Which Finger To Wear Blue Sapphire Ring For Ladies?

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The Blue Sapphire, also known as the Neelam stone, is highly regarded in Vedic and Hindu Astrology.

It is believed to be one of the most powerful gemstones, thanks to its association with the planet Saturn.

This powerful gemstone carries immense healing, protection, and metaphysical benefits, including protection from theft, accidents, or natural calamities, treatment of insomnia and enhancing calm, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, and it also brings the wearer so much good fortune and success in all areas of life.

Therefore, it makes sense that this stone is held in high regard.

But before you buy the stone to enjoy all its benefits, you need to know that you cannot wear a blue sapphire ring on any finger.


Which finger to wear blue sapphire ring for ladies?

Which Finger To Wear Blue Sapphire Ring For Ladies

Ladies who believe in the powers of the Neeman stone should wear it on their right hand, in the middle finger, unless the left hand is their dominant hand. Men also wear the ring on the right hand and the middle finger.

It is also advisable to start wearing the blue sapphire ring either on Saturday morning or evening, and as you put on the ring, you are required to pray to the Lord Saturn, asking to be blessed with prosperity, abundance, happiness, and also the fortitude to overcome the many difficulties that you may face.

And on Saturday, that you wear the blue sapphire ring, you’d want to keep the ring in a copper bowl full of water and only wear it after you have made recitations for the Shani Mantra. Also, the blue sapphire must be set on a specific precious metal, preferably silver or solid gold.


Why should a blue sapphire ring be worn on this finger?

Which Finger To Wear Blue Sapphire Ring For Ladies

The reason why you wear the ring on the right-hand middle finger is that Saturn rules the middle finger (left or right hand), and that area below your middle finger is called the Mount of Saturn, ruled by the planet Saturn.

And because the blue sapphire belongs to the planet Saturn, wearing it on the middle finger means that it is the best way of honoring the planet Saturn, which makes Saturn happy.


Does the sapphire ring really work?

Which Finger To Wear Blue Sapphire Ring For Ladies

The beliefs around the powers of the blue sapphire rings have been around for centuries, and they have stuck around for this long because many believe that they actually work and bring all that they promise.

Of course, you must wear reliable blue sapphire stones to enjoy the benefits of this gemstone. What are reliable blue sapphire gemstones? The reliable blue sapphire ring is the transparent blue sapphire, the finest-quality sapphire from Ceylon in Sri Lanka.

The other places that offer the best sapphires other than Sri Lanka include Gaya, Tamil Nadu, Thailand, Kashmir, Australia, and Burma. Of course, you also need to pray to Lord Saturn to bless the ring before you wear it for it to work.

But does it means that it will work if you do all these? We don’t have the answers you seek, but the stones may or may not work, depending on your belief system.

Which Finger To Wear Blue Sapphire Ring For Ladies

Generally, if you believe in astrology and the powers of crystals and gemstones, you may be able to enjoy the benefits and the effects of blue sapphire. Some people claim that it works; others don’t think so.

It all depends on your belief system, especially your beliefs around all matters related to astrology.

The results are divided, with some claiming that the gemstone offered them what they desired, including peace of mind, and a good night’s sleep, after struggling with insomnia for years. So, yes, it depends.


How to wear a blue sapphire ring for ladies

Which Finger To Wear Blue Sapphire Ring For Ladies

1. The blue sapphire is believed to have the power to heal your body, soul, and mind, and it may also bring you good fortune, long life, and prosperity while protecting you and your possessions.

The blue sapphire is also believed to have age-defying effects and can enhance your longevity. The stone represents humility, ambition, perfection, leadership, authority, dutifulness, and discipline.

But to enjoy these benefits, you’d have to wear the blue sapphire ring correctly. But what does this mean, exactly?

Which Finger To Wear Blue Sapphire Ring For Ladies

2. In addition to wearing the ring on your right hand or the dominant hand, on the middle finger, making sure that the ring is set on solid silver or gold, and dedicating it to the Lord Saturn, you also need to make sure that the gemstone is right for you.

This means that you must consult experienced astrology. Wearing the gemstone when your zodiac sign doesn’t align with the planet Saturn could mean catastrophe, which is why you need to confirm compatibility. This is also important because blue sapphire is considered a fast-acting gem.

3. Before wearing it, you are advised to keep it under your bed for 3 days prior, and this is because this action will guarantee the best results expected from the blue sapphire.

Which Finger To Wear Blue Sapphire Ring For Ladies

4. As mentioned above, it should be set in gold or silver, and you should wear it on Saturday morning for great results.

5. If you intend to wear the ring daily, you should dip it in milk, honey, or water for 20-30 minutes before you wear it.

6. But not everyone can wear the blue sapphire; if your ruling planet is Jupiter, and you are a Pisces Ascendant, you shouldn’t wear the blue sapphire. Saturn is malefic to the Pisces Ascendants, and if this is you, Saturn will show you his great fury if you wear the blue sapphire.

Other signs that cannot wear the blue sapphire include Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, and Taurus.  


So, which signs can wear the blue sapphire?

Which Finger To Wear Blue Sapphire Ring For Ladies

  • Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, and Mars



Blue Sapphire is considered a powerful gemstone that is beneficial to many people, but make sure your zodiac sign is not acrimonious with Saturn, and also follow the recommendations above for maximum benefits.

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