White Gold Vs Silver Chain – Which Choice is Better?

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The jewelry industry continues to evolve and metal alternatives have emerged to replace the old staple of gold, silver, and bronze.

White gold and sterling silver are some of these metal alloys that have been innovatively discovered to meet the high demand and cost of silver-hued metals.

A choice between the two could leave you scratching your head. So, which between white gold and silver chain is the better choice?

There’s probably nothing more nerve-wracking than to be stuck with a tough choice between two amazing pieces of jewelry that you have to pick from. This could very well happen when you are out shopping for your next cool chain to add to your collection.


White Gold Vs Silver Chain 

When the choice is between two silver-colored chains that look quite similar to your eye, it could be a bit confusing to know the difference and make the best choice. If this sounds familiar, read on to discover more about these two popular metals.

Chains are available in many different linkages, shapes, styles, lengths, and thicknesses. These properties coupled with the reason behind your desire to purchase it and your budget should be able to guide you generally when buying a chain.

While they may be available in a variety of colors as well, the silver-colored chains are a hot seller because of their neutral, classy, and versatile color. This is why information on what metal you are investing in and its characteristics is important.


What Is White Gold Chain Made Of?

White gold is a metal alloy which is a mixture of pure parts of yellow gold and parts of other metals to create a stronger and whiter metal. Gold in itself has a yellow color and at 24k purity, it is too soft to make good jewelry.

Adding silver, zinc, nickel, or palladium to gold dilutes the yellow color and brings about a silvery hue. Some streaks of yellow are still obvious in the blended metal alloy so a coating of rhodium is thinly applied over it. This makes the silver color pronounced and shiny.

White gold is much loved for its resemblance and its affordable value as compared to platinum. You can find white gold in either 14k or 18k gold grades. The 14k is harder than 18k but softer than platinum.


What Is the Silver Chain Made Of?

Silver has been in use since before civilization to make weapons, equipment, and jewelry for the rich and noble of the society. However, its workability was found wanting and this called for an introduction of copper to harden it and help it better take form.

Silver is too soft a metal on its own to form a chain so metals such as copper, nickel, or a combination of assorted metals are added to it to make it harder.

Pure silver is found at 92.5% with 7.5% being the other metals. You will find the marking 925L on your chain to signify the purity of silver your chain. This silver alloy is then referred to as sterling silver.

Sterling silver is also sometimes coated with rhodium for extra strength and for protection against metal reactions with skin which is possible because of the nickel in the silver chain.

This is not the only silver alloy available for chain making because there is Argentium silver which is alloyed with germanium to fortify the silver.


What Is the Difference Between White Gold Vs Silver Chain?

Sterling Silver has a very silver-colored hue and a quality finish while white gold has a mirror-like white shine made possible by the rhodium plating.

Sterling silver is the most affordable silver hue in terms of jewelry. Silver itself is not so expensive and neither is the copper alloy. However, white gold has a pricier value because of its gold content. Depending on whether the chain is 14k or 18k, the financial difference is quite significant.

Sterling silver being more silver than alloy, tends to be softer and more prone to denting and damaging as compared to white gold. The metal combination of zinc, nickel, and palladium greatly enforce the metal making it a great choice for creating intricate designs.

Sterling silver chains may maintain and keep its silver hue over long periods but you will need to apply the care techniques as advised by the jeweler. For white gold to maintain its silver sheen and keep from turning yellow, yearly rhodium plating has to be scheduled.


Pros and Cons of White Gold Chain


  • White gold resembles silver, platinum, or titanium rings which makes it very versatile. This color is unisex and both men and women love to get their hands on it.
  • Setting diamonds or other clear crystals look so beautiful on this metal and the gems seem to sparkle a little brighter than most.
  • It is more affordable than the metals it resembles platinum.
  • White gold has grown in popularity and the demand has resulted in mass production of bridal rings in this metal. There are more designs available to choose from white gold kind.


  • The rhodium plating on the white gold rings will be eroded over time and you will need to schedule regular rhodium coatings to keep your ring looking new and shiny.
  • Being as white gold is yellow with some reinforced coating, your ring is bound to turn yellow after some years.
  • White gold is not hypoallergenic either because it contains nickel in its compound.


Pros and Cons of Silver Chain 


  • Sterling silver is a precious metal
  • The finish on the silver chain is classic and attractive and is possible in either matte or high-gloss
  • Sterling silver is easy to mold
  • Stone setting is possible on silver metal


  • Sterling silver is prone to tarnishing because of its copper content
  • It is not hypoallergenic
  • It is prone to denting and bending


Choosing Between the Two?

White gold chains are more durable and expensive as compared to the sterling silver chain which is not as strong but is very affordable.

The shine on a white gold chain, though reinforced with rhodium, is not as immaculate or long-lasting as the silver shine on the sterling silver chains.

Either chain is a win depending on your financial and fashion goals. If you care more for the luster of the shine and not so much for the strength, sterling silver is your best bet.

If instead, you are a fan of gold, you appreciate the white shine and have a few extra to spend, having a piece of gold in a silver hue is something to be very happy about.

Neither white gold nor sterling silver is hypoallergenic and you need to ascertain that there are no skin sensitive people as the intended recipient.

For those who know their specific metal irritant, they could choose to buy white gold to avoid the copper because the nickel does not affect them and vice versa.



Chains are no longer just a man’s reserve and jewelers have taken note of this.

With inventions of graduated chains that are made with women in mind, these are the next best accessory to have in your collection.

They are versatile for formal to casual and for males and females, young and old.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!