determine the best combination that works for you. You could pull off the layered look over the traditional suit, making sure that they sit on the collarbone or your chest.



Yes, white guys can wear gold chains. All you need to do is to style the chain correctly to make sure that the color of the gold chain matches your skin tone and the undertones.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!